Monday, July 23, 2012

Eyelet pencil skirt in chili with some bling

Hi folks,

Was slow this am or would have popped this in to the other post!

Today's oufit is the red eyelet skirt in chili, a lovely french vanilla linen blazer that I scored at Winners (the equivalent of TJ Maxx for my American friends) and a pair of neutral sandals by Mr. Seymour that I bought a couple of summers ago for a wedding.  You can't tell here, but there is a little bling around my neck courtesy of Banana Republic last summer. 

I really like this jacket and always feel happy when I wear it!  I am wearing my one and only chanel lipstick in red as well! 

Tomorrow - you are going to do an intervention with me on a red wool J Crew pea coat that I own and have only worn twice.  It will be the sartorial equivalent of: "Can this marriage be saved?" 

It will be like entering the coliseum for me!  You might help me decide on a Talbots blazer, too!  It seems some things are easier to part with than others.....

After 8 days, have now lost 4 pounds!  Am not feeling it in the clothes yet, but I can see the finish line!  Ah, to breathe again and zip to the top!!!


  1. My J crew peacoat has proved to be my best ever buy.

    Red and ivory is a favourite colour combination of mine, happy tones indeed

  2. Ahhhh - maybe the red pea coat needs an ivory scarf... I love the coat, not sure I am pulling off the colour! can't wait for your opinion - you are so nicely honest!


Kindness is a virtue...