Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pool Party or All I need is Esther Williams....

I love this dress.    It is by Michael Kors and I bought it earlier this year.  He desribes it as blue or turquoise marble.  I describe it as Pool.

See?  When I stand in front of my pool, I could be wearing camouflage!  However the dress is really comfortable and I have worn it a few times!  The cardigan is by a Canadian knitwear company called Kersh.  They make lovely cardigans in a myriad of colours!

On my feet are the van eli sandals which you can buy here.  I did not buy them at the Home Shopping Network; I found them at a local store and I have worn them lots!  They are very comfortable and look quite chic with anything.  And they sparkle in the sun and you can imagine how I love that!

Vaneli Printed Suede T-Strap Butterfly Sandal

This image reminds me of a clutch I am obsessed with:
Pool Party Pool Clutch Water

The Kate Spade Pool Party clutch!  I hemmed and hawwed over this one for weeks, but let it go in the end as the shipping to Canada was $45.  I am hoping that it will be in some remnant bin at the Kate Spade store I visit in a couple of weeks in Boston, but I know that will not be the case...  But I think it is pretty darn fun and regret not picking it up!!!!

It is going to hit 32 celcius today, which I think is around 85 F.  I will be in the pool for sure after work, but not in the dress!  Have a great one!


  1. The dress is a glorious colour, I think that's my happy colour really.
    The clutch is fun, but I'm not a big fan of Kate Spade I find most of it a bit too whimsical, which would be fine if if it was cheaper.

    1. Oh - I hear you on the whimsy! I struggle with being whimsical - it is my inherent temperament and it can be quite annoying! I like some of Kate Spade, but I find the clothes VERY whimsical - as I have said, I am trying to refine my style going into my 50s. What is cute on some of our lovely bloggers in their 20s and 30s is not so lovely when you are 50! But boy I boy, I love Dani's Kate Spade coat!

  2. I am checking in with you from Geneva on the Lake, it sure is hot! That pool clutch is hilarious, I love the little ladder.
    We've been in the pool every day which is at the end of a classical garden and is surrounded by huge urns, overlooking the lake. Tabitha would love it!
    That dress is gorgeous on you, it really is like pool camouflage.
    Enjoy your week!

    1. Oh - I wish I was there with you - I love a classical garden! I think that pretty much anywhere that one would find "the beautiful people" is what Tabitha would love - she is my touchstone for how to love a chic life!!! I am the touchstone for something else - not quite sure what yet!

      Hope you are having an awesome time!

  3. The blue is pretty on you. I came *this* close to ordering the pool party clutch but got the magazine clutch instead (you saw in my post about the white eyelet capri, yes you did). I love the whimsical pieces, I'll likely be 92 and still wearing age inappropriate things. I hope you find that clutch for cheap.


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