Thursday, October 18, 2012

J Crew November Rollout - It's A November Lament

November has tied me
To an old dead tree
Get word to April
To rescue me
November’s cold chain

     November, Tom Waits

Oh Dear.  I think Tom saw the November rollout....

I woke up early this morning, hoping for better news than the sneak peak we received earlier this week. 

But it was not the J Crew of Yore.  The "regular" J Crew things are getting pricier and pricier.  The nicer and often more interesting J Crew things are now almost exclusively in the collection part of the site, priced at gasp-able prices. 

But you know I am a glass half-full kind of gal...

So here is what I did like:

Café capri in tiny dots

The cafe capri in mini dots.  This I could manage for work.  It is a wool/rayon blend (will have to check what % each is). I am contemplating the tall, which at a 30 inch inseam would go to my feet and keep me warmer during our long winters...It is $170 CDN.  But it would work with lots in the closet.

The Tippi Sweater in mint-navy colourstripe:

Tippi sweater in multicolor stripe

This one was typical price: $107.50 CDN.  I quite like it and those are good colours for me.

The side seam sailor top (uh oh - theme here!)

Side-seam sailor top

I like the slimming effect of the seams and it is $78 CDN

Collection jewelled tsrap ballet flats
Collection jeweled T-strap ballet flats

These are crazy expensive at $264 CDN.  But they are cute....  They would match some things I have and be a nice picker-upper. I am one of the selfish few who does not mind the easter colours in November.  I know i am pretty much alone in this!

The petite no. 2 pencil skirt in corkscrew tweed.  It could have been the word corkscrew.  You know i love my wine!  The colour is also very much a winner for me.  Again, a wool blend - will be curious to see what the % are!
Petite No. 2 pencil skirt in corkscrew tweed
There is a matching jacket, but I think it would be too much for me, and it is the dreaded boxy chanel style jacket, which while lovely, is no friend of mine.

What I wish was merino wool:

The dream colourblock elbow-patch sweater in navy and green.  I wants this very much.  I am holding self back from buying.  I love the skirt, too!

Dream colorblock elbow-patch sweater

This I could rock!  The skirt is a crazy-priced collection item at $490...Truly aspirational, as I am having enough difficulty finding a place to wear a cheetah skirt!

Then there were things I liked but cannot afford...

The Collection Cafe Capri in green tie silk at $268:

Collection café capri in green tie silk

The Collection Shawl Colour Coat at a steep $610 CDN:
Collection shawl-collar coat

And this whole look from the Lookbook:

Collection Embellished Shell ($310 CDN)

Collection embellished shell

COllection Cafe Capri in windowpane ($472 CDN):

Collection café capri in windowpane

Ava Metallic Trim Pumps ($320 CDN)

Ava metallic-trim pumps

Coupled with the Edie TriColour Purse ($314):

Edie tricolore purse

Actually. lots in the Collection Look Book..

What made me sore afraid:

The Collection Handknit Fair Isle Sweater for $684 CDN:

Collection handknit Fair Isle sweater

I am sure some of you like this and I do not mean to offend.  But I can assure you that if we take a trip to a couple of Frenchys (Maritime Canadian used clothing store - worth a google!) we would find its twin from the 80s lickety split!

Collection Skirt in HotHouse Floral.

I think if these two were separated, much could be done.  I just know that husband and children would not let me out of the house in this hookup:

Collection skirt in hothouse floral

There is a nice, similar, dress that would do the trick much better!

The Shearling Folio for $848?

Shearling folio

Gayle, sweetie, a little more restraint..

There you have it!  Will I be something?  Aww - you know I will????  I mean, I am the person who wants a calfskin purse shaped like a station wagon, right?  I have no moral ground on which to speak!


  1. I love your title!
    Those ballet flats hmm, not so sure about that diamante line up the foot for small frys like me, but the blue shade is nice, oh there are some more Collection things up that I didn't see at 800am this morning. Love the Ava pumps to pieces.

    1. I know! I want to love the cheap stuff and the collection keeps calling me....

      That camisole is really amazing and I think that I could really make that one me!

  2. Give yourself some credit, the station wagon purse is way cuter than the sheep purse! Although, sheep are In (see Madewell), so ...

    The hothouse hookup, I actually like that. I like the dress, but you know how J. Crew dresses are. Too-high-waisted, too short, and ill-fitting. I love the look of the dress but as separates. We could at least get the fit right (probably! lol).

    I do love those cafe capris in mini-dot. I think you should get them!

    1. Oh Cate - do not support my evil ways! I think I have to see the hothouse hookup in real life - it could be cute and as I said, I love the dress... Maybe it is just looking baggy on the little waif...

  3. I did not see that Collection shell, it's beautiful. But ouchy-wawa prices.
    LOL Frenchy's, I used to go there all the time!
    Thanks for sharing your picks, you have found the nice stuff.

    1. There is even a frenchy's song!!!!

  4. Nice picks, WMM! The Collection shell really is quite lovely, isn't it?

  5. The Collection pieces always grab me and shake me by the shoulders - shouting in my face - BUY ME! The Collection Shell is potentially gorgeous - but my luck with sequin stuff is zero. The last several trys were too short and boxy - uggh! Hoping for reviews from our trusted community :-)

    1. I know - we need to send out a sortie party!

  6. How did I miss those baby blue shoes? They remind me of when I went shopping when I was a child, and my mother would always say- "Oh, no, don't get it in white, it will only get dirty." I was in my 20's before I bought an ivory suit! But,of course I always coveted the sublimely impractical. And those shoes might be on my list now. Although, I would never, ever, ever have anywhere to wear them.

    1. I know! I have a 20% off coupon left and I am eying them covetously....Completely impractical. The windowpane trousers would be more pracical, despite ungodly price.. Of course, the heart wants what it wants...


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