Friday, July 6, 2012

Lauren Hutton, Style Muse

No one would ever mistake me for Lauren Hutton, she of the tall willowy figure.  But I do love her so.  She makes no mistakes in my opinion.

The fedora! The blazer!  I could die!

She is still the quintessential J Crew woman to me.  Whether in pure menswear-inspired otufits like these...

or with her touch of glam....

She is perfection!

When I arrived home today, I changed out of my new suit (darn it - forgot to take a photo of that as it is quite nice!)  and put on the following ensemble:

It is hard to see in the light, but this is an elie tahari cross-over tank, a navy jackie and ivory J Crew trousers from last summer.

In this full-size photo you can see what I put on my feet..

My new little Joe Fresh navy sneakers!  I bought these in cream as well as the seem very french to me.

My son was horrified and begged me to take them off before we took the pictures!  But I was feeling very Lauren Hutton-y all of a sudden and really liked this look.  Unfortunately, I do not have a fedora, or I might have grabbed that for the shot as well.

Does this not scream "I am off to the Hamptons to bicycle and walk the beaches with Bunny Williams"?  Instead, I did some work and laid down for a nap before another event that I have to go to tonight.  I think I will not be Lauren Hutton for that one...Not sure husband would want that and he speaks French very well, like Ema's husband!

If I was as willowy as Lauren I would ruthlessly rip off her style on a constant basis.  She is so chic....

Have a wonderful day!  Many thanks for checking in with me - I am pleasantly surprised that I now have 10 followers and feel quite humble as I was thinking it might only be myself!


  1. WMM,
    I just found your blog and thank goodness for that! I'm really enjoying your posts because they echo a lot of the conversations I have with myself in my head. Thank you for the laughs, and I look forward to more!

  2. Thanks Anthro blogger! I appreciate the comments! isn't it funny how we will write something and then we find out others are thinking the exact same thing?????

  3. Lauren Hutton is perfection, I so agree.
    You are cracking me up, I am loving your posts!

    1. Dani - you could SOOO be Lauren, except for your aversion to trousers....Okay - you could be lauren hutton if lauren hutton actually wore dresses....

  4. I'm enjoying your blog too! Oh to look like Lauren Hutton... in my dreams lol! You look great, and I like the look of those sneakers with the outfit. I've been known to try to pull that off with my Converse but I like your Joe Fresh ones.

    1. Hi Cate,

      The sneakers remind me of bensimon sneakers, but at a fraction of the price. Cosmetic Bee blogspot inspired me to get two colours after seeing this blog:

      I have one pair of converse, but my 20 year old daughter is OBSESSED with them! She must have 20 pairs now and when we travel looks for more!

  5. i just found your blog and am glad you started one!

    please check out mine too:

  6. Hi Ina!

    Many thanks! I will drop over right now for a visit!

  7. It's a long story but Lauren is why I came back to JC, I imagine myself as cool when I wear sneakers (obviously I have a good imagination).

    I'm so envious you have a Joe Fresh. I'm still trying to get over missing that white sequined tee Ema spoke of.

  8. Tiffany Rose, if you are ever looking for something, let me know! Here in Canada, Joe Fresh is actually located in a part of our grocery store! I actually wore the sequined top the other night (I may even have a picture!)

    1. How very sweet of you!! Thank you!

      Joe Fresh located in part of your grocery store? What a concept! I have no idea what I'd be wanting except by hearing about things from folks like you and Ema. She talked of a white (not ivory, not cream ...) sequined long sleeve tee and it seemed like perfection, especially for the very affordable price if I recall. I'm certain they are long gone but if you spot one in the smallest size ... ;)


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