Thursday, July 5, 2012

Outfit of the Day - I hate to be like a sheep, but...

I went back to work for the afternoon today; my brother has been in town and so I took an extended long weekend to enjoy some time with him and my nephew.  It was a shock to go back to work after 4 days - what is it about summer that makes us want to lay about and read frothy books and drink light wines?

J Crew Porcelain Paisley skirt here, pink taratan blouse, stuart weitzman sandals from last year, kersh white cardigan, fake tan - l'oreal

In honour of going back to work (or is that in spite of?) I decided to break out the procelain paisley pencil skirt.  Oh I know - EVERYONE has one and EVERYONE loves them and you know what?  I do, too!  I have a wonderful PS, Sydney, who put this order in first thing on the morning it came out.  And then I waited by the mailbox (well that is actually a lie; JCrew comes via the Purolator man and he and I are very chummy and he does not judge.  I also like that I am one of his last stops of the day.  I like to think he does not want to get the package wet..) and when it came, I was happy!!!!  And then it rained and it does not seem to go with the rain (are you starting to feel like this is the Grapes of Wrath or something?) so I have had to wait for the sun again.

I wore it with a beautiful sleeveless tank I bought this summer from Pink Tartan.  It is netting over a cotton tank and it is lovely (see below for my attempt at showing detail).  I have searched high and low on the internet so I could show you and it appears that I got the only top this company made this year!  Actually, I really love Pink Tartan - it is a Canadian Company and it is just lovely.  I will do a blog on them someday soon!  The sandals are a pair of pewter-coloured stuart weitzmans from last summer which are cute and make me happy on a hot summer day!

My attempt at showing the netting details; you will see I have moved back to the washroom for this action shot and removed the sandals so I could be extra comfortable!

I also placed an order today from JCrew - I have been stalking these pants for months.  I know, the sale was not great, but I just truly love these pants...
Café capri in domino eyelet

I could have waited till the next 30% off, but I was afraid of the dreaded final sale....But what should come with them?  You do understand that JCrew items must never travel alone?  Safety first and stick with a buddy!  I hemmed and hawwed and dithered about the following two items, the first of which can be found here:

Schoolboy blazer in eyelet

The ivory schoolboy blazer, which I had watched for a while, and then checked the Mothership first thing this a.m. and read a review that said this looked slightly old-ladyish.  As someone who is heading in the general direction of old-ladyish, I was stopped in my tracks...What to do????  I am still wondering this - so all advice is helpful!

and then there was this beauty, which can be purchased here:

Naomi top in polka dot

The Naomi top in polka dot.  Even her name says "I am cool".  She screams cool, calm and collected and can be dressed up or down.  And she wasn't on sale and I am pretty sure she doesn't need to be ever, because well, she is just that lovely... And yes, she will come with the pants and my purolator boyfriend will be happy as he will have another excuse to drop by and I will look tres jolie in this delightful outfit....

But my question of the day is: would the eyelet be frumpy?  Too JC Penney-ish?  As I have told you before - I often fly to close to the sartorial sun and must always rein myself in!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love the buddy system line and will have to use that one myself! I don't think the jacket would be frumpy if it fits correctly and is styled in a fashionable j crew way. I can see it looking that way if over sized but think it is a cute option to wear to work if the air conditioning is on overload. I look forward to your reveiw on the capri pants. We seem to have the same weekness for capri pants :)

    1. Good point on the jacket, Mini - that could be the difference between a 6 and an 8! I will definitely post pics on the capris - I love the ivory version, too, but I have never met a pair of white trousers that I didn't absolutely destroy because I am a dreadful klutz!

  2. Fly too close to the sartorial sun -so funny! I have gone nuts for navy and love everything you picked here, but I think the jacket would be better without the eyelet detail.
    I've gone into crazy "I want stuff mode mad consumer mode" I just want shoes bags and dresses that all match for once and to fill up my empty wardrobe.

    1. Well I need to clear out.. sigh...I am actually contemplating doing the Dani system - moving clothes into different seasons, as opposed to my current winter/summer, which really is not serving me well....

      I never had a bag thing until this year. I can see how it can be a problem, just like me shoe thing....

  3. I object to the old lady eyelet thing, white eyelet in particular reminds me of our dear Tabitha as all white clothing does. I bought the white linen schoolboy blazer in NYC and I love that thing, I think a white jacket is very chic in summer!
    Hilarious post, you are cracking me up. Do you have a big storage cupboard for clothes? Mine entertains me immensely, my regular wardrobe holds only what I'm wearing right now and can change at the drop of a hat, I'm averaging every 2 months or so right now.
    That really is a gorgeous skirt, I may be the only one who doesn't own one.

  4. Well you are inspiring me, Dani - though I think I need an intervention to get it right!!!

    I do not have a big storage cupboard for clothes - I am trying to kick my husband out of the closet, but he refuses to leave...Typically, it forces me to keep the roar down...

    But honestly, I think if I did what you do I would be okay and everything would feel fresher. That may be my weekend event if it rains - sorting into at least 4 seasons, if not 6!! I may email with questions: can I wear navy eyelet in September? When can cotton come out or go away? how come I am not losing weight???

  5. I also love your buddy system are just too funny, WMM! I think that all the pieces you ordered will be great additions to your wardrobe. :)

    The Porcelain paisley skirt looks lovely on you! I love how you paired it with the tank, pearls, and flat sandals, too. :)

    1. Thanks FFM! I am always challenged, and given that I am now in a period of transition (I turn 50 in January) I question my choices a lot! The Buddy system is also because one item seems so sad and if it doesn't work out, I have nothing to soothe myself with! The pompon capris were the exception. I was giddy on that day!

  6. hehe, buddy system is in full force on my orders too. I love Porcelain paisley skirt in you! I think all that you ordered is pretty and very much your style. I wonder how this jacket will fit on you, I always have to size up to fit my chest and then the shoulders are too big.

  7. AJC - this is a REAL problem!!! And I cannot afford to get blazers redone (or perhaps I am too cheap??) When I find a jacket that can accomodate both the chest and the shoulders, I am sooo happy!

  8. Hi, WMM--great blog! The porcelain paisley looks great on you! I had blanched at the idea of pairing it with brights (although lots of ladies rock that look), and love it with ivory as you've paired it here. The eyelet capris are great, too, although the eyelet skirt and top (can't remember the top's name) both had shadow issues for me. Love the eyelet blazer, but I also have issues with blazers fitting the chest and shoulders both. I got the schoolboy herringbone in driftwood on super sale last winter, and haven't worn it yet because it seems snug buttoned (but fits my shoulders).

  9. My items always practice safety in numbers unless it's an orphan I adopt once in a while. I swore I wasn't going to on the skirt but I cried baa baa last week ...


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