Monday, July 23, 2012

Clothes That Got Away...

Do you have items that you just kick yourself that you did not bite on when they were for sale the first time around?

I have a couple.  The first is the J Crew Giverny skirt:

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I love this skirt.  I do not think I could love it any more than I do.  I would love its bateau top partner as well!

Recently, a wonderfyl JCA sold me the Giverny dress and I must say - it was lovelier in real life than I imagined. 

The summer this print came out I actually went to Giverny.  There was the Giverny print bateau top, walking around the gift shop on a lovely blonde woman.  I complimented her, but I could have cried.  Since then, if I really love something, I jump on it, regardless of FP (this does NOT happen over a certain price point, by the way..)

The other item, I regret not getting is the glitterati ballet flats in the red.

Item image

I watch for these on ebay, but I think these are the perfect Christmas shoe, worn with jeans or trousers.  What the heck?  They are perfect shoe for anytime for the girl who loves the Wizard of Oz and wants her own ruby slippers!  Eventually these will be mine!

Oh, and I kind of regret not scooping up that amazing Kate Spade striped coat that Dani sports so well!  I didn't order it as I didn't trust my Kate Spade size yet and it was final sale.

Dani wore it with great aplomb here.

It is truly gorgeous!

Well there you have my top 3 for now.  What has slipped away from you??

Yesterday, I pillaged my closet and removed all that did not fit or look good on me.  All posted on the mothership.  Two bags went to goodwill.  Very freeing!


  1. No, never but I'm guilty of another kind of wanting. I want for the sake of wanting, get the thing, hang it up and still mooch about in my old comfy sloppy joes - that's my sickness.

    1. Ooh - I have suffered from that. There oughta be a pill...

  2. I do have some that I wish I had gotten:

    1. J.Crew Blushed Tweed Collier jacket - I actually did order it, then returned it thinking I would get it on sale, but it sold out in my size before that ever happened. Such a bummer! I would still love to have that jacket to this day!

    2. Kate Spade Pippa dress - why didn't I get it when it went to first cut? I am still stalking that one!

    3. J.Crew Heartthrob shirt - at least this one is supposed to be offered in black and white this fall. That is another item on my list. :)

    Glad to hear you made progress on your wardrobe! It really is quite freeing to clear out all the things that you have not been reaching for, that just don't fit, or even work for you anymore. Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Oh I can so picture you in that collier jacket!

      BTW - I keep seeing that downtown field jacket in navy - that is an awesome coat...

  3. Stalking items does pay off! I found the Rafaella dress from J Crew FINALLY just this past spring, that one was released in 2007. The Library Dress, also 2007, was also something I found on ebay, but just last year.
    I remember that Fall I did not have a clothing budget whatsoever, yet it is my #1 favorite fall season at J Crew, I'd like everything from that season.
    Thanks for the nice words about my coat. I'm so glad you love it, but I agree shopping final sales, not a good idea if you are at all unsure of sizing.
    It does sound like you are doing a great job! You must be getting excited to hit the real shops in Boston. I go to Atlanta next week and I can't wait!

    1. Well I will get all sized up at Kate Spade and I plan to size test the valentinas! I am not sure what is on the list. I am still cleaning out! I have such a hard time letting some things go - for example, I have the Talbots daisy jacket from last season and I keep putting it on and then taking it off. I have either got to figure out a way to make it work quickly or it is a goner! But it will make me sad! I wore that Jacket all of two times, but once was when I met Bill Clinton!

  4. Dani, the Rafaella was one of mine, too! Also scored it on eBay for dirt cheap. Love that.

    WMM, the giverney dress/skirt/top are all on my list too. That is one of the best prints ever, seriously.

    But my number one is the lana polka dot silk organza dress from fall 2007. It is red, strapless, polka dot, and would look amazing with your red glitter flats!

    1. I am going to have to search that one out - it sounds amazing!

    2. Guess what. I finally scored this dress on ThredUp! Haha! I was trying to search for it by name and your blog post came up! It was only $39, too :D

  5. The one item that i regretted not buying was the acorn bracelet from fall 08(i think),but i never searched for it or tried it on the JCA till last month.
    I posted that i was looking last month and can you believe it,this lady contacted me and now it is mine,mine,mine.
    It is waiting at my US adress for me and my husband will bring it back from his trip in august.Yeah!

    1. That's like my lovely JCA who came forward with the Giverny dress! Isn't it nice when you get a nice little boost like that. That is a lovely bracelet. I kind of regret missing that one, too!

  6. This is too funny....I missed out on the first two items you list!!!! I'd have to say that the biggest miss for me is the Tillary Tote in Blue Sea!


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