Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Works in Progress

Hi everyone!

Thought I would pop in and say hi and tell you how things are going in the bedroom reno (which is really just paint, but seems so much more...)

First of all, my bedroom is VERY small. It seems especially small with a king-sized bed and two massive dressers. The latter belonged to my great-grandparents, so they stay; the former is a necessity for a happy marriage!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, all I wished for Mother's Day was for my bedroom to be painted a lovely white.

I typically use Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore. However, this time, they insisted I use Simply White, which is apparently the colour of the year and a more creamy white.

I love it!

Two years ago I made a wall of art in my office and I love it. I decided to do it again in the bedroom and have no art or pictures on the other walls. The were two exception - small verdigris angel wings over the bed and my little shadow box containing earrings.

Below is the wall....

I just got this little pencil crayon sketch of a Scottie (above) at an antique store for song. I thought he was just lovely!

It's nice to look up and see photographs of places visited, loved ones.

And I love the picture of me and the kids done by the youngest many moons ago. If you squint you can see the little cafe at Giverny up above!

The little table between the two dressers is going to be painted, as are the chair legs (i think even I can manage that!)

 The chalkware Scottie came home with me, too. Just because...

And I'm leaving my housecoat on the door because it just seems to go with the floral, soothing vibe.

All in all, a very inexpensive, but wonderful change-up. It is amazing what a can of paint can do!

In other news, I was visiting my old stomping grounds this week, filming locales for the book trailer that I'll do and release this fall. It was so much fun! If you want to read about it, head over to and click on blog!

And I now have a fabulous bookmark to share:

So much fun!  What have you been up to the past two weeks?

xox Wendy

Monday, May 2, 2016

Whitewashing May

Gosh I love May! The days are longer, the trees are beginning to bud around here, the birds are singing...

And Barry is painting our bedroom.

Our room was painted last about 6 or 7 years ago when we went a lovely peacock blue.

But something has been happening inside of me these past few years. I have been choosing paler and paler colours (at least for me!).

It began in the dining room:

Moved along to the living room and hallway...

And has spilled into the bedroom, which, shockingly, I have chosen to paint white.

And not just any white: Simply White, Benjamin Moore's colour of the year:


I never thought I would go with white, but I just keep lightening up in life and this seemed to be the next step...

Plus, this picture kind of won me over:

paint: benjamin moore, simply white. natural frames.:

A freshly painted bedroom is the only thing I requested for Mother's Day. It is a work in progress and about halfway done.

Other than that, I am starting spring cleaning, writing about 40 hours a week, and hoping for the sun.

How about you?

Oh and ps: the J Crew Dress looked awful!  Sigh, still on the hunt...

xo wendy