Monday, November 26, 2012

T-30 Days or WMM begins to deck the halls...

Yesterday, I dug out decorations for around the house.  It was actually snowing a little bit here, so it certainly put us in a festive mood!

It is a chore and a half to dig the things out - they hibernate in rubbermaid bins in our crawl space.  I think that whoever first designed a house with a crawl space should be drawn and quartered.  Oh sure, when you buy the house you think "how often will I go in there anyway?"  Well you will, my friend, you will, and each time you do, you will hate the builder who didn't make a full basement and you will hate yourself for not realizing...  But enough Grinch!

Everyone needs to get a little festive when the season hits.  This little fellow in my kitchen window looks downright jaunty:

Even Indy, wonder dog extraordinaire, agreed to pose for a picture with his reindeer ears:

The liquor bottles also get to get in on the fun:

On top of the buffet, a little wooden sled carries my antique Steiff bear, who carries many friends with him on his little journey:

And my bird bath has been visited by beads and a festive cardinal.

Yes, those are wee deer at the bottom, hiding behind a little fir tree!

I like to fill containers with antique ornaments and beads:

And my little glass bottles certainly show that there is soon to a lot of life in the paperwhite bulbs:

And in a corner is a basket of wind-up toys that have been in stockings over the years and which are a great favourite when people pop over - the children all love them!  When you pop by for your cup of Christmas cheer, we will get them out for sure!

One of my favourite Christmas lovelies is an antique nativity set given to me many years ago by my grandmother:

I love the details

The wreaths are being hung

And a Santa Claus I constructed many years ago looks remarkably like Robertson Davies (how's that for Cancon?)

Garlands going up the stairs...

And my Sunday uniform was black and white with a touch of camel:

Old Talbots Cashmere Boyfriend Cardi, Tippi sweater, Joe Fresh velvet leggings, Uggs and new Lancome lipstick (more on that later!)
 I hope your Sundays were swell and that you are beginning to get into the holiday spirit, whatever and however you celebrate!  Have a great Monday and stay safe out there!


  1. I dug out mine too which amounted to 4 mercury glass baubles bought in Stockholm a few years ago and three silver acorns. I used to love when my mum would bring out the Christmas decoration box every year but the knack of building one seems to have escaped me.

    I wish I could hire a dog in red velvet antlers for Christmas.

    1. If you stock some Baileys, he is yours. He loves Baileys! He wasn't too impressed, but did keep them on till I got the money shot!

      I have WAY too many baubles; wonder if that is a by-product of having children? Plus many are inherited from my mum and dad, especially kitschy 60s elves...

    2. loving the mental picture of you chasing after drunken stumbling antlers-wearing creature in seasonal lust for picture - something weirdly Celtic - Druidic - about that.

    3. Fred - you have caught the spirit exactly!

  2. Nice label! hehe Your house looks very festive and I need to do the same now that I have recovered from Thanksgiving company. I have more Christmas decorations than I know what to do with (from my mom). Bringing them out is quite a project but I love the end result. Do you decorate outside? I don't have anything nice to decorate the outside of the house, it always looks kind of pathetic (although this year and last year, I bought a real pine wreath from a little kid in my neighborhood and that is the nicest thing going on on the outside of the house!). I'll just enjoy all my favorite indoor knick-knacks! Your dog does not look impressed, I agree!

    1. Nothing really on outside yet except for a couple of seasonal greenery pots from Home Depot and a lovely wreath. We need lights. We need lights advice - the LED look so pitiful - like lights that no one loves! Anyone have any ideas on good, eco-friendly outdoor lights that are actually bright?

    2. Wish I could help but I am so challenged when it comes to outdoor lights.

  3. Your dog loves Baileys, somehow I can see that just looking at him, that's hilarious.
    Love Robertson Davies Santa, and your whole house is festive and shiny, I am often thinking of you when I get out more decorations: more is more!
    Hope your day goes well.

    1. Thanks Dani! Even looking at santa made me want to go out some Robertson Davies to read!

      Yes, it kind of looks like someone threw up Christmas in my house. Just wait till the tree....

    2. I'm going with that as my motto this year, More is More! (last year I under-did it and I won't make that mistake again!).

    3. Cate - we have to fly over to Tabs' place immediately and help her out!

    4. Absolutely! I will bring my dog dressed in red velvet antlers and she will help out for free!

    5. Oh My Gosh! Tabs will go from no dogs to two! How lucky is that???

  4. You look great in this outfit!

    Wreaths are up outside. This week must get the window candles in; there is a huge pre holiday weekend in our town and one is shunned unless the windows are lit. Actually, it looks really beautiful here at the holidays. Mr Lane has to pry my tree out of my hands in early January.

    1. Oh! Maybe window candles! That might be the ticket! I bet it is lovely where you are - they decorate so lovely and new england-y in your neck of the woods! I usually keep things up till the 6th of January if I possibly can!

  5. WMM is creating Christmas decor
    Hanging garlands and unearthed treasures galore
    Her Santa's a Canadian delight
    Even her liquor bottles bright
    And J Crew will be back at the door.
    Two lessons she's learned from movie-time strife
    Once faced by George Bailey and wife
    First, an angel earns wings
    Each time a bell rings
    And two, it's a wonderful life.
    "It's the month before Christmas; I'm tired!
    Yet from those glasses of wine, slightly wired
    In those moments of despair
    Like shoppers and decorators everywhere
    'Darn Claus, purchase, assembly and installation required?!'"

    (With inspirational and creative credit to Chris S., WFF others; heartfelt excuses and mea culpas to true poets everywhere.)

    1. Dear GF,

      Your prose is divine
      when paired with fine wine
      and jingle bells, on Sirius-XM
      makes me drink more, a-hem
      and so i will refrain
      from another inane refrain
      as I must return to do some work
      (and work sad to say is quite a jerk)
      but as IAWL is my favourite yule show
      and your poetry so delightful, you know
      For you, I will lasso the moon
      and we can eat it with a spoon
      with some champers on the side
      or some baileys - you decide
      Tis 28 days till the big night
      but I have everything tonight:
      a blanket, bing and my computer
      some sleepytime tea to induce a stupor
      and so I wish you all adieu and head back to
      haunt the cursed 'crew....

  6. Work is no holiday
    So this Monday cyber shop away
    Bing much better to keep you company
    Than the crazed mall cacophony
    As for the question of Christmas cheer
    Champagne, Baileys, eggnog, beer
    Even the Tabithian Snowball, never fear
    (Our noses may be shiny and red m'dear)

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. You do have to see Paul McCartney if he comes to Eastern Canada. It was simply magical and one of the best concerts I've ever seen.
    Between you and Dani I'm feeling left behind in the HO HO HO .
    I've never started decorating in November and the earliest is usually the first week of December.
    I visited the Judith and Charles store yesterday in Vancouver. The pieces were great and I loved the navy coat with the black leather collar. Have you seen it?

    1. Hi Marsha!

      I have not seen that store! Our local shop only carries a few pieces - would love to get to a flagship sometime!

      I did find the most fabulous cinza Rocco longer dress coat on sale yesterday. It will be under the tree, as it was most divine!

      I actually started decorating slightly early because we are away this weekend and won't have time. It has been awfully busy lately!

  8. I love all of your Christmas decorations, WMM! They are all so festive and fun! I put up our tree last Friday (always do that the day after Thanksgiving), and the boys had such a fun time decorating it. Hopefully hubs will hang the outside Christmas lights this week. It really is even more comforting and inviting to come home at night with the whole house lit up. :)

    1. I agree - Our house is looking very unfestive - I love the lights! it is freezing here this a.m. - -7! Woolies day!


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