Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can this outfit be saved??????

Ah - what I need is an unjaundiced eye...\

And you all have that!

For two years, the poppy red peacoat from J Crew has languished in my closet....  Each time I put it on, I take it right off.  The colour you know....

It is not the right shade of red.  I know this.  But it lured me in, teasing me via my computer monitor, lying to me so bitterly: "It is a blue red..." but alas, it was not.  It was an orangey-red.  sigh...and it was: (cue ominous music!) FINAL SALE!!!!!  (I know, you might want to gather the children around at this point as this is indeed a cautionary tale...)

But then I thought it might be salvaged!  Perhaps a scarf, jauntily tied around the neck in a colour most becoming, could bring said peacoat around.

Okay - you decide. 

In the first photo, sans cravette (that's scarf in french - I am Canadian after all, eh):

DO not let the hair throw you off - it is 85% humidity.  This is a BB camera.  And yes, I AM that pale and pained looking this evening....  10 more sleeps till vacation...

And then, the scarf.  A little navy wool leopard print (I know, in this case, real leopard print would be more appropos - I think - and would match better..) that I typically love...

Well?  Does it make a difference?  I have no part of me which is not completely biased...

Similarly, the delightful Talbots, daisy lace jacket of 2011.  Beautifully constructed.  And yet, for my 5'2" boxy frame... I am unsure...

The picture below is less than forgiving.  I am wearing royal blue linen shorts for god's sakes!  But you get the jist..

Look at the pained look in my face.  It's like I have Talbots stock or something..

I do have some warm thoughts about this jacket.  I wore it to Meet Bill Clinton in May of 2011.  And there it served me well:

Look at Bill and I.  My great happiness at meeting him, and his wax-like smile in return (which he was able to hold for a good half hour whilst he met many people) for some reason recalled Mr. Bennett's quote about Jane and Mr. Bingley in Pride and Predjudice "You are each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on, so easy, that every servant will cheat you, and so generous, that you will always exceed your income."  We just look like that, don't we?

Well - what say you all - can these jackets be saved?  Or are they destined for other adventures elsewhere?

On a completely different note, I received the Jackie pullover in Byzantine Blue tonight, my only 40% off sale items, save the stuff I bought my husband and son.  It is beautiful.  And you know why?  I am meant to wear royal blue.  ALL the time!!! I haven't taken a photo yet, but it is fantastic!

Jackie pullover

There are still a few on sale here.  It appears this is the colour for dyspeptic pale women of scottish descent in July.....

Thank you in advance for this intervention....


  1. I can't tell if the red is that bad for your coloring but I'll have to say the royal blue is gorgeous on you, just as purple was in another post of yours. What about a royal or purple scarf with the red? As for the lace jacket, have you tried it with slim trouser jeans and a chambray or royal or purple silk shirt? Have you worn the lace jacket over a simple black dress with black sandals?

    1. Hi Tiffany Rose!

      I do not have a royal blue or purple scarf, but I am going to go get one and try!

      Great idea about the chambray shirt and the slim jeans (you mean you didn't like it with the shorts, heehee?) and see what I think! Great ideas!

      Thanks for weighing in - you always look so smart!

  2. I think the red drains you a little bit, but a scarf would easily sort that out or even just the peek of a shirt/sweater underneath, as for the white one, well you know, what's not to love there? As for Bill - he would be one of my fantasy dinner party guests, such a charmer.
    Funnily enough I've never worn any of those blues before, there in my 'colours to fear box', along with purples, yellows, burgundies.
    Talking of pale women, my tan is starting to fade now and in my pic I'm putting up tomorrow, check out the colour difference between my feet and hands - my feet look dead!

    1. As I think you know, my summer colour comes from a bottle. I have been so busy in the last two weeks that I have not had time. I will have to get myself ready for my upcoming trip to Boston and the Coldplay concert. I want to wear a white tank top, as I think it will be hot.

      The colours I fear are khaki, orange and beige. Bad, bad colours near my face. I did buy the gauguin orange linen trousers last summer on a whim and when I gird myself to wear them I always feel sort of fantastic.

      I will watch for your feet!

      I was at a meet and greet with Bill in advance of a talk he was giving. I had all these witty things I wanted to say to him, but I was completely struck dumb when I got up to greet him. I mean DUMB! I was just in awe. He then spoke for 50 minutes with no notes whatsoever before answering questions. Say what you will, the man is a genius and i think he would make my dinner party list....

  3. I love the picture of you and Bill Clinton, you are hilarious!
    I have to agree with Tiffany Rose and Tabs, the scarf would solve all with the red coat. I would go for an equally vibrant color that you love: the byzantine blue maybe! You need a scarf in that color! Didn't J Crew do a linen/silk scarf in that shade this summer? Blue scarf and matching byzantine blue sweater over a black pencil skirt or slim pants and then the coat over, add in ballet flats in either the blue or the poppy red, I like that outfit. I'd carry a black bag with it.
    I'd keep the jacket for sentimental reasons alone, you and Bill... even if you only wear it once a year!

    1. Yes, Bill and I will always have the Talbots daisy lace jacket - He is probably reading this blog this am, thinking wistfully of what might have been...I am going to try Tiffany's solution above and take a picture!

      I am going over the take a look at JC right now! I think you are right about the scarf! I do have lots of slim trousers...

      have a great day Dani!

      p.s. - I heard from Ulrike last night - the petite maison now has wifi - my kids will be so happy!!!!

  4. My opinion: Say goodbye to the red peacoat and keep the Talbots jacket.

    The peacoat... Although I cannot tell if the color suits you, I think the lapels are too big. The scarf helps it, but unless you really need this coat, I think you should say goodbye to it. It isn't making you happy. I have a similar peacoat issue - one is light gray and does nothing for me and I haven't let it go yet, then I have a navy one from LEC that was such a deal but is not that flattering. Maybe I just don't like peacoats as much as I like the idea of peacoats!

    The Talbots jacket reminds me of the current J. Crew jackets in style. It is hard to see the detail from this picture. It seems like you like this jacket but you can't figure out how to style it. I think it looks great on you in both pictures. Keep! :)

  5. Thanks Cate! I am going to see in the scarf makes a difference and if not, it will look great on someone else! I think Tiffany Rose has a good idea about pairing it with more casual frocks and I think that could make the difference. It is beautiful, but a bit fussy!

    1. whoops - that should have been "if the scarf makes a difference.."

  6. Hi WMM! Well, I think you should keep the Daisy Lace jacket and pair it with denim or a black dress as Tiffany Rose suggested. Do you perhaps have a sundress in the same or similar color as the jacket? That would be very pretty paired with it and a pair of nude or neutral colored sandals.

    As for the peacoat, I am not completely sold on it, and think you should really consider letting it go. I do think in a lot of cases you can wear a scarf with a color that isn't so flattering for your skintone to make it work, but I don't feel like that is the case with this coat. It is such a bold color and makes the coat really stand out in the picture. It is actually what I notice first when looking at the pic, and my eyes keep going back to it, even if I try to focus on the scarf. If it were the Byzantine blue or another shade of blue that is "your color", I think it would be a great piece to keep, but not in this shade. I'm assuming you have other coats to wear, so letting this one go isn't going to leave you freezing this winter?

    1. Well it would just be an excuse to buy a new basic!

      Looking at it, I thik a new coat in a hue more suited to me, is the key. I am not sure I am tall or thin enough for the peacoat. My daughter has the exact same one in a lovely grey tone and she is 5" taller with broad shoulders and she looks smashing in it!

  7. I love the Blue shade of Tippi, so pretty. Great pic of you and Mr. Clinton, what a wonderful memory.

    1. He is quite delightful and good looking in real life!


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