Saturday, June 29, 2013

Random Saturday Musings

Happy Saturday!

this has been a long busy week, and lots going on!

1) Google Reader

I must tell you all the truth (do I do anything else?) - I don't really understand this.  My technical adviser, GetFresh, she of the much greater brain than mine, has told me not to worry, but that options are good...  So now along the side you will see that I have the Eiffel Tower icon if you choose to follow me with bloglovin instead.

Am I the only one of you out there for whom the internet, the blogsphere, well everything, is kind of this technical miasma?  I know that they supposedly write the technical help explanations for a grade 8 level and this is humbling to me as I don't always even understand those.  I don't know what I will do when my children move out.  I am thinking of making a suite for GF and her DH...

Anyway, I don't really know if you need to follow me on bloglovin, but like my "just in case" preparations for the zombie apocalypse, it can't hurt, can it???  :-)

2) The Portrait of a Lady

Today is book club day over at Dani's.  I am chomping at the bit to discuss the book!  It has inspired me to read another book I have never gotten around the reading: The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.  I am going through Edith Wharton country soon and hope to see her house, The Mount.  This will hopefully get me in the mood.  I am also about to begin Khaled Hosseini's new books, And the Mountains Echoed.

And The Mountains Echoed

I loved his two earlier books and am anxious to read this one, which makes me ask...

3) Am I the only one who reads multiple books at once and what does that say about me?

Right now I am reading Kate Atkinson's Life After Life, finishing up Deepak Chopra's Super Brain and reading a Middle Grade novel, The Mysterious Benedict Society.

This seems like a very scattered and silly way to read, but I almost always have a novel, a nonfiction book and another, usually a middle grade or young adult novel (I like to know what is out there) going all at once.  And then there is the gardening book that is open on my coffee table and that I refer to constantly.  I am always curious as to others' reading habits - are you a one-book-at-a-time kind of person?

4) Scandal

Oh I know, I am late to the game.  This TV show has been on for the last year and half.  But for some reason, I never got around to trying it out.  I had missed the beginning, etc, etc.  But fast-forward to this summer, when there is NOTHING on TV.  I thank god regularly for apple TV and Netflix.  Well last weekend, my daughter and I decided to download season 1 of Scandal, the wonderfully delicious soap operaish-come-political-thriller series starring the amazingly beautiful Kerry Washington and WE ARE HOOKED.

There is a twist in every episode.  There is snappy dialogue.  And then there is her wardrobe!  Every outfit that Kerry wears as the brilliant Olivia Pope is to die for.  Out of curiousity last night, I did a google search on Olivia Pope + wardrobe and the number of websites and pinterest boards about just that are astounding!


Almost always neutrals, but all in exquisite fabrics and cuts!  The Escada jacket above is my personal favourite, although I am partial to the Escada cardigan above as well..

I am hoping that Washington will inspire many young women to dress better at the workplace (and no, that doesn't mean Escada or Max Mara necessarily!).  Over the last decade I have seen a gradual casualisation of the workplace and love to see these classic looks!

5) Every once in a while, I think I am doing okay as a parent...

Dear son is a card-carrying member of the local young feminist club, which works to educate young people of both sexes about intimate partner violence, sexism, etc.

Anyway, last night the group was raising money for the local women's shelter by holding a coffee house.  Son asked Barry and I if we'd attend.  We said yes, and headed off to the event.  We were the only ones there who were over 20 years of age.  We stayed for the first set only, mostly because it is my experience that one doesn't want to wear out one's welcome when one is invited to participate in an event with one's children's friends.  The music was interesting and I sort of felt like I was in a John Hughes meets Wes Anderson movie.  They were all funky and artsy.

It is a nice thing when your child invites you to something.  I know it was a fundraiser and they need money, but there must have been 40 kids there and we were the only parents.  The fact that he will take us out in public says a lot.  I am sure I would not have done that with my parents.  So we felt good!  But we were home by 8:15!

So these are my musings today!  I need to do some cleaning and straightening.  My SIL and niece arrive to stay the night with us on Thursday.  She and my brother are coming for the weekend and we are heading away for the night Friday to bury my father with my mother on a little town on the coast where my dad grew up.  I am quite looking forward to seeing them and getting him where he needs to be.

Have a great day and stay safe out there!


  1. I don't understand how telephones work or electricity or the TV - all of these things are a blur to me.
    Oh Lordy, I've just seen my accidental publishing mishap on your side bar from last night! That'll be me in my gym gear - phew I was so much slimmer when I started blogging - sigh.

    The music was "interesting" I'm having a good snigger at that!

    1. Oh Tabs! I look at pictures of me from last summer and I could weep! MUST GET PLAN!!!!!!

      I did visit your accidental publishing mishap. Since there was nothing there I made up the post in my own mind and it was very good, since I had had a glass of wine and I imagined you in all kinds of exercise scenarios - running from zombies, running to Kid Rock, you know..

  2. Hey what where's my comment? Aargh just lost it somehow, my internet hasn't been working properly this morning which frustrates me endlessly, but actually this relates to your feelings about the internet which I share... sadly I'm the tech person in my house and I don't know what I'm doing!
    I think your boy is amazing. Good for him. And thanks for mentioning the book club, I cannot wait to read your comments!

    1. Oh I hate this! And am I the only person who just discovered ctrl-Z? is changing my life!!!

      I left a long comment - feel free to edit me!

  3. Good morning.
    1. Google Reader -not sure what you're talking about
    2. I never got through the first chapter of Portrait. Nothing against the book but with travel, crisis, and daily life just didn't happen.
    3. I can not believe you read more than one book at a time. Never tried it.
    4. Have not seen Scandal but just started Justified season 1 thru Netflix. Only seen one episode but will stick with it for a while.
    5. Sounds like it was short but sweet. I am sure your son also noticed you were the only "folks" there.

    My sister's FIL passed early this morning. She loved him dearly and unfortunately, it was not a pleasant death (throat cancer). She has/will get the brunt of all the "stuff" that will need to be done. So...I've had a shitty week :) I do believe toiling in the garden is needed. That and a zombie movie.

    1. BB - I can;t answer 1 intelligently, will hope someone else chimes in!

      Worry pas about the book - there is always another time!

      I cannot believe I read more than one book at a time, but I do.. what does this say about my mind - not good things...

      Barry has watched Justified and really loves it!

      Sorry to hear about your sister's FIL. As executor of my dad's estate, I know what she is in for. It has gone on from the day he died even till today - still trying to wrap up the estate. sigh... gardening is a good salve for sure. As are zombies..

    2. BB- thoughts for you and your sister. Hope you get in some good distractions.

  4. You must be a great mum! How sweet of him to invite you :)

    I read several books at once, one fiction, one non fiction and one that i look at guiltily and have good intention but never get to.

    I have transferred my blogs onto both bloglovin and feedly.
    But one thing about bloglovin is that I notice links don't work very well and commenting is a bore on it bc there is always something that stalls it. We shall see how this goes although I wonder how it will affect blog rolls?

    See you at Dani's book club!

    1. thanks! I have left both because, well, I am a luddite!!! Glad I am not only one who is always on the go with multiple books!

  5. Lately I have been working too much to read , but I do squeeze in time to read your posts! It is wonderful. I haven't watched Shonda Rimes Scandal yet, but it is on my radar- I love her show, Grey's Anatomy. Years ago, I never watched tv, but now it keeps me awake when I have large projects. It is quite a tribute that your son invited you to join him. Cherish those moments, and, as you said, attend for brief amount of time. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. thanks KNityarns. I liken Scandal to Greys Antomy meets West Wing meets Newsroom. I am not sure I wouldn't have mistaken it for Aaron Sorkin if I didn't know better!

  6. I prefer to think those who practice multisource reading have minds too large to be contained by one book at a time! I always have at least 2-3 books going, usually only one novel. It's not out of boredom and I have an excellent attention span. Enthusiasm?

    Your son is growing up! It's such a big "keep out of my life" earlier in adolescence. At around the same age DD2 invited us to listen to her radio show at college, at 1AM, dubstep. Uggh! But we were pleased to be asked and she was pleased at our response. Oh parents are people too! They are not trying to control every aspect of my life! Leaving early=brilliant on your part!

    I wish there was a little something to read about how to work devises that was geared to those who read and wish to get them. I am NOT at all good with computers and incapable of "just playing with it" as I am advised to do. I don't know what google reader is either; I stick my blogs on my bookmarks and click about. Not the right way, I gather. GF, will you organize something for us troglodites?

    Will think of you this week as your father goes to his final resting place.

    1. I think I might start a club: Tech Support for Readers. I HATE that nothing comes with a manual anymore. And if it does, you have to download it online only. Not very helpful AT ALL when one is trying to install a new modem etc. All for saving trees and making devices intuitive. But tech suppliers don't seem to understand people over 15 have money, need to focus on work, not playing around, and outsourcing to Bangalore not only answer. 'K nerd rant over.

    2. GF and Lane - i have an idea about an app for it - we should talk off line!!!

    3. YesYesYes! I love manuals; I can figure out anything with directions ( not translated from the Chinese,however, and missing the crucial verb!)

    4. I learn through blunders and wouldn't read the manual even if it came with so yes to Tech Support, maybe it's a Tech Buddy I really want. I need somebody like my best friend in high school who'd tell me fill out this application by x date and you'll get that scholarship.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. GREAT INVITATIONS WMM yes to nerd suite, multiple books in progress, Dani's TPOAL and how cool about DS's attendance request (better than parent-teacher night.) Must see about this Scandal.

    1. and if you don't like that scandal, make one yourself!

  9. Hi Wendy, your musings are, as usual, very wide-ranging. I discovered Scandal about half-way through the second season. It doesn't appear to be on Netflix, so I'll have to be content with summer repeats, if they have them, in order to fill in the blanks. I do love it though!

    We are still at the 'wouldn't be seen dead in public with my parents' stage, although the younger son has been keen to show us his film projects for film studies. So, yes, you and Barry have done well!

    I have a bit of a system with blog reading, hopping between 3 different blogs to link to the others. Therefore, I don't really know what Google Reader is/was either!

    TPOAL - well, it was very slow-going for me and I'm only just over half-way through. However, I read the beginning of Dani's post and that has inspired me to finish first and then go back to the book club. We'll see.

    Enjoy your Canada Day weekend! We plan to take in the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto tomorrow, I've never been to one before.

    1. Hi Patricia - let me know about the parade - always wanted to go! Am loving Scandal - it is like a little treat every day!

  10. I've been in denial about Google whatever that's supposed to affect blogging, see I don't even know what I am talking about. Been seeing warning messages on other blogs and keep hoping somebody will tell me not to worry or here's 1, 2, 3 what you do to take care of it. GF, help us who are clueless, speaking for myself.

    I cannot read multiple books at once. If not interesting, I'll put it down and never finish. If I cannot wait to turn the page, I won't stop until the end and why I used to stay up to 4 a.m. reading books and why I rarely read a book now.

    You are in for a treat with Scandal. I love it, pure trash and great fun. And you get a lot of chances to say "what?!" Olivia wears white almost always ... not so subtle message relating to the guy who wears the white hat. Were you the one who told me about The Americans? That's a good one too, in a different way.

    I think you're doing more than OK as a parent but I better stop before I write a book here on your blog ...

    1. Hi TR, I caught a couple of episodes of The Americans when they were showing it on one of our channels as a teaser - I really liked it. I love the history of the whole Cold War era and, of course, the 80s is a time I remember very well, so I can relate. I hope they bring it back to a mainstream channel soon.

    2. I don't know the Anericans - off to go look that one up!

  11. I'm in a fog about this Google Reader/Bloglovin thing and will figure it out when it happens, as talking about it in the abstract makes me dizzy. So sweet about your son inviting you, and smart of you not to wear out your welcome.
    The Age of Innocence is one of my all time favorite books - I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Hi Kathy - I am glad I am not the only one who is in a fog about all of this. Am about 4 chapters into The Age of Innocence and am liking it quite well. How is the baby?


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