Monday, February 16, 2015

Pastels on a Snowy White Day

Selina Lake: Mollie Makes 2013 Calendar - Pretty Pastel Style Sneak Peek! Victoria Pendelton Bike Halfords

We are in the midst of blizzard #4 or #5 or #6 today (really who can keep track?) and so I have been writing and cooking two little chickens and reading and generally trying to stay in the house, and where would you go anyway, since everything is closed.

Even the birds are hunkered close to the house.  We are going through our bird seed now almost every second day.

What is there to do but to dream and divert oneself with something pleasing to the eye?

I saw this book at Chapters last week and thumbed through it.

Selina Lake' New book Pretty Pastel Style - Cover revealed!

I liked it enough that I wanted to have it in my collection, but I ordered it online because it was significantly cheaper for me to buy it at

For the longest time, I was drawn to deep, rich colours, all the better to match my antiques and vintage furniture and my love of colour.

But last year I decided I must lighten up, in all things, and one way to do so was to choose lighter variations of colours I love.

Old picture.  This chair is elsewhere and there is crown molding now...

So when I saw this book, I was intrigued.  I had always associated pastel shades with children's bedrooms, southern climates, shabby chic and romantic interiors.

In my mind, pastels could so easily creep into this:

queenbee1924:  (via Jonny Petros Artist Decorator Rococo Blue … | Marie Antoinette ♛ 1…)

No thank you.

But as I looked through the book, I saw some interesting and lovely pastel spaces in among the other, to-be-expected, spots.

Selina Lake- House in Rye, photo by Holly Jolliffe

Auch ganze Räume können mit Pastellfarben eingerichtet werden.

And while most of you might steer away from pastels, the book is as soothing as a strawberry ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

The creams, pale pinks, blues, greens and violets remind me of cottages, Sweetheart Candies and the flowers in my garden.

I should decorate with some pastels, I thought to myself.  Just a wee hint here and there.

But then I began to look around and saw that I had already nicely accessorized my home in pastel shades, in addition to the richer hues that I also adore.

Years ago, I had set out to make my house a cottage in the woods, so that, along with my gardens, I would have a little oasis of coziness to cocoon myself in.  It seems I have done that.  There is no formality in this house and I doubt there ever will be.  It's just not me.  And while I can admire it in others' homes, I don't have it in me to replicate it in my own.

So the pastels have cheered me considerably in the midst of this winter of the snow that never ends.

Anybody else have a touch of pastel here or there?

Have a great day!

xoxo wendy


  1. Sometimes you just need a change or somerhing unexpected. Its refreshing. I adore your house because it so personal. I love watching the decorating shows but many times when people use decorators they end up with beautiful space that they have no connection to.

    1. Yeah, I do sometimes find those spaces look beautiful, but they lack soul; they seem showroom-y to me.

  2. I do believe we are all ready for spring. Your snow kills me. We are expecting wintry mix, which means freezing rain, some snow, and plenty of ice. Shall be close to home all week also.

    1. So my plan of moving to Tenessee is not so great....

  3. I hope you are well provisioned as the Spring thaw is still months away. I like that triptych!

  4. I love pastels, such a kind colors and so forgiving

    1. I kno, although they don't look so great on me...

  5. we just missed most of the storm that hit the east coast.People here are already freaking out at the thought of some snow flurries,haha.
    I love pastels,esp mint and iceblue.Just started to paint a lot of my rooms in a light,light grey amd it looks perfect with some pastelshades.

  6. Like you I love a bit of colour but our sitting room is soothing pastel and I never tire of it; light duck egg walls with turquoise and pale lilac throws on the sofas, very easy on the eye.
    Keep safely tucked up, Wendy, until the weather starts to behave itself!

    1. I love that colour! Our bedroom walls are a glorious peacock blue, but I think they will lighten up in next couple of years!

  7. A nice feast of soft colour amid the white blizzard!

  8. Wow-I'm jealous of your snow! We got ice instead, and may be cooped up all week.

    Does gray count as a pastel? ;) I don't gravitate toward them, but do find them soothing. I've used a lot of neutrals in our home, and it feels very cozy to me. I agree with you on being informal-we renovated and made our living space a large open area (great room/kitchen with a dining corner but no separate dining room). It suits us.

    Stay warm. Your birds are beautiful, by the way. A friend posted a photo today if a baby owl who had hunkered down under his second story deck to escape the ice-so beautiful.

    1. Oh poor baby owl! It is hard on the birds, this time of year! And yeas, I think pay greys are pastels, though I'm not sure I'd like a grey sweetheart candy😫

  9. So much snow. I can't imagine- and we have a fair amount this year, but nothing in comparison to you!. Have you lost power? We have, only once so far, but I shouldn't jinx things.... That is what I find most difficult, because of my compulsion both to work,and to stay warm.
    I am a pastel/cool color person. I just like lighter airier interiors, although I admire the warmer, richer palettes of other people's homes.

  10. I gravitate towards masculine furnishings but love a pastel chintz throw pillow here and there to break things up. We have just returned from the tropics where there was a riot of colour. We arrived home to more cold and snow so I've been wearing pink lipstick in protest!

  11. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Such a cosy, comfortable home.
    I can't imagine being stuck in a snow globe for all that time, it still looks like Christmas outside of your window.

  13. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share


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