Sunday, July 15, 2012

J Crew Pink and Black - shameless style stealing!

Hi everyone, this morning started out very cool (well compared to the last couple of days) and I actually broke out a pair of capris.  These are J crew Cafe Capris in paris pink from last season.  Dani blogged about these same pants in her wonderful blog, Dani BP, Mop Philosopher and you can see that story here.

I love the look of black and pink - it seems very parisian to me.  I teamed my cafe capris with J Crew's linen pintuck shell which can you purchase here.  I am not loving this top, to be honest and today is the first time I have worn it. Part of my dislike is my own grumpy mindset, as I started my summer detox this a.m. - I have gained 15 pounds in the last 2 years!  Off they must go, as I need "wiggle" room for France!  I think the linen pinktuck makes me look pregnant in this photo and is NOT meant for someone who has a chest of any kind!  I think it is likely to be banished from my closet after today.  Ah the agony of taking one's photo daily!  I guess I could have run in and put on a different shell, but have been too lazy to do so!

My shoes are J Crew sandals from two years ago.  The image below shows more detail of the sandal, albeit in a different colour:

Danielle leather flat...

Mine are the same lovely pink of the capris:

I was just out on the deck reading the latest issue of Instyle magazine.  The colours this fall are quite divine, but that is a post for another day.  However, what caught my eye was the image of Kate Moss in the magazine:

So I think Kate is copying me, who is copying Dani.  Don't you just love fashion?  I will definitely try this out in a few weeks when the weather gets a little cooler!!!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love those trousers and that pic of Kate is one of my faves. I too am thinking about autumn, well we have no summer this year anyway. I would quite like jacket in that shade. My diet starts tomorrow, can't fasten the top button on my jeans, I have a Buddha belly atop skinny legs - join me!

  2. You look super cute, as always! And, like Tabitha, I love that picture of Kate.

  3. Well Miss Tabitha and Miss Rynetta - many thanks!
    Tabitha - i am counting calories and ate quinoa at supper with a chicken stir fry (Miss Gwyneth's cookbook) and only 1 glass of wine. sigh... Will now brush my teeth and go to sleep hungry... Why can't wine be 0 calories?????


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