Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Day


I feel like I am on a train, in an endless loop, with these fine folks...

But I am ever hopeful and I am now dreaming of my trip to the Big Apple next week, seeing old and new friends, catching a show (I hope), having some good meals and if all goes well, actually buying one or two new things to add to whatever my Spring wardrobe is (it's been so long since I actually saw it).

Things I am going to look at in the big city:

"They" say it is sold out online.  Which is fine, because I only want it if I can try it on myself!

Jet set geo shift dress
Gosh - I wonder if this would have been put in the 30s, 40s, or 50+ section?
Ack!  Screw you J Crew!  I'll try it all!

Collection daisy eyelet shell
The review says this is very low cut...  le sigh...

But never mind, J Crew is hardly the only game in town...

I plan to finally stop in at Bergdorf-Goodman's and pay my respects...

If I can, I may see the Queen:

She's looking at you, Barry!

Hit a few bars for a few drinks...

Add another plate to my collection from Anthropologie:

Maybe a treat from Tiffanys?  Nordstroms? The Met Museum Shop?

Or maybe just some Chipotles...

Kidding!  Well, I will have some Chipotles, but I plan to have a couple of nice meals as well...

I may even find that Brora shop Dani!


Well, imagining my trip has cheered me up completely, after the latest dump of snow today!  Which is still coming down...

See you next week NYC!  Hold the snow, please!

xoxo wendy


Monday, February 16, 2015

Pastels on a Snowy White Day

Selina Lake: Mollie Makes 2013 Calendar - Pretty Pastel Style Sneak Peek! Victoria Pendelton Bike Halfords

We are in the midst of blizzard #4 or #5 or #6 today (really who can keep track?) and so I have been writing and cooking two little chickens and reading and generally trying to stay in the house, and where would you go anyway, since everything is closed.

Even the birds are hunkered close to the house.  We are going through our bird seed now almost every second day.

What is there to do but to dream and divert oneself with something pleasing to the eye?

I saw this book at Chapters last week and thumbed through it.

Selina Lake' New book Pretty Pastel Style - Cover revealed!

I liked it enough that I wanted to have it in my collection, but I ordered it online because it was significantly cheaper for me to buy it at

For the longest time, I was drawn to deep, rich colours, all the better to match my antiques and vintage furniture and my love of colour.

But last year I decided I must lighten up, in all things, and one way to do so was to choose lighter variations of colours I love.

Old picture.  This chair is elsewhere and there is crown molding now...

So when I saw this book, I was intrigued.  I had always associated pastel shades with children's bedrooms, southern climates, shabby chic and romantic interiors.

In my mind, pastels could so easily creep into this:

queenbee1924:  (via Jonny Petros Artist Decorator Rococo Blue … | Marie Antoinette ♛ 1…)

No thank you.

But as I looked through the book, I saw some interesting and lovely pastel spaces in among the other, to-be-expected, spots.

Selina Lake- House in Rye, photo by Holly Jolliffe

Auch ganze Räume können mit Pastellfarben eingerichtet werden.

And while most of you might steer away from pastels, the book is as soothing as a strawberry ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

The creams, pale pinks, blues, greens and violets remind me of cottages, Sweetheart Candies and the flowers in my garden.

I should decorate with some pastels, I thought to myself.  Just a wee hint here and there.

But then I began to look around and saw that I had already nicely accessorized my home in pastel shades, in addition to the richer hues that I also adore.

Years ago, I had set out to make my house a cottage in the woods, so that, along with my gardens, I would have a little oasis of coziness to cocoon myself in.  It seems I have done that.  There is no formality in this house and I doubt there ever will be.  It's just not me.  And while I can admire it in others' homes, I don't have it in me to replicate it in my own.

So the pastels have cheered me considerably in the midst of this winter of the snow that never ends.

Anybody else have a touch of pastel here or there?

Have a great day!

xoxo wendy

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Valentine

Tis the day of pink and red and hearts....

Champagne kisses

Red Cashmere

Someone forgot to tell the Amaryllis to stop blooming...

Red Tulips

Glass Hearts

Pink Sequins

Tiffany Hearts

It is also the 30th anniversary of my first date with Barry.  Which was followed two months later by my engagement to Barry and four months later by our marriage.

You'd almost think I was a mail order bride or something, wouldn't you?

We've spent the last 30 years getting to know one another, which, if truth be told, is not a bad way to spend 30 years.


The week of February 14, 1985 Wham's Careless Whisper was #1 on the charts, but we were obsessed with Tears for Fears, Ziggy Stardust and U2.  I think we listened to a lot of Kate Bush then, too, because Mark Lutes was obsessed with her.  We outlasted Wham and Tears for Fears, but at least Bowie and U2 are going strong!

We were in our last year of university and to say we had the future plotted out wouldn't be a gross exaggeration, it would be an outright lie.

In fact, during the three years that followed that first date, we lived all over the country, were happy, were unhappy, had adventures, had boredom, but most of all, had a strange optimism that things would all turn out okay in the end.  And mostly, they have.

The best things we did were these two people

This picture, taken by my cousin Ana, is still my favourite of the two of them

and the friends we've collected along the way.

I have spent my whole life being insanely curious about the people around me.  I love people and I love their stories.  As a police officer, he was always a little more circumspect about the world.

Barry is my valentine,

and tonight we are going to Brewbakers for dinner, where, exactly 30 years ago today and when it was the Cosmopolitan Nightclub, we went for a drink and I asked "Are we just going to be friends?" (yes I was always that straightforward) and he famously replied "I have enough friends".  Hard to argue with that kind of logic.

But besides my family - McLeods and other others - my many friends are also my valentines:

  • My old pals from St. Stephen
  • My high school buddies from Fredericton
  • My university friends
  • People I've worked with throughout my career who turned into friends
  • People I've found through the 'net

One of the happiest things in life is discovering that there is no limit to the number of people you can love.

We are only limited by our capacity to embrace people and be open to their gifts.

So happy Valentines Day - May you blessed with love and may you create it.  Nothing else matters.

xoxo wendy