Saturday, October 20, 2012

We are Going on a Shopping Trip Together - if you want to....

Well, my Jcrew gift card is burning a hole in my purse.  Why?  Normally, there would be no rush, but since I have one lone 20% off card which could be stacked with that gift card and same said card is only good until the end of October, we must make a decision soon!

I have decided to take you all virtually shopping with me and tell you what I am leaning towards.  Along the way we will stop for coffee or something stronger if this gets very tiresome. 

I don't mind opposing opinons or someone jumping in with something I didn't think of at all - will simply sift through it all, have a glass of wine and make a choice (or two!)

Sweater Thoughts:

Collection cashmere Tippi sweater
Cashmere Tippi in Pagoda Blue.  I am always drawn to things that are the same colour as my eyes..  It is $218CDN and you can take a closer look here.  I know I have the retro jade tippi, but I think this is more of an azure blue..

The cashmere long sleeve tshirt also comes in this colour as does the short sleeve cashmere tshirt:

Collection cashmere long-sleeve teeCollection cashmere V-neck sweater

editorial aside: LOOK how different the same colour looks in two different pictures (tippi versus these)!  My gut is that the colour in the tippi picture is more representative.  AJC or Knityarns - you haven't seen this in your store yet, have you?  On the Vneck.  I tend to not wear many vnecks, despite knowing that the vneck can be flattering.  The issue is that  the v tends to be cut too low, forcing me to wear a cami or a scarf, which pretty much negates wearing a v neck...


I missed this No 2 pencil skirt during the rollout and was reminded of it by my buddy AJC's post (here ) I love it.  But which tights/hose?  You know my pathetic track record on that account!  I would love to wear it with my nude pumps as well as my black shoes/boots.  Thoughts?
No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool
It is $150 Cdn and you can go take a closer look here.

I also kind of like the mauve version, as well as the gold...

No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge woolNo. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool

I could see the gold paired with my navys and pinks.  I guess the same could be said for the mauve!!

I had also thought about this skirt:

No. 2 pencil skirt in corkscrew tweed
I quite like it, but I find the solid colours more versatile, but perhaps I am being convervative? You can take a look at it here.

Do you need that coffee now?


No surprise - I love me some crazy pants:

Collection café capri in green tie silkCollection café capri in purple tie silk

The Collection Cafe Capris in Green or Purple Tie Silk.  This is purely whimsical weekend dressing stuff - I could not wear these to work, which basically leaves Saturday nights...But how cute!!!  I also worry about static cling on silk pants in winter, but am I wrong?  Take a closer look here and here.  Two others that I like:

The Cafe Capri in winter white or lilac:

Café capri in winter white wool  Café capri in wool

I have never owned winter white trousers.  These could be quite elegant..Can be seen here.  The lilac is also lovely (though I have the bright dahlia cafe capris) and could be quite cheery in January...You can see them here.

or the cafe capri in tuny dots:

Café capri in tiny dots

I am slightly nervous getting on the dots bandwagon a little late.  See them here.  Would love your thoughts!

Special Collection Pieces:

Collection jeweled T-strap ballet flats
Ah collection pieces...  So expensive, so lovely.  I don't know why I love these shoes, but I do.  Somethine about the thought of looking down and seeing those crystals makes me feel giddy.  They are $264 CDN, and can be seen here.  I already have the jackie twinset that would be waiting for them....

How about the collection embellished shell ($310 CDN here and the matching windowpane pants $472CDN here?

Collection embellished shellCollection café capri in windowpane

I love these both, but think they are probably really and truly aspirational dressing for the price, even at 20% off.  I was intrigued that the shell is actually an apricot merino shell embellished with sequins, stones and paillettes with a black silk back.  I think I would love it even more if all of the embellishments were flat.  When I go close up, I see a lot of things sticking out.  Since I already have things that stick out on top I am thinking I should pass on this...

I know, I know - a lot.  That is why I have come to you!

What I think should be my short list (though I am open to any other suggestions!):

Collection cashmere Tippi sweaterCafé capri in tiny dotsNo. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool

No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge woolCollection jeweled T-strap ballet flats

What do you think??  Now we are heading to the local watering hole.  Those who do not imbibe can enjoy the atmosphere and munchies...

On a completely different topic, my OOTD on Friday was inspired by a new skirt  in this month's J Crew rollout:

Tuxedo pencil skirt

In the looks we love #12 the skirt is paired with a black top.  So I did my own homage:

I had a similar J Crew pencil skirt that is at least a couple of years old.  I dug out my trusty Ca va de soie merino pullover (which is getting a LOT of wear this fall).  I have paired them with these Guess pumps:

They are quite nifty as they have this wood grained heel.  I have searched for 15 minutes to fnd a site that has them as they were not expensive and I bought them in August, so they are fall 2012 merch.

Sorry this was such a long post!  And I do truly always appreciate your advice.  Have a happy Saturday!  It is raining cats and dogs here, so I will probably do a little cleaning...


  1. I'm drawn to the Collection outfit or the blue sweater and blue flats.
    It might be fun to get something party-ish with your Mickey gift!
    This was a fun post. Wishing I hadn't had that second shot of tequila at the local watering hole.

    We've got a busy weekend which is good as it will keep me off the Kate Spade site! We are taking my in-laws out for lunch and then visiting our son in Toronto. I haven't seen my boy since September 3rd and I sure miss him.
    Have a great weekend. :)

    1. Oh Dani - have such a good day - I know how hard it is when they are away!

      I know - we all warned you about the Tequila. You never listen...

      I like your ideas!

  2. Well... not knowing the amount of gift card I will pick one item. The pretty shoe's! They can make any outfit special :) Plus, I always look at the cost of them minus the gift card and 20% coupon which brings the item cost down and less guilt. If the card is a large amount or you feel like spending I would throw in the purple silk tie pant and the Cece printed ballet flats
    in the same fabric! Maybe then get the cashmere tippi in a color that matches the pant. Then you have a new outfit and some truly beautiful pieces!

    1. Hi Mini - Isn"t a huge amount, but it is better than what I normally earn in my rewards! Now I have to go look at those ceces!

  3. Love this shipping trip! Here are my thoughts: the cashmere is lovely, I would go with Tippi shape for you. I think this cut of vneck would be overwhelming on you small frame and the crew neck tends to show every lump and bump.
    I have ordered the white skirt so I am partial to it at least until I try it on. I think I will wear black or gray tights with it. I saw a picture in WHBM catalog with black hose that I loved.
    I saw the dot capris in store and they are very, very nice although I did not try them.
    I love the look of the windowpane capris but they will be very memorable and you may get bored. But if you want a special piece that maybe you will only buy because of the gift card it may be a nice splurge.
    Not sure if this is helpful.
    Oh and I saw the tuxedo skirt and I did not like it at all. It is shiny and sticks out in the hips. It is partially lined, the lining stops half way where the side slit starts.

  4. Of course I meant 'shopping trip' , though the shipping will eventually be included, I am sure.

    1. Thanks! I think you are right about the tippis. For some reason, the short sleeve cashmere t doesn't show the lumps and bumps on me as much as my three long sleeve ones. I am sure that is my own imagination!

      Gosh - I also forgot to mention I was wearing my spanx slip under the outfit above!!! Interesting about the tuxedo skirt - some things are so special and then others are just meh! Have you seen the tuxedo silk pants in store? I am going to have to call and see if they are lined. If they are not, I could see it could be a real mess..

      Tippi it is - now the wonder will be which ones...

  5. I would choose the winter white cafe capris, although that may seem like a staid choice. I think they would be very elegant and practical. I love the blue shade you have shown; I also have seen the pale turquoise shade in store, and found it to be gorgeous. I'm sure you will love and rock whatever you choose! Thanks for sharing your experience with Mickey; I am so heartened that he listened!

    1. Thanks Wendy! It is so hard - you are right - the winter white would be elegant and very practical, as would be the winter white skirt. I was veering more to the skirt only because our winters can be dirty and I would be afraid of dry cleaning all of the time!

  6. I think you are all helping me get a better handle on this. I would like to have a story or things that will work together. My short list is all over the place!

    I have decided to drop the black/ivory capris. They will go on sale at some point and i already have 3 pairs of black trousers.

    Mini has me really thinking! I think I am going to have to call my VPS and get a sense of colours that might work with those capris besides the typical lilac or pinks.

    1. Oh gosh - and another question - am I trying to be too matchy-matchy? I always think that I need the same blues on top if I was to buy those jeweled shoes...

  7. Hi
    I am glad you like my idea's. Now I am thinking of the same blue shoe's for myself! I was thinking grey cashmere would go nice with the peri/diamond flats and then jeans. A scarf in the peri color would finish the outfit. I was also looking at the cece in the print of the pants in the new style guide and think the grey cashmere would be beautiful with those also! see, now I am going to end up buying it all too!!

    1. I am so sorry MIni! I am an enabler, not a helper....

  8. Oh that blue is stunning, I don't own anything in blue which is ridiculous as I too have blue eyes and it just sets them off. I love the pic of you in the ivory skirt another great option.
    Mum and I have just ordered our first cocktail!

    1. Oh Tell Mum all the best! Yesterday was my Mum's Birthday and i missed her quite badly! Give your mum a big sloppy canadian kiss for me - I know you are all stiff upper lip, but you know i am not!

  9. I am still a big fan of the black/ivory polka dot pants, and I'm not even that big on polka dots, but I think the dots are small enough to make this a neutral with a little bit of fun to it when you get close up. These get my vote!

    I know you love those blue suede shoes, but I don't know about them. They are cute for sure, but I don't know how to wear them. They'd take forever to put on and take off, with that little buckle. And lastly I know you wear hose about half the year because of your climate, but could you wear hose with these? I don't think they'd be good with any kind of hose. But if they make you smile and you have something to wear them with, they would be a special and memorable thing to spend your Mickey Money on :-)

    I like the ivory/winter white skirt, but you are wearing something like it in your OOTD, so maybe it would be redundant. I don't like the gold skirt for you, it is pretty but probably not one of your colors. I do love the winter white and lilac cafe capris, so pretty, but I hear you about the dry cleaning. They would be a slushy/splattered mess in no time around here. I think no to the printed pink skirt, it might be too trendy.

    The blue color of the cashmere Tippi is gorgeous, yes!

    The two Collection pieces are memorable and pretty in the picture but I think that top would be a problem in real life. The back is light and the front weighed down by stones and such.

    I will not be able to do any real life shopping today, so it was nice shopping with you! Lots of fun options, I hope you find some things that you like!

    1. Thanks Cate! Only virtual shopping for me as well - raining cats and dogs and I actually just cleaned out my sock and tights drawer. How dismal is that for a Saturday afternoon?

      What I am thinking....

      I love those peri shoes. I will make them work. I did think I could wear them with charcoal tights and so I do see that Mini's suggestion on grey cashmere is a good one! I will wear them bare-footed once I arrive at someone house. I will justify them in my mind! Good point on the gold. I do have a yellow skirt already, though it is just the double serge cotton, but I think I do need the right yellow!

      If I lived in a different climate, I would be all over the winter white capris - I do love them a lot!

      Oh I have so much to think about!

  10. How fun to go shopping together! I definitely vote for the blue cashmere sweater. We all know it is one of your colors, and will see tons of use. It sounds as if you are completely smitten with the blue shoes, so I think you should treat yourself to them with your Mickey Money. I'm sure you will find plenty to wear with them once they arrive. Perhaps denim capris or jeans, your white GAP icon shirt, and your new diamond earrings? You could actually substitute the shoes in for the leopard loafers in the outfit we all loved when you reviewed the GAP shirt. That would give you a way to wear them casually, and shows that they will still be wearable when your weather warms up again.

    I would love to see you get something in winter white. Perhaps the skirt? The pants say they are lined, but if you look at the back view of the model online, you can still see the pockets right through the pants. You could wear the skirt with any of your sweaters, and a pair of your knee boots, or stockings and heels. If you do decide on a pair of the printed capris, I really like the green or purple ones.

    Hope you are enjoying the rain! It is sunny and hot here...hard to believe it is half way through the month of October already. I want to come live up there!

    1. FFM - I adore you! I so appreciate your advice, knowing, that unlike myself, you can actually speak with some authority over sartorial. I now have to go back to those pants and see those packets! I am thinking that you are right on the white! I do love it!

      You and your family come on up! We will make room and think what a great visit we would have! I wanted to go to Florida in March, but got voted down by an 18 and 2o year old who wanted to go to NYC. From experience, that will be slushy and cold. sigh..

    2. That would be so much fun! Not to mention quite an experience for my boys since they haven't been in such cold temps many times in their young lives.

      Btw, I wanted to tell you that I really like your outfit with the white skirt and black sweater. The patterened tights are fabulous on you! :)

  11. I think the blue Tippi with the green silk pants would look great on you. The white skirt is beautiful and that's on my wish list. The shoes are suede and I'd probably mess them up in a few wears. Did Gayle bedazzle the shoes?

    1. Marsha! I think Gayle did bedazzle them! And damn her, I have been sucked into the bedazzle universe! I need a 12 step intervention, as the 10 step was obviously ineffective...

      Thanks for your advice - you made me laugh out loud!

  12. Me, I'd wait till next week. There's always something new in New Arrivals and in Sale. You could be struck by inspiration and not have any spare money.

    1. Fred - I agree! I have everyone's good advice now and I want to talk to my online VPS to get some details on things before I make a decision. I have 10 days before the 20% off card expires, so I am good!

  13. Sorry- Surprisingly, I never made it out to a store this weekend, and BTW we still have "blue laws" in effect, so our stores are closed on Sundays. I don't recall whether or not I saw the Tippi in that color. As far as the v-neck being flattering, I feel(like AJC) that pullovers show every lump and bump, and that v-necks are better suited to flatter chested figures. I think the shoes are magical if you have somewhere to wear them, and some thing to match them. But, beware of muddy sidewalks! I think the 2 collection pieces are somewhat ordinary, and the skirts are similar to things you probably own. I agree with WFF- wait and see.


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