Monday, July 16, 2012

The Grantchester Mysteries - a good summer read!

Well I finished the first in the intended series by author James Runcie "Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death" this afternoon.

The Grantchester Mysteries

I intentionally did NOT look at any of the websites or any information about these books.  I did not want this to be spoiled for me.

The book is grand fun.  Completely and utterly charming.  I am quite in love with Sidney, though, like one of the key female characters in the series, I doubt I would be a good match for a Vicar...

Apparently, this is the first in a series of 6 books that Bloomsbury intends to publish between now and 2017.  I imagine that this will make a wonderful TV show and I am counting on you, Tabitha,to keep me posted when it starts!!!  Tabitha - apparently he sometimes chairs the Edinburgh International Book Festival.   He is the Artistic Director the International Literature Festival in Bath, so he must be a Jane-ite!

There is a wonderful website on the series - take a look here!

Well worth a read if you like a gentle mystery - I believe he must be the heir apparent of Agatha Christie - for some of you that will be a negative, for others, a positive!

Sadly, I will now have to wait until May of 2013 to find out what Sidney is up to next.  Never has a Vicar made backgammon look so sexy....

Have a lovely Monday.  I will be the slightly starved one that will pose for their OOTD tomorrow night.  I won't be looking peaked - yet....


  1. Well, I love Agatha Christie (actually just watched a couple Inspector Poirot episodes on Netflix last night), so this sounds like something I would really enjoy. Thank you for sharing WMM, I hadn't heard of this series before.

    P.S. I could see myself starring as a rich socialite too. Can you imagine all the fabulous clothing you would get to wear? What fun that would be! :)

  2. Well, I honestly think you will look it - very retro and very good fun!

    I think I would play the role of the housemaid - watching, watching, watching! have a great day!


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