Friday, July 27, 2012

In Which WMM packs like Dani BP, gets a new snakeskin skirt and gets ready for the Olympics!!!

Ah - A big day!  We are off to Beantown for our fabulous weekend of Coldplay, sightseeing and shopping!  It is a well deserved weekend away for me.  I have worked very hard in the last 12 months and while i do not officially start vacation until next Friday, this will get me through the last few days!

chapter 1: In which WMM packs like Dani BP...

Okay - I ASPIRE to pack like Dani BP, and this is my first time with a "colour story" for a trip.  It is a boring colour story - black and white - but hey, we all must start somewhere!

Mr. WMM has not allowed a lot of bags - this is because there will be 5 of us crammed in a mid sized car and because he has heard rumblings of the shopping on Newberry Street and Copley Plaza and perchance Freeport Maine on the way back.  He is recently retired from police work, but he retains his detective skills.  Soo..

I am packing very minimalist:

a little white shift:

some white and black tees:

and little JC eyelet blouse...

My JC mirabel skirt and a jean jacket...

And for sunday night at the concert...

My Cafe capris and a sparkly Joe Fresh Tank!

Everything matches.  2 pairs of arche walking shoes and michael kors leather capri flip flips.

I am so proud!

Ch 2: In which WMM received new snakeskin skirt

I was nervous about this order.  It is an expensive skirt and for some odd reason, I thought it would be, well, woolly..

It is divine.  Smooth, lightweight wool.  In real life the colours are almost a pale purpley-black.  Absolutely lovely:

I am wearing my new jackie twinset in the peri colour and black pumps.  Ignore the mess in my room - I was in the throes of packing!

I 100% recomend this skirt!

ch 3: WMM gets ready for the Olympics..

Well my first sport this weekend will be shopping and dancing and museum hopping, but I LOVE the Olympics!  Go Canada Go!

I will watching the ceremonies in Maine this evening, which means i will be watching the American coverage.  WHich is good, but they won't be showing enough of the Canadian team walking in.  I will actually tape the ceremonies so I can watch that part on Monday when I return,

However, for my AMerican friends and my friend from Scotland, if you do watch this evening, take a good like out Canada's flag bearer - his name is Simon Whitfield.  He is a triathelete and about as cute as a man can be.  Give him a shout-out will you?  We love him!

Simon Whitfield won Olympic triathlon gold in 2000 and silver in 2008.

I will take lots of dressing room photos this weekend (a first for me!).

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. I love the snake print skirt on you, and your concert outfit is fabulous, as well! Have a wonderful time on your trip! I'm already looking forward to seeing your vacation photos. :)

    1. Thanks FFM - I was, as they say, gobsmacked by the skirt - I didn't expect to love it like I did!

      There will be photos for sure!

  2. I love Boston, it is such a friendly city, and I feel so at home there, have a great time!

    1. I will - any one I should say hello to you for you???

  3. Just recently found your blog, but have been scrolling through, and I just had to tell you that this outfit with the snake-print skirt is so great on you! I think you should wear a lot of cool colors, like blues, they really suit you!

    Oh, and I love your thoughts on business attire. I work in politics, and spend a lot of time in negotiations. I hate wearing suits, so I try to look pulled together and smart in other ways. I pretend that people probably think I'm cool because I don't need a black suit to boost my confidence :) Or if they mistake me for a girl that's easy to out smart, well that's fine by me, they'll see... :)

  4. Hi Anna-Karin,

    Thank you so much,

    I hear you on dressing for work.

    I like blues!

    Hang on - wait till you see my fall list - a suit!

  5. I love the peri color on you and the snakeskin skirt!

    I'm jealous of your boyfriend Joe. If you find a long sleeve tee sequined in white, please, get it from him and I'll pay you double.

  6. Tiffany rose - let know you your Joe fresh size - i am usually at the grocery store once a week or so and will keep an eye out!

    Had such a good visit at j crew yesterday - did some damage!

    1. That would be so fab, thanks so much!! I've never owned anything Joe Fresh but I think probably whatever is smallest, whether XS or XXS. I'm 00 or XXS in J.Crew tees and sweaters.

      Can't wait to see your haul. Hope you are having a wonderful time!

  7. Ha ha, yes, DaniBP must be emulated , she is a wonderful packer- I end up with so many unnecessary things. What can I say, it's a talent and one must learn. I am getting better with more frequent travels. I think you nailed your packing suit, those pieces are quite versatile. Have fun, Coldplay concert sounds great. I am in minority but I am strangely indifferent to the Olympics. Oh, and the snake skirt is divine- the wool/silk combo is my fave.

  8. Hi Slastena!

    You are right about the packing! And I still had 1 or 2 many things!

    As for the Olympics, I love watching the equestrian, swimming and gymnastics, but honestly, love the opening ceremonies best - I love a good spectacle!

  9. A most excellently packed suitcase! I couldn't do it as well. I always overpack. Looking good in the snakeprint. I like the cardi pairing :)


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