Thursday, July 19, 2012

Basic Black OOTD

Well, I am taking everyone's great advice (roll those sleeves - what a difference that makes, ladies!)

I had quite a few meetings today so drug out my Elie Tahari linen suit.  I love this jacket - it is very chic and the trousers are quite comfy!  You can buy it here, although I got mine locally. This is a good shot of the detail on the jacket however!

Here i am!  There were many bad photos this am - mostly because my husband was teasing me!  My daughter took this one!

ElieTahari Suit, Talbots shoes, J Crew silk lace cami from a couple of years ago!

Tabitha - when you stopped over - you forgot the magazine, pillow and blanket and only drank the bourbon! :-)

I must tell you that I placed an order this morning!

1) I bought the snakeskin skirt!

No. 2 pencil skirt in snake print

and pre-ordered the sweater from look # 16, which is apparently merino wool and is $118US.  I hope it is Merino wool - if it is dream, back it will go!

I am also seriously make this one of my winter items:

the pink coat from look #13 (for some reason I cannot copy these!)

I may yet change my mind......

Have a great rest of the day!


  1. I emailed to find out the price of that coat - I really don't need a coat but it is so lovely. UK has free duty with them till 30th of August so I can order - after that, you'll all be muling for me!

    You look great in the trouser suit, so long and lean, it really works for you.
    In my work days I loved that look too, I think it works really well with wriggly hair.

    1. My PS thought the coat was $500+ US - I am guessing over $600 CDN at least...

      Thanks for the long and lean - cannot wait till I am leaner (I doubt I will be longer!)

  2. The pink coat is so pretty, I love it! You should both get it and wear it everyday in the dead of winter, wouldn't that be cheering? I wonder when it is available and how much? Tabs let us know when you find out!
    That linen suit is perfect on you, sometimes turning to basic black is oddly refreshing.
    That's so Tabs to drink all the bourbon, typical!

  3. Well I think that coat may be one of my 5 things.. I can't recall - do I get winter things, too? Darn - will have to reread!!!!!

    Am going to clean up the pillows myself tonight. Probably with a Baileys... still now wheat and down 2.5 pounds... sigh -hate gaining or losing weight...


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