Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In which WMM shared a dark secret....

I have a boyfriend.  I am going to Boston to see him.  I am fussing over what to wear.  I want to stand out in a crowd of say, 18,000 people.  Not easy to do.  But I am sure he will sense my undying devotion to him from across the throng.  Don't be surprised if you hear I break up his marriage.  She probably has another 10 pounds to lose, too..

Yes, as you know, I am heading to Boston.  But not just to visit the J Crew and Kate Spade store.  No siree.  I have a date Sunday night with Mr. Martin.  Chris Martin.  Of the Amazing Band Coldplay.

Yes - we have tickets for Sunday night's concert in Boston, bought in the frigid nights of January.  I missed him 4 years ago during the last tour.  But not this time.  He and his bandmates will be singing just to me!

I am even contemplating day glo on the face (Tabs - I am chanelling the 70s and 80 again - stop me now!).  My husband is not thinking that is even remotely funny....

I am very excited.  What I am contemplating wearing (you decide, please):

A white or blank tank top (I am thinking July 29th in the Boston TD Garden will be hot!) and either:

Café capri in sovereign paisley

Can you feel the whole day-glo thing??? 


the raj paisley skirt

Pinned Image


jeans.  But I think Jeans will be too hot.

What do you think?

All I know is I have to be able to skip along with my boyfriend,


And be prepared to run if his better half happens to catch us...


Oh I like Gwyneth all right.  She makes my boyfriend happy.

Cannot wait to share pictures next week!


  1. OK, so I'll confess I had no idea who Chris Martin was until I googled. And I was more excited by your mention of a Kate Spade store.

    I think the cafe capri pants because how does one skip along in a pencil skirt? And if you had to run from Gwyneth ... ;)

  2. Thanks Tiffany Rose! I will amend immediately to note that I am seeing Coldplay in concert! This is the perfect example of assuming everyone knows your boyfriend!!!

  3. Have fun at the concert! I agree the Raji skirt is amazing but maybe the capris will be more practical for the concert. Whichever you decide will be perfect! :)

  4. Thanks Monica! I am thinking the capris will show up well for the black light portions!

  5. Laughing! I am also a HUGE Coldplay fan, HUGE! I am so happy you are seeing them in concert. I can't wait to hear about it.
    Stay out of mischief!

  6. Oh how exciting! I also love Coldplay and really wish I was tagging along with you!

    Choosing between the capris and the skirt, I say definitely go for the capris with a simple top and pretty earrings. Have fun! I look forward to hearing all about it! :)

  7. Very funny, he is adorable and Gwyneth does not stand a chance if you ask me.:)) Enjoy!


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