Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Natterings

It seems to me that Spring arrives very suddenly. It's like a baby you've been waiting to give birth to for months and then all of a sudden you go from being an expectant parent to being an actual parent in the space of a few hours.

Last year, I worked myself to the bone doing Spring clean up. This year I am pacing myself. I do 90 minutes a day. I stop on the clock regardless of whether I am enjoying myself or not. The reason for this is two-fold:

  • I want to ease myself into the heavy Spring work so as not to hurt myself; and
  • I have so much else going on.

Am dreaming of this, but we are a ways off...

I am now in the process of doing revisions to the work I turned in, the fine tuning required before my agent attempts to sell it. She is enthusiastic, so I am enthusiastic. Still, this writing is a business, make no mistake, and it is all about finding a sympathetic editor who sees David in the pile of marble you send.  We shall see.

I did see something exciting today. It's a Mystery, Pig Face is actually available for pre-order on Amazon!  I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it!

Go take a look here. It's like it's going to happen!

I have swapped out my winter clothing for my Spring-Summer clothing, which has resulted in me feeling quite cold by times. I did another ruthless purge, Truly, at times I think I will end up living in a monk's robe and sparkly shoes, though that doesn't seem so bad when you think of it.

I have been searching for a couple of spring/summer dresses for some upcoming events. This is not so easy. My menopausal body seems disinterested in looking, um, tight, despite long walks and an attempt at eating less.  Worse, there are few stores in my city that cater to people over twenty years of age. I have found an inexpensive white dress and have the following on order from J Crew Factory to try.  We shall see.

Factory flutter-sleeve scalloped eyelet dress

In other news, my son comes home from university. It seems you can indeed learn to live without one of your appendages, though it has been very helpful that he is an excellent communicator; he calls almost daily just to say hi; his decision, not mine.  It has made the separation easier.  Now he is the hunt for summer work. He is also reuniting with a new girlfriend, who seems quite nice. We miss the old one, but this is his life, not mine, and my job is to make whoever shows up her welcome.

Other than that I am happy now that Grantchester and Call the Midwife are back and I await Game of Thrones with trepidation and excitement.

How is your Spring going?

xoxo Wendy


  1. That's exciting, seeing your book on Amazon!

    I've been back for a bit and mean to send you long email which I shall do. Spring has stubbornly not arrived very convincingly as yet, daffodils just starting to bloom, no warblers yet. Not in the springwear, but have resolved not to don turtlenecks this week.

    No GoT for me. The election nonsense is enough gore for me...

    1. The election mess makes GoT look like Sesame Street!

  2. Hi Wendy, yes, spring has arrived quite suddenly here as well - yesterday it was over 20C! I've always been quite slow to transition my wardrobe from winter to spring - I really don't trust the weather, and the other week we even had about 15 cm of snow - but yesterday I was out and about looking for something new to wear. Found a linen jacket, but I really need a nice floral top or dress for an upcoming ladies tea.

    I hear you about the menopausal body!

  3. Exciting indeed! Sign me up for fan club!

    Having anxiety dreams about challenges at polling place, miscounts, protests.... And about not getting back to NYC in time to vote.

    On a happier note, signs of spring at last!

    1. So anxious. And my HS sophomore son is really anxious. How can I even explain?

    2. I feel for you Americans! What strange days!

  4. Love the dress, Grantchester and Midwife! Congrats on Pig-Face!

  5. That is exciting! I just went on Amazon to look . You are not listed on an author page yet, and you need to update that yourself. (Email me if you need help, but it is pretty self explanatory and they have a great customer service department on the Author page site.)
    I wish my son(in college) was a great communicator. I call him the great deflector!
    As far as dresses( my summer favorite) Uniqlo had some cute liberty of London collaborations and the Gap had some great sales on their dresses. Try as I may, I just can't find ANYTHING at JCrew. Sigh.
    I too have the authors body- finely honed by sitting for hours on end in front of a computer:) All the exercise I do doesn't help a bit.
    I am such a Grantchester fan, but am a season behind on Call the Midwife....

  6. Thanks for the tip, P! I had no idea so will take care of it today!!!! Author's body? That makes me feel better! Will wear the badge proudly!

  7. I've been off the Internets for a while, but this is terrific news to come back to! Where do we get our autographed copies???? :)
    And yes, author's body is real and I've developed it over the last year while writing my book. I guess if you work out your brain and sit enough, your body gets atrophied. Who knew?

    1. Stay tuned and so glad to hear from you! Bet you are tearing up the academic world!

  8. I am incredibly impressed that you have an agent. That is my next task and am not looking forward to it, seems a career in itself to find someone. That dress looks brill

    1. The agent is hard, but since you are in the biz, might not be as hard for you as it was for me! It makes a huge difference; we are about to try and sell another book!

  9. This is so exciting about your book for pre-order! I will immediately go check it out!

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