Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Style Question Wednesday: CAPE FEAR

Another Wednesday, Another WMM Style Question!  You would think I would run out of these questions, but what you do not yet fully grasp is this:

1) I am an inately curious being!  I am the BEST guest at a cocktail party as I ask folks all kinds of questions about themselves!  I keep things going, because I understand the cardinal rule of good conversation: people love to talk about themselves...
2) I really have this many questions....

Today, we must discuss capes!

Why?  Could it have been the gusty weather that recalled for me famous ladies who almost blew away on a similarly gusty day?


Was it other famous folks with capes who will walk the earth today, leaving death and destruction in their wake?  Or a belly full of too much candy?


How about my most recent hottie with a cape?

Nope.  Though isn't he divine??????

It was this image, from the new Anna Karenina capsule collection from Banana Republic!

BR Monogram wool cape
See it here

Ohhh - she is lovely.  Black wool, very mysterious?  Or is it very nurse-like?

No - surely is it shorter and more mysterious than THAT!

I have not owned a cape since 1966.  It has been a long time.  I really love the look of them, but fear the following:

1) I am too busty for a cape
2) I am too short for a cape

So - what do you think?  Do you own a cape?  Do you love a cape?  Should the old WMM get a cape????  Do you like the Banana Republic Cape?  Do you like the Capsule Collection?  Are you looking forward to Anna Karenina???  I am!

I am marginally back on line and can post a couple of pictures of my outfits and my loverly smile this week:

Tippi heather grey sweater, black and grey herringbone capris and little bows.  What do you think of orange belt?  I know - kind of blurry...

Navy pinstripe and polka dots, all JCrew.  Loafers by Cole Haan.

Ugh.  Berry pink skirt, black boots, black jacket which is looking oddly huge and black and white giraffe print scarf.  Not a good one when I see the picture....

Well that is it for today!  Hope all is back to normal in your lives after the storm - was thinking of you all!

Stay Safe out There!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Over the top Tuesdays - Sandy

I am still pretty much computer-less, so these posts are sans moi for the next couple of days, but I never let it stop my imagination from running wild...

Okay - I have NO idea how bad Hurricane Sandy will be, but I thought that over-the-top Tuesday should revolve around other Sandys:

Please, feel free to add your own:

Oh sure, she was pretty, and she fit into those black pants quite well in the end, but she was, well, a little dull....I always liked bad Sandy as opposed to prim and proper Sandy!

Sandy Bullock - okay I love her....

That was a faithful dog!

Oh she was cute!  Makes me want to grab my surfboard and head out!

How did you all make out/how are you all making out with this miserable storm?

Hope to be fully functional for tomorrow!

Stay safe out there and wear your galoshes!

Finally, in only slightly unrelated news.  Anderson Cooper's show is not going to be renewed.  And you know what that means?  It means that they will stick that dear sweet man out in the middle of vicious storms!!!  Have Americans no hearts?  You must all watch his show and write in and tell them not to cancel him!  Save Anderson!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Me and You, are subject to the blues now and then...

Uh oh - Long weekend!  When I arrived home on Friday I discovered that I had no access to the internet or my laptop.  Yes - I had the Blue Screen of Death.....  It is quite chilling when it occurs, isn't it?

You are minding your own business and then:

Oh No, you think to yourself!  How can this be?  Should i have avoided:

a) those imploring emails from George Clooney?  The ones so obviously related to spam and yet, in my heart, I know that George MUST be trying to reach out to me so I must respond...

b) those emails advising me that if I can only help, I will be the beneficiary of $17M in an inheritance, from some obscure place on the planet.  Am I wrong to think they need me or that it is Fred, trying to figure out how to pay for Himself's cavier in the South of France?

c) has my husband disabled all access to the internet so I cannot complete acquisition of last two items on 30% off sale?  Say it ain't so.....  Nah - he lent me his laptop, so I think I am okay...

But yes, I got the blues and that ain't good, or isn't it?  For those with my colouring, blue can be quite lovely...  So for this Monday I leave you with some of my style mavens who have made the blues their own and hope to be up and running again on Tuesday!

Kate, having just heard that WMM is buying the cashmere T in same colour.

Audrey, pensive after blue screen of death briefing..

Okay, she was perfection and stoic despite my internet setbacks.....

Heres to you, Mrs. O,  in all of your blue gorgeous-ness...

And finally, the ultimate authority on the blues:

She was pretty cheerful for a blue fairy...

 What else did I do this weekend - worked.  Though I did do a Julia Child roast chicken which was divine and tried to stay out of trouble.  And cleaned and folded sweaters.  Oh yes, and then we had a mini-flood.  But is is almost November, which makes me think


Ooooh - I am going to get hate mail for that one... Remember, I am the eternal optimist!

Stay safe out there and Happy Monday...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Wrap -Up: what i actually ordered and virtual miller time!


It has been one of those weeks.  Lots of work and less fun than I would have wanted.  But I cling to the truths that I live by:

1) nothing bad cannot be joked about.  NOTHING
2) nothing bad cannot be helped by friends
3) It is miller time somewhere

(Okay, okay, these are not my only truths, I am not a complete shallow sally.  But I am close!)

So, last weekend, some of you took me shopping.  We will ignore Dani's antics in the bar (we all recommended one tequila, but she is Upper Canadian..) and cling to how spectacular she looked in all of the clothes she tried on!  It's good that she hosts happy hour...

Did I order some stuff?  Well, hello - have you met me???

What worked out well:

Remember the red sweater that arrived and was to be sent back?

Collection cashmere tee

Well, my lovely VPS exchanged it for:

Collection cashmere tee

Pagoda Blue cashmere t - Great exchange.

My VPS and I talked about all of the things I loved.  But she counselled me on practicality.  She also recommended I wait for crazy pants to go on sale.  She is a good person.

What did I buy:

No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool
The double serge in the antique white. I "luff" this skirt, as Tabs would say and while i was modelling another white skirt with black satin trim early in the week, it is thin and will have to be put away for the season soon.  Is this a rationalisation?  Why, yes, yes it is...

Café capri in tiny dots

Yup - cafe capri in tiny dots.  With my wardrobe, we both thought this made a lot more sense.

Dream cardigan in soft peri:

Dream cardigan

Oh please don't judge the dream!  I just loved this cardi in this colour, cause you JUST KNOW I pre-ordered:

Collection jeweled T-strap ballet flats

I don't care, if this is wrong, I don't want to be right.  And well, none of this is final sale and I will live another day!!!

With my 20% off coupon and my Mickey Money, I got all of this for an amazing price!  Clothes do not make the woman, but darn it, they make her feel good!

You can't possible be surprised, can you?

When I get the shoes, I will definitely need that dance party!  Dani - I am too tired to make the dip tonight...    Think I will just sit in the corner and curl up and listen to good conversation!

Thank you all again for such a great week and for popping by - you are ALL the best!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Oh, I could have saved this for easter, but...

Yesterday, we talked about my expanding body.  Patricia reminded me of today's topic when she said she couldn't give up pasta.

Two Christmases ago, I asked for, and got, this book:

My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs And Their Final Meals: Portraits, Interviews, And Recipes

What a fabulous idea for a book!  Ask chefs what they would eat on their last night on earth!

Do you care what Alain Ducasse would want?

or Mario Batali

Thomas Keller, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay?


It is such a fun book and you can buy it here (or at or .uk for my friends in other countries).

This is one of my favourite dinner party questions. (I have others, too, which cause quite a lot of debate.  My most recent favourite: Patridge Family or Brady Bunch - debate)

Soooooo, you know we are going to play this out don't you?

I will go first!  A good hostess always does!

There is no judgement here, only love and acceptance!  And as an editorial aside, the following meal is composed of things I love, and is not tied together in any thematic or culinary way!

It is my last night on earth, I will ask for the following:

1) champagne (keep it coming, money no object)

2) a really lovely french cheese or two

3) a lovely green salad with sliced pears and a great vinagreitte

4) spaghetti and meatballs (Ina Garten recipe) and some grilled duck

5) a really good garlic bread

6) a really good and expensive bottle of cabernet sauvignon

7) a nice maple ice wine from Canada

8) chocolate cake with 7 minute frosting

9) a good cup of coffee

10) some baileys

Well - what about you - what will you eat for YOUR last supper???

Happy Thursday and Stay Safe out there?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Style Question Wednesday - to sparkle or not to sparkle during the day

Oh, these are dark times.

(my god, what did we do before the internet????  You type in "dark times" and there you go!)

The economy continues to perform poorly.

My choice of president may or may not be elected (and no, out of respect and love for you all, I will NOT say who my choice is!  I am Canadian after all, and WE ARE NICE!) come November.

My summer diet worked well before Paris and has gone to hell in a handbasket since then and I am about ready to do something drastic (I know, it will make you cry - I may not have a glass of wine during the week!  The horrors!) to kick start it as I can hardly breath in my clothes.

But...  There is always a dawn after the darkest of times...

And that dawn is "Style Questions Wednesdays!" , when a well-paid professional woman throws herself a tthe mercy of her good blog friends for advice!! woot-woot!  Cue disco ball:

And so, after much ado and teeth gnashing and hullabaloo, today's question:

Do you ever sparkle during the day?

And no, I do not mean "are you of winning personality and lovely smile whilst you are at the office?"

No: do you sequin at the office? at the library?  whilst taking the kids to the park? 

At some workplaces, sequins appear to be de rigeur...


But what about US?

Can we wear sequins or sparkle to work?

What precipitated my question:

Today I wore my lovely Nougat London cardi with my JC Snakeskin pattern skirt and nine west nude pumps.  I quite liked this look.  BUT..

The cardi has some sequins and beading.  Was it too much for work???

BTW - how much I love you all is that I am Xlarging this photo.  All I see is extra flesh everywhere.  But for the love of you, I suffer and show all!

A closeup to remind you:

All day I fretted that I should have left this to an evening look.  The other part of the day I stared at the beading and said "oooooh, nice beading..."

So:  whaddayathink?  Should the sequin sweater have stayed home?????

I originally had a Talbots ivory cashmere boyfriend cardi on, but it looked too casual.  I am feeling like Goldilocks today!!!  One outfit was too large, one too small.  I neededone just right!  I love this sweater, but I want to be sure!

Do you ever wear sparkle or sequin to the office?  How do you know if it is appropriate? 

Happy Wednesday and sparkle on, in your own, special way!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Peacocks and Sequins - yes, it is over-the-top-Tuesday!

Fat Tony: Who's to say? Does a peacock need all those feathers?
The Simpsons, Grift of the Magi

Ah, the peacock.  A shy bird, a retiring bird.  A bird that likes to less loose.

If the peacock was human, he would be:

Source: Priscilla Queen of the Desert







Oh hang on, you want a better look at the pattern?

Yes, it is not for the faint of heart!

The blazer is by Basler.  It is a soft heavy cotton blazer.  They make a matching blouse, though my blazer has charcoal undertones. I bought it at a sample sale way back in July and it just arrived this week.  I love it and can see it going with many items in my wardrobe!

In the picture above, which is hard to see, I am wearing it with a turquoise silk blouse from Talbots from a couple of years ago and pair of Judith and Charles black wool trousers along with my black nine west pumps.

And my 30% off sale box arrived with my new sparkle row cami in navy:

Don't ask me why my nose is red!  I think it is because I just came in from the cold and wanted to try this on before I forgot to take the picture!

It is very pretty, and I can imagine wearing this a lot this winter, for dinners out, parties, etc.. Buy yours here.

The picture makes it look lighter than it is, it is certainly a true dark navy.  I really love this and for the price I paid, consider it money well spent!

I see lots of activity today around the 30% off sale.  I will likely sit this one out, unless every item I love goes on sale!  Crossing my fingers no!

I received the last of my sale items today.  A black cashmere cardigan:

Collection cashmere crewneck cardigan

and heather poppy cashmere tshirt.

Collection cashmere tee

This one is heading back.  IRL there are definite orange overtones and it is note a flattering shade for me.  I am actually going to see if my VPS will let me exchange this for the pagoda blue at the sale price.  I will try and be extra sweet, but am not hopeful! 

There you have adventures in WMMland!  Have the most happiest of Tuesdays and stay safe out there!