Saturday, May 18, 2013

Random Saturday Musings

Lots to chat about this week!

1) David Beckham's Retirement

I leave it to experts to assess the impact of Beckham on football.

David Beckham in A-League link

All I know is that Beckham helped popularize what we North Americans know as soccer.  And underwear. He did SOOOO much for underwear.  And I salute him for that.

David Beckham: H&M Underwear - Second collection - 2012 - david-beckham Photo

I am sure David will do many interesting things in his retirement and I wish he and his family much happiness. And will hope that his retirement affords more time for modelling...

2) The Hummingbirds are Back!

They arrived late yesterday afternoon, a few days later than normal.  Maybe they stopped in with Lane for a visit?  No matter.  They are back and they are lovely and we are having a wonderful time enjoying their antics again!

3) Dan Brown's New Book

Will you read Dan Brown's new book, Inferno?

I actually picked it up yesterday for $15 at a local bookshop.  These are fast, fun reads; one doesn't expect great literature, but one does expect the plot to move quickly, that there will be a few surprises along the way and that you will learn a little something, because his research is typically quite good.  I was interested in this one, as it is set in Florence and the mystery is related to Dante.

I read an interesting article that likened Dan Brown to Anne Hatheway: the author we love to hate.  You can read the article here.  I never expect much from these kinds of novels, nor do I typically read them.  I find Brown an infinitely better writer than others of the same ilk, like John Grisham, but I treat reading these kind of works like going to Iron Man 3: I'll have fun while it's happening and then pretty much forget it when it's done.  It is remarkable to me how we do punish these people for being so popular when we are the ones that have made them so.  I find myself moving more and more into the camp of wanting to argue against this kind of dog-piling and I find it helps to not read much of it and just enjoy what he or she has to offer.  Or not enjoy it, but not go on about it.

4) And speaking of haters gotta hate...

Ben Affleck hosts and Kanye West performs on tonight's season finale of Saturday Night Live.  You can see the promo here.  I'll be taping this one, because, well, you never know what Kanye will do.  And I kind of like that in a twisted way.  I am not a Kanye fan per se; in fact, probably not at all.  But I do kind of like that, in a world where celebrities are pre-packaged and their images are managed to within an inch of their lives, that Kanye is a completely unpredictable fellow.

And speaking of Kanye, I feel that we need to do an intervention for poor Kim Kardashian's feet.  I feel sorry for Kim; she obviously feels that she can't NOT wear sexy shoes, even when her poor old tootsies are swollen and painful.  When I was pregnant with my first child, I went from a size 6.5 to a size 8 for the last three months of the pregnancy and wore a pair of ugly flats from Walmart.  Those were not happy days.  But i believe that Kim can find comfy shoes and I encourage her to do so, though I doubt she will listen to me!  Flip flops, anyone?

5) The Truth is out there...

The number of UFOs spotted by Canadians doubled in 2012 to approximately 2000 sightings, breaking all records.  Folks from Ontario saw almost 40% of those UFOs.  About 7% of those sightings remain unexplained 

Canadians report 2,000 sightings of UFOs

If YOU want to see a UFO, the most likely places in Canada to spot one are Toronto, Calgary, Kelowna, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

What about you?  Have you ever seen one?  I can't say that I have, nor would I say I would like to.  I think I will satisfy myself with going to see the new Star Trek movie and keep my eyes on the ground!

Hope your Saturday is grand - we have some friends coming over for a BBQ tonight, which should be fun and relaxing.  It is the Victoria Day Weekend after all, and despite how cold it is here, you gotta BBQ!  Stay safe out there!

And since it is the Victoria Day Weekend, will leave you with this final image:


  1. Oh no, Kim's poor, poor feet! I just don't understand that, at all. Pregnant women don't need that to look sexy, in fact I think it detracts.

  2. Happy Victoria Day weekend! Love Beckham, he made soccer cool in our part of the world. He seems like a great dad too. Kanye is very talented. I thought his My Dark Twisted Fantasy album 3 years ago was the best that year. But for me, the luster is off after he hooked up with Kim. Nothing exciting for me this weekend, I am actually off to work this morning. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. oh - hBpe you don't have to work all weekend! I love Beckham, too!

  3. Hey, no hummingbirds yet-- they usually come when the apples are blooming, along with orioles and the swallows. Must get out and observe during gardening today. Or get one of those feeders. The apples, plums ,peaches are all glorious and bursting with bees.

    Those feet should be elevated. Now.

    1. They may be there - only have one so far but that is always the case for the first few days!

  4. Oh those poor feet!
    Hope you have a an excellent long weekend.
    Football won't be the same without Beckham...
    I seriously doubt I'll read that Dan Brown novel. I'm sure it will be a good light page-turner, but I'm too grumpy to read anything of that genre these days!!

  5. Those feet look like they are in pain, that is a serious swelling problem and I'm with Lane, elevate those feet please!
    I hope you have a fun BBQ tonight. I was meant to work in the garden today but with the 11th birthday shenanigans last night at the sleeplessover I am like a zombie. The little girls were up past 3 and awake at 6. I am going to go visit Christopher in his garden, I'll watch him work, that counts I hope.
    I tried reading Dan Brown once many years ago but I couldn't get into the book for whatever reason. I agree those kinds of popular books have a definite place, sometimes when I'm in a book slump I'll read something meant to please and it gets me back into the groove of reading.
    I'm reading "The Interestings" right now and it is excellent.

    1. Well I am reading that, life after life and now Portrait of a Lady - that is diversity!

    2. Dani, what a party. And, in this case, supervision definitely counts! WMM I am picking up Atkinson's Behind the Scenes at the Museum later this afternoon following your comment.

  6. BECKS & CALL Well, I'd guess I am, scarily, the most qualified of the club to review Beckham for his footie merits. All the times I've seen him live he was well-streamered and gracious with fans. Sorry he never saw the World Cup success with ENG he so badly wanted. But think, along with the voice training, he has really grown into his newer role of sport ambassador (London Olympics, fair play in China, Generation Adidas...) And he sure has sold a lot of jerseys around the world (major profit centre for Brand Beckham). Think it's a good thing he's finally exited the pitch (Mick Jagger factor, you do have to retire sometime), and there's a lot of irony in fact he's doing same week as his old boss Fergie. Hope he gets more time with his family and will always be interesting to see what he and VB turn to next.
    2. Hurray! 3. Yes probably, at least interesting backdrops. 4. SNL always; go Ben; Kanye will always have quirk even if the Kardashian alliance kills me; get her some Havianas stat, lackey! 5. Bright lights, big city. Will stick with go Spock myself too. 6. For Queen and country - BBQ and 2-4 on!

  7. Oh those poor feet. Mine hurt just looking at them. I lived the last 4 months of both pregnancies in Dr Scholls. I went from an 8 to a 9 1/2 and they never recovered their original size. Someone needs to do an intervention for her.
    I'm heading to Vancouver this week, so I'll keep my eyes on the sky.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Yikes, I was shocked to see Kim Kardashian's feet - talk about suffering in the name of beauty! I gave up on heels at the beginning of the 3rd trimester for both my pregnancies, it was just agony to walk around in anything higher than 1". I have never read a single book by Dan Brown, not sure if I will start now!


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