Wednesday, July 4, 2012

summer dresses

I love a sun dress.  When LE Canvas had their big sale a few weeks ago, I ordered a couple.  One went promptly back.  No pictures were taken and thank god. 

But this dress captivated me from the beginning:  You can buy it here
Graybird Large Floral

It is not really my colours; I am very pale and find I need a bright liptick and cardigan.  But it is comfy and has pockets and the pattern is so pretty, albeit slightly more faded than you see in the picture above.

Here I am this morning, all set to go:

Did not realize how dark the room was then!  And a close up so you can see the lovely pintuck detail..

I am sure you enjoy seeing the toilet in the background.  Again - must put a big mirror somewhere else in house, STAT!

All in all, well worth the price I paid and it looks divine with my hot pink cardigan from J Crew and some little pink shoes.  In these pictures I am wearing some nine west flat sandals from last year which I adore and which are SOOO comfortable...

Have a wonderful day!


  1. The dress is lovely, I'm laughing away at the loo in the background! It's not till you blog that you notice things, my old slippers are always hanging about in the background of my pics.

  2. I also love sundresses, and this one looks beautiful on you WMM! :)

  3. I love the dress and as a fellow "loo in the background " blogger I'd say bathrooms have the best light so who cares?

  4. Pretty dress! Just discovered your blog and catching up on all the laughs I've missed ... ;)


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