Monday, July 30, 2012

My JC dressing room pictures and my duck-endorsed colour story!

Hello all!
I have had a lovely weekend.  There will have to be several posts to get it all in, but I think you will find them interesting.

My boyfriend did not disappoint, but that, too, needs to be its own post!  AMAZING and LUCKY (that is a tidbit of things to come!)


We arrived in Boston mid-morning Saturday.  Had a lovely meander through the public gardens

I stopped to chat with a Duck who advised what colours he thought were "in" for the fall:

Heathered Brown!

I explained very kindly that heathered brown was not an option for me due to a colouring conflict and my feathered friend directed me to his wood duck cousin:

"Ah," I said, "greens, red, navy and tealy blue, black and white (I think I even see a rosy hue of pink on his beak).  I believe I see my fall colours!!" 

Others may use Jenna as their styling muse.  I am now using the ducks of the Public Gardens!  Remember the wonderful book Make Way for Ducklings?

My children loved this book and how amazing that besides being wonderful ambassadors for Boston, they are also style muses?  And what do you think it says about me that the lovely Dani chooses her colour stories from Classic penguin covers and I mine come from a duck??? sigh...

But I digress!  With my colour story in place and "My list"  (which I will have to do a separate post on as I got organized this year thanks to my friends!  Oh My Goodness, now you understand why I have a week's worth of posts on this weekend!) I was let loose on the store.

It was a little overwhelming... I walked in and the music queued.  Okay, it may have been my imagination but I felt surely that Fred Astaire was going to come out in top hat and tails and dance me around the tables of Tippis, Capris, tshirt and sequins.

I did not have Fred, but I did have a date with the lovely Jordan, Personal Sylist extraordinaire, who had a room full of outfits waiting for me to try on!  And he did pretty well, too, considering he had never laid eyes on me before and had no sense of my body type. 

However, I was very careful!  There were so many goodies and not enough time and I did not want to overshop.

The first outfit:

Do you see the pile beside me?

The Tippi Sweater in retro jade:

Tippi sweater

This sweater looked GOOD!  I loved it and the colour.  This was a M.  The S would likely have fit okay, but I like a little roominess.  A Tippi was on my list.  SOLD!

The pants were Minnies in the boulevard green.  These are a size 6.  I could fit into a 4, but the 4 was obscene - very tight!  The Minnies were great - very flattering on my skinny legs.  Wonderful colour and looked amazing with the retro jade.

Minnie pant in stretch twill

I needed casual fall pant, so: SOLD!  As an addition, I purchased the dusty jade belt:

Patent leather skinny belt

Underneath this sweater, I was wearing the Blythe blouse in polka dot in the pale graphite colour, size 6.  It was a lovely blouse, but too pale for me I think.  LEFT BEHIND.

Blythe blouse in polka dot

On my feet - the Janeys in retro jade, size 6.5.  These were cute:

I was also wearing the Valentinas in the poppy.

Valentina patent pumps

I wore a size 6 in these and got no pictures as I was too excited and forgot to take enough pictures.  Poppy is not red.  It is ORANGE.  A lovely shade of orange, but orange nonetheless. 

To Janey or not to Janey?  These were cute,.. but they were flat. I thought how awesome the Valentinas in the same jade would be...

Valentina patent pumps

But no decisions on these for now...I would appreciate your thoughts on this!

The next thing I tried on was the polka dot tie blouse

Tie-neck top in dot

I really liked this.  I have the polka dot Naomi, but this was neat.

Size 6 as well.  What do you think - is two navy polka dot blouses too many?  I am thinking yes, but I do love the ties on this one.  SOLD - but maybe a return?

Finally, I tried, the Blythe in the Byzantine blue and the cafe capris in wool in the retro jade.

I liked these pants, but they weren't on the list.  Another blouse was though and I think this is lovely colour and felt it could work with the duck and I's fall colour story.  SOLD.

Things I tried on which I did not buy for various reasons:

Collection cashmere Tippi sweater

The Tippi in the capri pink cashmere.  I liked this very well, but it is too early for cashmere and I decided to see what other colours might be released at the end of August (FFM - I was channelling you without even realizing it!  For those who have not read her wonderful post on planning your fall purchases here.  I wish I had read it before the trip but I did pretty well.

The other item which I tried on and which was a train wreck on me:

Classic shirtdress

The Classic Shirtdress.  Honestly, this was Jordan's only failure.  I looked a mess in this.  Too short and too busty.  No pictures.  No - don't ask.  I burned them...

So... what I bought:

the minnie, the belt, the tippi, the navy polka dot blouse and the Byzantine blue blouse.  I also bought "the coat" and a scarf, but I will post on them later! 

I felt good about my choices and that I did not buy anything crazy!  I also felt good that I stuck to the list!

Duck felt good as well.

Have a wonderful day!  More to come!!!


  1. OOOO, great minds think alike! I LOVE all of these items on you, especially the Tie-Neck Blouse in Dot!!! And, thanks SO very much for posting IRL pictures of the Janey flats in the Dusty Jade color. I've been waiting to see a review of these shoes. Also, I'm so glad that you were able to visit the Copley Place store in Boston. I love that store!!!

    1. Thanks Rynetta! I should have said they fit TTS. I typically take a 6.5 in J Crew Flats and these were that size!

  2. A duck, why not! lol I love your choices. I wouldn't have thought to put the green Minnies with the Retro Jade Tippi but it works together very well. I also bought the Janey (in the nude color) and I am trying to decide whether to keep or return. The gold heel is so cute. Can we wear patent leather year round or only certain seasons? I am looking forward to the rest of your reviews!

    1. I think for $178 US, you should be able to wear them forever. My issue on these versus the Valentina comes down to hosiery (odd I know) - the Janeys would need something more sheer once the weather gets cold and I have a bugger of a time finding nice hosiery around here. The Valentinas can move over smoothly to black or grey tights I think. When you live in Atlantic Canada, you think about these things! The funny thing is that Jordan thought to put the minnies and Janeys together...

      I may yet get the Janeys on sale at some point, but they told me they are flying out the door. That tells me that designers are not making enough sensible attractive shoes!

    2. I hadn't thought about hosiery... could you skip the hosiery and wear warm boots until you get where you are going, then change into the shoes? I have all but given up on hosiery, it is too much trouble.

    3. I think I need a whole post on hosiery in the winter! It torments me! I think I could do that but would always need uggs en route or heavy wool socks! My feet are always cold!

      Actually, I am always cold - I spend a tremendous amount of time thinking about shoe comfort and warmth!! Of course, it's 31 degrees celcius (approximately 88 F) today! It may be too early for a warm dressing post!

  3. That duck is a bit of a dandy!
    Oh what a shame about the shirt dress, I think it looks so lovely and thought it would work on most folk, I'd love to see it on someone.

  4. Well I think it could look lovely on you as you have that bit more height, and if you recall, I am the size M Tabitha, not the XS or S version! I think it would be well worth a try. It is very Ava Gardner in Mogambo. It was massive before you put on the belt. Jordan, who was all diplomacy and kindness personified even said... hmmmm....

  5. Hard to beat the colors nature has already put together-- lovely wood duck! I think you did well and were quite restrained given how packed that store is with goodies.

  6. I love the entire first outfit. The Janeys are so cute!
    I returned the Dot blouse bc it looked too boring on me. It looks so good on you.

  7. Thanks A! I am planning to mostly wear this with suits, so I think it will be fine!

  8. Fantastic post!! Thank you -you have inspired me. Time to get my act together for fall :) love the outfits - esp the first.

  9. Welcome back WMM! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, and can't wait to hear more about your trip!

    It sounds as if you had quite a try-on session at J.Crew! I am extremely proud of you for sticking to your shopping list, and have to say that the Retro Jade Tippi and blue Blythe are absolutely gorgeous on you! They are definitely your colors! :)

    1. Yes, it turns out the wood duck and I have the same colouring! I always say that nature doesn't get it wrong!

  10. Those Janey shoes are sooo cute!

    Did you go up a size in the Minnies? I've been thinking about trying a pair for forever, but have heard mixed reviews. I guess they can stretch out, but I hate too tight pants.
    Thanks for all of the reviews.

    1. Thanks Maryeb - I love the Janeys too!

      I typically wear a 6 in the cafe capris. I tried a 6 in minnies and they fit fine. The PS said they stretch out and gave me a 4 as well, but they were WAY too tight.

      I was concerned about too much "junk in my trunk" - If I could move the belly fat to my bottom, I would be VERY happy! But the 6s were actually quite forgiving so they fit TTS. I have no thighs, so am not sure how they fit on those who actually have hips. I really like them and am contemplating ordering another pair later in the fall!

  11. The brights are great colors on you! I like the picks that were good enough to go home with you. So glad you had a great VPS experience :)


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