Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sryle Question Wednesday - Making Up is Hard to Do

When I was a little girl, I loved to colour and paint.  I actually still like to do both, though I do not have a lot of talent (yet!)

It is no surprise to you that I love colour - colour makes me a happy and feel vibrant!

But of course, we can't always have new clothes and some days we just need a little pick-me-up.  It could be a lipstick, a pair of coloured socks, a pumpkin latte from Starbucks..

Enter stage right:  Makeup!

I LOVE makeup!  I am not sure I am good with makeup, but I love it!

on my face, I wear an ecologically sound, environmentally friendly brand by a wonderful cosmetics guru named Daniel Thompson.  I believe he only sells to canadian salons currently, but his foundations are amazing and last and last and my skin looks amazing when i wear them.

You can visit his site for more information here.

But one cannot live by great skincare alone!

One needs COLOUR!

And this week, while mailing back my J Crew returns at the drug store, I meandered over to the cosmetics section, where I came across some special Smashbox kits for the holiday season:


The Studio Pop Ultimate Palette!  eye shadow, blush, cream shadow and lip gloss.  It was $69 but since I was going to spend $35 on a makeup trio, I was able to justify it, especially since I was going to share the palette with my daughter!

I like Smashbox, but I am also VERY partial to Too-Faced Makeup and their makeup kits, which are so lovely and which always give you great tips for application!

I love the natural eye kit:

Too Faced - Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

Or their delightful shadow bonbons set for the holidays:  (I don't have this yet, but I think my daughter will find it in her stocking)

Too Faced - Shadow Bon Bons Set

Last Christmas I got a set for my daughter that looked like a guilded cage!  I must admit, I am also partial to the packaging when I buy makeup!

Do you love makeup?  We do not have a Sephora near here, but when I visit the one in Times Square I am over the moon with happiness.  It is like Disneyland for colour-oholics!

I especially like it when they do dramatic looks:

Cover Photo

I am not particularly good at them.  My all-time favourite was the one from last holiday:

Look effortlessly elegant with matte red lips and luminous skin

STEP 1 Prep
Gently remove dry, flaky skin with a lip exfoliator, then condition with DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW.

STEP 2 Prime
Pat a small amount of TOO FACED LIP INSURANCE LIP PRIMER onto your lips—it provides a base for your lip color  
so it lasts longer.

STEP 3 Line
Outline your mouth with a clear lipliner—MAKE UP FOR EVER LIP LINE PERFECTOR. It prevents color from fading or bleeding.

STEP 4 Layer

STEP  5 Perfect
Trace the outer edges of your lips with a highlighting concealer—YVES SAINT LAURENT TOUCHE ÉCLAT—then blend.

STEP 6 Enhance
Balance the look and add radiance to your skin by blending a small amount of luminizer—BENEFIT HIGH BEAM—on your
cheekbones, just above the brow, and a dot right above your upper lip.

Learn More Now >

I am a complete sucker for a pale face and bright red lips!

Oh and Nars lip pencils!  I could go on forever!

So what about YOU? 
  • Do you love makeup? 
  • What are your favourite brands? 
  • Do you wear it every day?
  • do you always try to look completely natural or do you push the boundaries?
Cannot wait to hear and a do a debrief on last night's election results!

Happy Wednesday - stay safe out there!

PS: Congrats to President Obama for 4 More Years!

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 06: U.S. President Barack Obama stands on stage with first lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden after his victory speech on election night at McCormick Place November 6, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. Obama won reelection against Republican candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


  1. I don't really love it, I did more so when I was younger and then I had all the palettes and what nots, but now I stick to my basic picks and less is more now that I'm older.

    I only wear it a couple of times a week, but if I went to a job everyday then I'd wear it everyday.

  2. HI Tabs! I hear you - I have to go out looking "polished" - on the weekend I will often not bother, unless someone is coming over - I always like a little mascara and some foundation - my skin is so blotchy and red now!

  3. I'm not into makeup at all, never was all that much. I can do eye makeup if I put my mind to it, but I make myself look like a clown when I attempt lipstick or blush. I've never figured out the proper foundation either. Makeup is stressful and I skip it!

    1. YOu are just like my sister! She hates it too!

  4. BEST FACE FORWARD Although I am a magpie in other respects, make-up doesn't give me much of a rush. All the outer packaging sometimes irks me too. Once strictly an eyelash curler and lip balm, maybe mascara gal, have recently resorted to more given paleness and dark circles. From Sephora, it's Josie Maran and Stila. DH has also done some techie work for The Bay/ Shiseido, so I've fallen for a few of their basics. And another sleep challenged friend recently encouraged me to try YSL Touche Eclat (thumbs up). The trick I wish I could master/ faster - eyeliner, including a subtle wing. Benefit's names make me smile as does MAC for their Viva Glam/ Fashion Cares stand. And it's more skin than make-up, but adore most things Nuxe.

    Stayed up until the end of the speeches, so will need make-up now to face the day! Hope the reach across aisle starts pronto and stays strong. Bravo to everyone USA who queued for hours! (Not sure Canadians or Brits would do that?)

    1. GF I gave up and went to bed at 9:30, I couldn't take it anymore. Slept all night and found out the result when I plucked the Globe and Mail off of my front porch!
      MrBP on the other hand stayed up until 2 and from the look of him was hitting the scotch bottle to cope! I think I'd better go make him some scrambled eggs!

    2. I went to sleep early as well - it wasn't looking good early on and I couldn't bear to watch. Have I ever said how much I love Ohio?

  5. WMM we are on the same wavelength I swear. I just bought my first smashbox lipliner and eyeliner set last week: love them. I am TERRIBLE at putting on makeup but I wear concealer, mascara and lipstick every day. I've just started wearing eyeliner and it makes a big difference. I can't apply eyeshadow to save my life!

    1. Can do the eye shadows but don't like them much. Total, out-of-line failure at eyeliner (have tried connect-the-dots, short dashes, all morse code to me.)

    2. See patricia's note below! This woman may be out saviour!

  6. Morning WMM, I don't wear a lot of make-up, but I do wear a mineral foundation, so I'll be looking for your Daniel Johnson line. If you are interested in make-up and beauty in general I can highly recommend reading Sali Hughes in The Guardian - she writes a column most weekends, often with an accompanying video. I have learned so much from her. Here's her latest:

    1. thanks Patricia - will definitely check it out tonight!

  7. I always liked colouring too (and making my dolls clothes) as a child. Then as I grew up, I moved on to make-up. Yes, I love make-up and use it every day, even on weekends, if I have to go out of the house.

    I use Bobbi Brown foundation, powder and concealer, Clinique quickliners for eyes, lip pencil and long lasting lipstick and Mac blush.

    1. I have never tried Bobbi Brown before - it always looks so natural, but is not for sale around here so I have never tried it!

  8. I do love makeup and wear it every day. My foundation and bronzer are Laura Mercier. My eyeshadow is Laura Geller, but I have also worn Smashbox in the past with nice results. My lipstick is from the Lipstick Queen and is called Medieval. I really like Inimitable mascara by Chanel, but also achieve good results with simple Maybelline Good Lash mascara. I haven't had the time to shop for a new eyeliner lately, so I've been using one that I picked up at the drugstore. I think it is also by Maybelline. :)

    1. HI FFM@ I have not heard of lipstick queen! I will have to check that out! We can't get chanel around here - I have one chanel lipstick and I love it!

  9. WMM, you can do a happy dance in your new shoes now!
    I never ever leave the house without makeup but I am pretty minimal. I always use Dior foundation, some blush plus Maybelline mascara and Laura Mercier sheer lipstick. That's it!

    1. HA! I sure can! I wish they would come! I got the purple silk tie pants today - I LOVE THEM! I will take pictures tomorrow! I can tell you - they are much nicer than last year's crazy pants!!!!

  10. I love make up as much as I love shoes - a lot! I use tons of brands, but MAC and NARS shadows are the best. I love NARS bronzer, Smashbox and MAC blush, MAC, urban decay and make up forever pencil liners, BB gel liners, YSL, Dior, NARS and MAC lip products. NARS and UD shadow primers rock too. I have a lot of make up and love playing with it. I wear it daily. It makes me feel great.

    1. Hi A! you are an inspiration! I have not tried YSL - I am going to have to try the touche eclair - everyone raves about it!

  11. one word for you: Trish McEvoy. ok, two. Not sold in Sephora, but sold in dept. stores and on the web. You mentioned you might be planning a trip to NY, if so, pop into Saks or Bloomingdales and have your makeup done at a Teish counter. Or go to one on one day, and another the next... Excellent mascara.


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