Thursday, July 19, 2012

WMM's Fall Picks, So Far....

Well, like the rest of you, I was up bright and early this morning to peruse the Fall Roll-out.  I was not disappointed!  There are many things there to love!!!

At first glance, here are some pieces that really stood out for me:

Pre-order Tie-neck top
Pre-order Tie Neck top in retro jade
Short-sleeve crepe top

The short sleeve crepe top in burnished rose in crepe de chine.  The Kelly Green version is beautiful as well!  Or the plum?   I think this might look quite lovely with my new pencil skirt in burgundy...I will need some advice on what colour for this one!

For fun:

Zigzag sequin tee

The zigzag tshirt - I feel like this could be a versatile piece - over black trousers, ivory, etc...

A nice alternative to the button down for the office could be this one, the stretch suiting t - I think this is a great item!

Stretch suiting tee

If money was not an option, this dress would be with me (this might be one of my three things for fall!)

Collection lace-trim shift dress

The Collection lace trim shift dress - $500 CDN - ACK!

or The Collection Organza Sheath Dress at a more reasonable $346 CDN:

Collection organza sheath dress

I think this could be a workhouse in my closet for many years....

And it will need its matching dress coat (I thought of you immediately, Dani!)

Collection organza dress coat

Clocking in at $468, this is an investment piece as well!

In pants, a couple of items caught my eye:

Café capri in silky dot

The Cafe Capri in Estate Brown.  This looks like it could be a nice dinner party trouser, and if I could find the perfect jacket, I could even wear this one to work...

Again - if money were no object:

Collection café capri in photo floral

The Collection Cafe Capri in Photo Floral - $600 CDN!  This will be my pompon jacquard of the season - I will stalk this until there is some perfect day when it gets under $200 and then it will be mine!!!!

In terms of skirts:

Well the No 2 in snakeskin does not disappoint me, having seen it on AJC here (thank you AJC for listening to my begging to show me this ASAP!) and now in person on the site:

No. 2 pencil skirt in snake print

It clocks in at a steep $188 CDN, but honestly, having bought a new black suit, I saw this as the potential "third piece" that with a crisp white blouse or the tshirt noted above, coupled with a lovely pump, could look quite chic!!!

The pencil skirt in abstract floral is also lovely (I think - can't get a good handle on the colours - the photos on the web show it shiny - that's one I need to see in Boston or on a fellow JCA...

Pencil skirt in abstract floral

Equally lovely is the Collection Satin Pencil Skirt in the soft patina:

Collection satin pencil skirt

This one clocks in at a whopping $290CDN, but as a red head...

In suiting, is a blue suit too much?????  Be honest!
1035 jacket in Super 120s

Pencil skirt in Super 120s

Gosh - this 120s suiting in blue lagoon is a lovely colour!

If i was younger or didn't have flat feet, this shoe would be mine:

Everly cap toe T-strap pumps
The Everly Cap Toe Tstrap Shoe - $318 CDN

But I am older and I DO have flat feet, soooo....

Toni tassel loafers

The Toni Tassle Loafers in Champagne - $278 CDN.  Not cheap either, but classic and-oh-so-comfy!

For a bag - the Brompton Mini-Hobo in Rainforest Green is about my size:

Brompton mini-hobo

My one disappointment - the floral skirt in the black and white print appears not to have been released!  And I have more to look at on this site, so will be back!

What did you love?????  More thoughts and an OOTD later!


  1. Thanks for sharing all your favorites, WMM! I also have the Zigzag Sequin tee and Photo Floral skirt on my list to try. I also love the polka-dot top, classic shirtdress, downtown field jacket in navy, and the jeweled collar sweater from ajc's preview post (that isn't available on the website yet).

    Have a lovely day...can't wait to see what you're wearing! :)

    1. I forgot to add the Polka-dot Invitation cute! :)

    2. Oh - I love your picks too! I thiml the invitation clutches are so cute - but how much can you fit in? I am now at the age when I need my glasses, my BB, a credit card and an epipen (am deathly allergic to fish and nuts, sigh...) Can't wait to see these in person!

  2. Wow I didn't price the coat but I love it and ooh that sheath dress, I wish we had more of a social life. I was very good, plain cords and a jumper. I also love the uber expensive black and white collection pieces.

    1. Tabitha - we will stock the black and white together - you must promise me that if you see them go on sale you will grab them and tell me!!!!

      You will have more of a social life once you and Will arrive, I am pretty sure! I think you have a great social life! I haven't been anywhere in weeks!

  3. I also like the green skirt but it is POLY. As is the Collection green top with the collar. Why are they doing that? It's the perfect green too.
    I think the brown capri pants are gorgeous, you must get them, you can totally wear them to work with a blazer. I love them, I feel like getting them myself, I've got the perfect shoes for them.
    I think we need to revise 3 things to 3 outfits, ha!

    1. I know- I just saw that it was poly - I am sad as I assumed it was silk! I will not do polyester!!!

      Which shoes for the capris? And what colour blazer???

      I am almost ready to do my list, Dani - then we will have to have a whole intervention!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your picks!! I love them! Of course I'm loving the new colors of the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool, LOL!

    1. Rynetta - whenever I wear or see a No 2 - I think of you! Kind of ironic for an english professor!!!


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