Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sisterhood of the floral pants...

J Crew Floral cafe capris, Joe Fresh striped tshirt.  It is like they were meant for each other!!  I think I am wearing sam edelman flats here...

I do like capris.  I do not shy away from the printed pants, though I do favour a floral motif.....

This is a picture I took in the early spring to share with Miss Tabitha, who also owns same said pants and thus in my head is part of the sisterhood of the floral pants.  You know from a previous post, I love floral pants.  I have loved them since grade 5, when I got a pair of wrangler jeans with little blue flowers all of them.  It was the early 70s and I felt quite cool in the them. 

I love these pants and the way JCrew styled them here:

Café capri in floral taffeta

Now I am looking at these and thinking I need those darby loafers in leopard print...

My lucky pants again (I am wearing them again this Friday night and got my new Naomi top in champagne today which I think will look divine!

Other floral pants which I love or covet:

alice + olivia Printed Wide Leg Pant

Alice and Olivia - Imagine if I was tall!  You can buy them here.  These scream The French Riviera, yachts, head wraps, martinis and even a bit of Bianca Jagger!

Or try these wonderful ones that Ema sports (if you are so lucky as to find them!):
Café capri in fresco floral sateen
I am watching for these to popback on sale....
Finally, Chris over at the wonderful "A Littel Crew-zy" blogspot shared a link to Net-A-Porter's fall preview here and if I was very wealthy, these would be the "three things" a la Dani that I would add to my closet this fall (at least for today...):

Alexander McQueen 

Embroidered velvet loafers by Alexander McQueen - Get them here before they sell out as they are only $695!

Preen Eva metallic cotton-blend and lace skirt

Eva metallic cotton-blend and lace skirt

A bargain at twice the price!

And finally, Not on the Net-a-porter site, but from the JCrew Fall 2012 lookbook:

J.Crew Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear


Have a most happy Tuesday!


  1. You know the ones in the third pic? I have photo of me about 8 years old clutching my teddy wearing almost identical ones - this must be where the mad trouser love comes from!

    I can't wait for the fall rollout, I'm certainly not wearing anything summery here.

  2. HA! We really would be sartorial twins, if only I lived a glamorous Scottish life, as opposed to the public servant life in the colonies!

    Well come to Canada, immediately, Tabitha - it is perfectly summery today with a high of 28C. Perfect weather. I even have a small pool you can lounge beside and since my husband is now retired for the summer and my teenage son seems uninterested in finding a summer job, you could even have a couple of Cabana boys!

  3. Guess who else loves crazy floral pants? I've been stalking your lucky pants to no avail. :( But I do own the same red/pink pants with roses and that blue/green one, see HERE. I think I'm too shrimpy to wear them with flats to look good, but still experimenting ...

    It's been feeling like Spring but Summer has come roaring in to SoCal.

    1. Tiffany Rose - you look great in those pants!

      They are so lovely!

      I laughed out loud about you being afraid of being caught in a top! This has happened to me more times than I care to mention in dressing rooms and always makes me think that I may end my days in a dressing room, too embarassed to come out and tell folks that I am stuck!!!

  4. You rock those pants!!

    I've given you the One Lovely Blog Award, which I posted on my blog tonight.


    Thanks for your reviews, and great sense of humour!

  5. Thanks Miss Closet Crisis - that is lovely of you!!!


Kindness is a virtue...