Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer dressing

I quite struggled to get ahold of the skirt below, after seeing it on Audreybella here.  She looked so cute in it!  It is the jardin maxi skirt in morning aqua.  For interest's sake, this is a size 6.  I am not tall - 5'2" - but I do have long legs and I did not go with the petite and it does not drag on the ground.  You feel like a princess in it!  You can buy it here, but of course it is not on sale online yet - too popular I suppose.  I called all over the eastern US to get a hold of this at the sale price and had it shipped down from the Toronto store. 

This is me this afternoon.  No makeup. Must find better spot than bathroom to do these pictures.....

 Am heading back out to the deck with a book I am loving:

BOOK: Sidney Chambers And The Shadow Of Death

Sidney Chambers is a vicar turned part-time detective circa 1953.  The book is a series of intertwined stories of him solving crimes.  Surely the TV series cannot be far behind?  It is so much fun and so NOT work related.

Day 3 of my summer healthy living regime hit a snag when I saw chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream by the farm stand this afternoon.  The irony is not lost on me, believe me.  Still, Sidney and I will soldier on....

have a great one!


  1. That skirt looks great on you, are you sure you are only 5'2", I swear you look taller. And I love your bathroom! I'd love to have that bathtub!
    I just returned from an island cottage and it was tough to come back. My healthy eating/drinking is out the window. It was prosecco, strawberry shortcake and creamy pasta all weekend!
    I must get my paws on that book, thanks for the tip.

    1. I will pass the compliment on to my husband (not for the looking taller than I am - that would be thanks to my mother, I think) - he redid the bathroom from scratch himself several years ago. I need a better camera - I really do - he is quite a whiz. He is taking the summer off before he starts his new business and I am hoping that the laundry room he tore apart 18 months ago is actually done this summer!

      I love all of the things you noted above! I actually have a bottle of veuve cliquot in the fridge right now, calling my name! I made pasta last night, but went lighter with lots of lemon and basil and sauteed some swiss chard separately to top it with so I could feel virtuous...

  2. Thank you for following my blog and Welcome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That outfit is so me, WMM! I almost always wear a tank and a long skirt on a summer's day and it does make you feel quite refined don't it?

    1. Oh and we really are body twins!

    2. I know Tabitha - I am just the "next up version"! I hope to be the "next down" version of me, but, that is unlikely till the staweberries are done.. sigh....

    3. See where the healthy regime has gotten me? Staweberries????? I am like Barbara Walters now....


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