Monday, July 9, 2012

Should it stay or should it go?

Okay - in my head, The Clash are playing?

Today's outfit of the day is courtesy of my closet and my conviction that one must wear everything in one's closet (though Dani's system of party outfits and clothes out of season or for travel is infinitely forgiving and I am starting to embrace that) or else it ought to find a new home...

Case in point: The Martinique Jacket from J Crew:

Item image

Bought two years ago, worn but once or twice.  And yet loved.  I cannot say why I love it so much?  the straw colour? (colour me whimsical), the natural colour (colour me neutral), the yellow striped lining (colour me charmed)?

Okay, right now, it is one size too small as it is a size 6 and I have recently been properly fitted for a bra that forces me into size 6s or 8s, depending.  But is that the only problem?  Is the problem that I am a busty woman attempting to wear cropped jackets to no good end?

For three weeks, I have almost put my precious (Yes, I do have Gollum-like tendencies about clothes - it is not pretty but I am at peace with it...) up for sale at the Mothership's great weekly exchange (looking to sell?  couldn't Alexis rename it "looking-to-sadly-part-with-an-item-of-clothing-that-was-to-bring-such-happiness?"  Couldn't she???) but could not put her there.

So today I said "I shall wear this item, with as much gusto as a 49 year old woman who really needs a vacation can wear an item".  And so I did:

Look how happy I am.  THE jacket, a lovely Alice and Olivia pink silk blouse, JCrew pencil skirt in natural from a couple of years ago and Aldo shoes, which can be seen in close up here - honestly - cheap shoes but so cute and comfortable!

I am looking quite jolly in this picture, since it is the end of the day and my husband was saying inane things about pictures of people's OOTD!

But i think the jacket is too short?  I know - I have my hands in my pocket and that may not give the true appreciation as the jacket is swinging wide open.  And my gosh, I am having a bad hair day.  But my mum (in the portrait behind me) is having none of that!



  1. You look great in this picture and so happy! If you love the jacket keep it of course, who is today how often do you have to wear it? The question is how did you feel while wearing it? Did you still like it as much on yourself as on a hanger?

  2. Ah AJC - that is the question - I have owned it for two years and worn twice. Including today. I love it on the hanger, but i never reach for it! Perhaps I need some styling advice!

  3. I agree with ajc, you look great in this picture and super happy!!!!!

  4. I think this jacket is lovely on you! I also think it'd look great over dresses :)

    1. Thanks Katherine - I have never tried it over a dress - that could be the thing and the skinny jeans!

  5. Hopefully you dont mind,but i have to disagree.
    If you have only worn it twice in two years i would let it go.
    Cropped jackets are not always the easiest to wear,maybe try it with a longer flowy top and some skinny jeans.

    1. Ina,

      I do not mind at all! As my mother always said "Don't ask a question you really don't want the answer to!" I am going to try it a couple more ways and if that doesn't work, don't be surprised to see it in the great exchange!

  6. I never wear cropped jackets, I just feel too exposed in them but I like it here with a skirt, if it still makes you happy then keep it. I love the portrait of your mum in the background.

    My high heel cupboard is barely ever opened - I haven't worn most of them for two years or more, my lifestyle is changing as is my pain threshold!

    1. I hear you Tabitha! I am torturing myself these days about which shoes to take with me to France! It appears that as I approach 50, all of my day-to-day happiness rests with the comfort of my feet! I do have a job where I can wear shoes that look nice, but if I have to leave the building, off they must come! I am thinking of looking for a great pair of black boots with a 1" heel for fall!


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