Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday OR The Day After the Newsroom Airs

I love The Newsroom!

I am a huge Aaron Sorkin fan - we own all of the seaons of The West Wing - what an amazing series that was!

Who didn't want a country run by Martin Sheen and that dreamy Rob Lowe and the wonderful CJ!  OK, maybe some republicans and some folks who saw Apocalypse Now, but surely they are the minority?

We also loved his most recent movie, The Social Network:

Aaron Sorkin is so talented.  Tonight is the third episode of his new series The Newsroom:

Jeff Daniels is amazing and Emily Mortimer is plucky and Sam Wasterson is pithy and it is wonderful and intelligent and funny.  Thank Goodness there is still some good TV out there for those of us who still watch the odd show....


  1. Oh I loathe it! Emily Mortimer drives me nuts, I cannot stand her character in it, and I can't bear the whole fairtyale aura around it but I did love the West Wing.

  2. Too funny - my husband can't stand her either! i don't mind the fairytale quality, but then, i still think things will work out with Tom and Katie!!!! Well, I don't actually! My goodness, you would think nothing is going on in the world but that divorce!


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