Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Sunday Post About What I Wore Saturday, Plus White Jean and Blue Skirt Update

Many thanks to all who weighed in on my white jeans conundrum of last week.  It was, as, always greatly appreciated!

So let's talk about how Saturday went.
Well first, I had to go do some errands in the morning.  And it was COLD....

In this picture, I am wearing my new nougat london sweater.  You can buy it here.   For interest's sake, I am wearing a size 2, which is a mediu,. Actually, i bought it a couple of months ago, and am just wearing it now.  It is 100% merino.  It is meant to be a little baggy, which is kind of nice now and then.  Of course, a baggy top must be paired with a skinny bottom, especially when one is chesty.  One can so quickly look like

a) one is six months pregnant
b) one has completely given up
c) and if you were me when I was six months pregnant, A+B applied...

But it is the back that is most interesting...

A little silk paisley pattern sewn into the back.

A closer look.  I have paired it with an old pair of skinny 7 for All Mankind jeans  and an old pair of Steve Madden motorycle style boots.

My husband, who is a man of great sensitivity (!) kept saying "Your sweater is on backwards!"


And to go out, I put on my new Lands End peacoat in charcoal.. I do look jaunty and I was quite pleased with myself...

Have you noticed that my hair dresser cut off about 4 inches last week?  I am not sure I like it this short.  But I am stuck for awhile anyway, unless I do extensions, like a woman who sat in the chair next to me last week and had multi-coloured fake "dreds" put in.  This made me happy since they were pretty and it made me realize that I could add a something back in after her butchery.
And now, an update on how you helped style me last week.

First up: The herringbone skirt in watercolour blue:

I paired the skirt with my chocolate brown riding boots, navy wool blazer from jcrew (which is about 3 or 4 years old now I think) and a navy long sleeve perfect tshirt.  And a lovely shiny baubly blue necklace.

I was okay with this - I need to play more with this skirt, but I think I avoided the dreaded Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote look that I was most concerned about.  It is clear to me that the pencil skirt is the skirt I ought to stick to.  Go short or go long with this body.  That may be why the pink tartan skirt which I showed in yesterday's post, while loved, doesn't make me swoon.  But I am not giving up on it yet!

Second: White jeans

That delightful FFM, who on top of raising 3 boys, inspiring us all with her good taste and better heart, is also helping to raise my style quota!  This is no mean feat and for that I gave her a gold star!

For Miss FFM kindly thought of me when she saw the picture of Emmanuelle Alt and her assistant below, rocking their white jeans.

Two things crossed my mind when I saw this picture:

1) they are two hot women who know how to wear white jeans
2) did they call each other in the morning and say "When we go out today in all of our fabulousness, I'll wear the grey tweed with the black scarf and you wear the black blazer with the grey scarf?  Okay?  Divine!"

These are the kinds of things I think of.

And now I want a man's blazer, too.  And I will get one, as god is my witness.

But that couldn't happen on Saturday, so here is what I did wear...

Michael Kors grey velveteen blazer (old) smart set infinity scarf, ralph lauren jeans and sam edelman short boots, which you can buy here and see larger below.  I purchased a 6.5 and it fits TTS:

Sam Edelman Petty

Piperlime categorizes these as "beatle booties".  I really like them and they are very comfortable.

I plan to wear them this week with charcoal tights and the nougat london dress I recently bought and which is now online at the nougat london website here:


My one disappointment about my white jeans outfit was that I did not have an uber-long scarf like Emmanuelle and her assistant.  I am going to keep my eye out for one, as I can see how great such a scarf would look paired with a casual outfit or with my new peacoats!

Tomorrow is my post on the cheetah skirt, which I recently scored on sale.  "Me-ow!" to quote that great philsopher, Austin Powers.

Have a great and restful Sunday and stay safe out there!


  1. Oh I love the back of the jumper, really unusual and unexpected. Oh and points a, b and c above were hilarious, I'm in my "house jumper today" and it billows out from my chest making me look about 6 months pregnant!
    I must buy new white jeans next year, I'm moving up a size, I realise that I have been wearing all my clothes far far too tight. The taupey grey and white above is perfect, the boots work really well with the white jeans.

  2. Oh and 4 inches is a lot, but I din't notice it at all, you have so much volume it doesn't really matter.

  3. Well thanks Tabs - I would love long locks like yours! Mine gets all ratty looking as it gets longer. Well I am going to try and move down a a size so I can actually breathe in my clothes. I am still in pyjamas and am quite a sight! I recently ordered J crew white cotton pyjamas. I had hear that they ran small so I ordered a Large (one size up from normal size) and they are HUGE and so I look like a bag lady. Oh well...

  4. I love that picture - white and navy is always perfect. Now I want to know who makes the navy blazer. You look great in your "backwards" sweater:). Happy Sunday!

    1. I know - I want both of those blazers! Don't they look chic!

  5. I also love that sweater. Hmm, husbands commenting on clothes is not always a good thing! Though he is nice to take your photos.
    Your white denim outfit is great. I like your new peacoat, and a cheetah skirt, I can't wait to see it!

    1. Oh the cheetah skirt - would be so easy to take it to snooki territory!

    2. I just love saying - cheetah.

  6. Thanks for the lovely mention, WMM! I love all these outfits, and that peacoat is such a winner! What a fantastic price for it, too! :)

    Have a lovely Sunday...hope you get to relax a bit!

    P.S. I actually have 4 boys. :)

    1. Darn it - I lost one already! Maybe I just replaced me for one of them??? What kind of a babysitter would I be??????

  7. Bass Ackwards and babysitting nightmare, ROTFL WMM, and trust me, this weekend I need it. TA! Glad both the jacket and jeans got an outing. And do we get to see those earrings after prancing cheetah?

    1. Whoops, trigger mitts a.k.a. 50 Shades of Grey wardrobe also meant to say glad you also got charcoal LE.

    2. Yes, you will see diamonds! However, don't get too excited - it turns out hundreds of $ do not buy large diamonds!!!! And i wanted a single diamond per ear.

  8. What a cool sweater. Great outfits! Looking forward to the cheetah skirt post, will you go all Snooki with it?

  9. No - i was tasteful (i think!). God maybe i did go snooki!!!!

  10. I know this is going to make you crazy but it is 92F where I am right now a few minutes after high noon. Husby says he'd like to pack away his shorts and start wearing jackets. It's always what you don't have, isn't it.

    I LOVE your jaunty outfit. I hope I get a chance to copy the look ... at some point ... this year.

    My cheetah skirt is coming on Tuesday, help me to not go snooki.

  11. You got me inspired, i think I am pulling out my white skinnies that i was going to stash away fro the all. Those pics are fab and you look fab.


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