Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Collage: Bastille Day, Summer OOTD and a wee bit 'o Gustav Klimt

Hello Everyone!

It is Saturday July 14th.  Which means it is Bastille Day!

I am so excited about my upcoming trip to France, especially to Paris, since it will be my first time in the latter.  I imagine that Bastille Day in Paris is something else.  I am currently reading "Les Miserables" in advance of my trip and really enjoying it.  I also recently reread "A Tale of Two Cities", which I found surprisingly moving.  Cannot wait for the movie of Les Miserables this Christmas - but that will be a post for another day!

I also see that Google is acknowledging what would have been Gustav Klimt's 150th birthday today:

I am always been a fan of his work.  My favourite is the painting below; it reminds me of those colouring kits you got as a kid that had all kinds of nooks and crannies to colour in!

Bildnis der Friederike Maria Beer 1916
Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer, source: Klimt Museum online
 You see much more his work and read more about this painting here at the Klimt Museum on line.

It is Saturday and it is HOT!  It was 80 degrees at 8 am, which for Atlantic Canada is sweltering!

So I went simple today, a little Joe Fresh white shift, aldo sandals and Banana Republic beads:

This is a comfortable shift.  And I paid all of $29 CDN for it. 

The necklace has been a conundrum for me.  I bought it on sale about a month ago, but never seem to wear it.  The necklines always seem wrong for wearing it or some such thing.  However, I like it with the white shift and I think I may be better able to incorporate it into other outfits now.  The sandals are from Aldo:


They are very comfortable and you can buy them here.  I got mine on sale at the local store.  They were my cheap version of these sandals from J Crew and they do look suede:

Ready-or-not suede sandals

These were bought as I was trying to recreate this look from the recent J Crew Bali catalogue:

I recreated this on the cheap, with the jackie version of the cardigan and the aldo shoes.  Will try and get a picture of that this weekend!  Unfortunately, no bubble necklace for me, although I have enjoyed the discussion over at the Mothership this weekend on the subject of bubble necklaces!
I hope you all have a lovely Saturday - stay cool, except for Tabitha, who I hope gets some well-deserved heat!!!


  1. Hi Darling! Boiling here too. We swam all afternoon at the pool, really it's perfect summer weather.
    I love that white shift dress, it's very chic.
    I have a red bubble necklace and I do love it but I've never actually worn it.
    I love the colors in that picture.

  2. Well we would be very patriotic in red and white! I realize I need some red for Bastille day, though my hair is colored red....


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