Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ivory and Sequins and Red Wine - OH MY!

Thursday night, my husband and I attended his retirement party.  He is actually quite young, only 49, but works in a profession that is for the young and so it is time to start his next career!

The event was a casual one - a barbecue in someone's backyard.  It was also slighly rainy and cool.  So a sundress was not on the list of possibilities.

Of course you know I was already wearing my Lauren Hutton trousers, so I thought: "Hmmmm, I hate to change, what to do to tweak this a little more glamorous?"  This was pure laziness on my part, but it was also a holdover of feeling very Lauren-y, so the challenge was "how would Lauren change this from day to evening?" 

I visited my closet and found a couple of items that I felt would pass the Lauren test, one of which I had not yet worn and the other I do not wear much.

The first is the Joe Fresh ivory sequin cami.  Ema, of the amazing blog My Closet, My Baby and I wore the long sleeve version here

I paired it with a textured moto cardigan I bought from Anthropologie last summer.  I like this cardigan, but have only worn it once or twice.  I just struggle to match it with things.

I think it is because I am quite pale.  I can do ivory, but I cannot do white very well, unless there is a scarf or piece of jewellry involved.  But you know what?  With the sequin cami - it is quite nice!

Above is a close-up of the detail on the cardigan.  I think the problem was when I bought it, it was during the j crew cobblestone colour craze.  I loved the cobblestone colour, but it did not love me and it was not particularly pretty to see on me.  In fact, when I wore cobblestone (or when I wear beige, griege, khaki or camel) close to my face I become the poster girl for Les Miserables, playing the part of the doomed Fantine....

However, the ivory sequin top just seemed to lift this whole outfit up!  I was quite pleased with the effect.  I wore it with my giraffe bangle, which I really love:

Enameled giraffe bangle
I felt that with the bangle and the sequins, I was kind of "Lauren-Hutton-on-glam-safari" - I was only missing my major domo and doomed lover.

And last, but not least, "the shoe shot"! 

The melon luccas from last year, which I still really love very much!  I also own the beige version (which I got when it went on extreme final sale last year) but I felt that would be too monochromatic.  Of course we know that Lauren would have switched into the ivory sneakers or sequined loafers, but I was not sure that the barbecue folks were ready for that!

As I expected, I was very much over-dressed compared to the others in attendence.  However, it was a retirement function and so I bought the requisite wine(s), hostess bouquet, etc.  I am a firm believer in putting one's best fut forward.  BUT....It was a little tragic, as someone spilled red wine on my trousers....  So I got my just rewards for being so fussy!  I was particularly charming and sparkling with my dry cleaner yesterday in a pathetic attempt to somehow charm the stain out with goodwill.  We shall see if that works at all...

Oh, and i broke my final sale rule this am when this skirt popped back in my size at a very low price after my gift card:

No. 2 pencil skirt in Caribbean tweed
Like the golden burgundy pencil skirt, this is going to be a september/october/march/april clothing item.  I really am going to try to do the Dani System, though it may take me the whole summer to achieve!

Have a wonderful Saturday and remember: hold the glass of red wine at a distance, but by all means, hold it!


  1. I love how you added a little oomph to the outfit with red sandals. I got the giraffe bangle too- have an older version of the necklace so it will be a perfect compliment- as long as I do not wear giraffe top, shorts, necklace and a bangle at the same time, lol.

    1. Ah you laugh, Slastena, but my inner self would just pile that giraffe on!

      Oh to be a minimalist!

  2. You are so funny. I bet you have charmed the stain away!
    Why oh why didn't I buy that giraffe bangle. I love it.
    I think you will love the green tweed skirt. I have washed it successfully in my machine! On hand-wash, then hang to dry, iron inside out.
    I am trying to stick to my own shopping system and it is difficult. Three things a season, and I began with my base wardrobe on June 10th of this year (my birthday, the breaking point of 2 years of decade-themed wardrobe building for me). My three things for summer: a dress, a jacket and a pair of shoes. Today I NEARLY bought the navy hacking jacket on popback for fall but cancelled my order, I must remember that the current year offerings are not even out yet!
    What are you planning to add in for fall?

  3. I have bought 1 of the items already (can I count a wool Judith and Charles black suit that I got on sale as one item or as a basic replacement - please say it is the latter!) a basler blazer in the most gorgeous peacock print - well i don't have it yet, as I bought at a sample sale.

    I don't know what I need -I think new black boots for the office and maybe a blouse or pencil skirt? I am hoping to visit Jcrew and Kate spade in Boston and will hope they have some autumn items out. But 3-does that include amazing sales? :-). You might pay off my mortgage yet, Dani!

    Oh wait- Paris......

    1. It's my mortgage that is driving me to be sensible and try to stick to 3 things and not spend all of my money on new outfits! I want to pay that thing off!
      Your suit is a basic replacement for sure, and I would count a suit as one item anyway, this method is keeping me from shopping the sales I have to say, so if it accomplishes that much it's a good thing.
      The thing is it only works if you've got your wardrobe already sorted with your "uniform" and party basics etc, that took me 2 years to do!
      I do hope autumn is in store when you go to Boston, that would be perfect. I'll be in Atlanta early August and it should be in store then as well.

    2. Well I really am going to get it ALL out and see what I have and what I want to be when I am 50! :-) I am going to reread Frock Philsophy first however, to make sure i am on track!

  4. A girl after my own heart; you know how I feel about sequins! My formula for whenever I am uncertain about how dressed up to be is to wear pants and a sparkly top.

    I once got marinara sauce all over a cream brocade jacket. I thought it was a goner but after my dry cleaner worked magic on it, was just fine. I think your white trousers will have the same experience.

    All those colors I call dirt make my coloring reminiscent of a grocery sack. And Les Miserable was the most depressing musical I've ever experienced. I'm certain it was wonderful theater but I could not wait until the final curtain dropped.


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