Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Things that Make Me Happy in the Middle of the Blizzard...

We are in the throes of a full throttle blizzard here.  The wind is howling like a banshee on the moors, the snow is blowing, the liquor store closed at 4 p.m. (!) and even the corner store where my son works closed at 6.

Hard to tell from the photograph below, but the whitish aspect of the photo is horizontal snow.

I admit to watching the massive pine trees and power lines suspiciously.  The scariest part of a blizzard with 50 km an hour winds is that a power line might go out

a) losing internet
b) losing heat

which is worse?  You decide...

But never mind.  I was stuck inside all afternoon which gave me the opportunity to finish cleaning my office.  I recently finished the final (for me) draft of my novel.  I am in revisions in the 2nd.  I have a nifty idea for a completely different third book, BUT, since I didn't sleep well last night, this seemed like a good day for chores, not brain power!

At three o'clock, I saw the top of my desk...

See all that empty space on the wall?  It is soon going to be home to two dry erase planning surfaces that will help me plot my next novel!

Yes, that is indeed a J Crew box under my desk full of returns.  However, I did receive my dresses and love them both!  More on that later in the week!

Daughter's shoes and my work books.  Yes, apple falls close to this tree.

Then Barry and I moved a bunch of furniture and cleaned.  It was very satisfying, though I am dead tired right now.

But I need some cheering and so I am ending this post with random images that make me happy.  I deserve at least that!


The cottage we stayed at in Normandy in 2008:

Larry, Moe and Curly reading:

Three of the six Three Stooges read.


Am I the only one who rubs the oil of geranium leaves  behind my ears?  I was afraid so..


Fitted Caftan.  Pink Love Poppy

I don't own a caftan, but as my body becomes ever more Mrs. Roper-like, I do think there is something quite divine about them..


Oh I like my duvet.  But what I really want is a silk eiderdown!

Just like Mr. and Mrs. Miniver had folded neatly on the end of their beds...That would make me happy!  I could use a fireplace in my room, too...

Oh Walter Pidgeon, you good New Brunswick boy, look at that lovely eiderdown...

How about the future house of the chickens Barry is certain we will never have?  That makes me happy?

xx tracy porter..poetic wanderlust.- follies, guest house- shed- greenhouse
My favourite picture of the Princess of Wales makes me happy:

A picture of a Lhasa apso who could be Indy's twin:

The Tattinger caves in Reims.  All that champagne around me made me giddy before I'd even drunk a drop.  Even thinking of all those bottles of bubbly makes me happy!

Just knowing that someday soon, there will be fields of sunflowers in bloom in France...

And the last thing making me happy tonight?

Yup, I am feeling like a room without a roof!

I have cheered myself up considerably!  Anything making you happy?

Happy Thursday and hope your weather is a little more hospitable than mine..  Stay safe out there!



  1. That is also my favourite picture of Our Princess. Look at your tidy office, and is that a massive collection of Converse running shoes I see? Berna will be SO jealous.
    Sunflowers... it's hard to believe they exist good thing for photos. Stay warm and safe and for goodness sakes don't go outside!

    1. Dani - she has collected converse sneakers for years and has a mighty good one now! Just got up and the weatherman said maybe another storm on sunday! oy vey!

  2. Oh and I do that with geraniums, they have the most wonderful scents!

  3. Oh, I love that video! Have you seen any interviews with him? He is cornering the nice market. Find the 24 hour loop too-- fun.

    Wise to concentrate on the wonderful during what I hope will be the LAST storm for you; Maine did not get hit hard ex. down east.

    I grow all the scented geraniums I can find-- orange, mint, apple,lemon, lime-- and can't resist plucking leaves as I pass. Not likely the lavender survived.

    1. I have a huge Pharrell crush! I have a few geraniums in the garden, but most have to be potted and I have three in the house and they all need re-potting - that's a spring to-do list in the spring cleaning! I am worried about my lavender as well - it has been such a brutal winter...

  4. So happy that you like the dtesses!
    It must be frustrating to have all that snow. i was already complaining that it got cold again here in Atlanta:)
    I cant wit to see pics!

    1. HI Ina - I will have to doll up today! I am still trying to decide for sure to keep both as am worried I will see something equally wonderful later on in the spring.. decisions, decisions...

  5. Love the office. Not pompous at all :) Adore that pillow - pen, sword, yup. The house of the chickens is too good - remember, 'tis better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

    1. I hear you! The only problem is that he would be the chicken coop maker! I would love to have 3 or 4 acres even farther out of town (right now we have a little over 1 acre in a large subdivision outside of the city) and imagine the room for the chickens!

  6. I hope you got through the storm without losing your heat or internet. Crazy weather! I keep hearing that spring weather is just around the corner. Uh huh.

    Those are some lovely images to inspire happy thoughts. And I'm so glad that both of the dresses turned out to be keepers. Will you share photos? :)

    1. Hi ABC! I will take some pictures today! I am still dithering over keeping both, The pale blue one is a definite keeper, the white one looks good as well, but will I find another dress I like better later in the spring?

  7. I want to live in that chicken house, it's far too lovely for fowl!
    Can't believe you have more snow, I just couldn't hack your winters. Two dresses that worked? That's a modern miracle!

    1. Tabs - I know! I really should have bought lottery tickets!

  8. Duvets never sit still at the end of the bed!! They are always kicked off. Gee whiz that blizzard looks mighty strong! I shall remember not to complain about the slight chill in the air! Gosh you have a huge closet Wenders - all that space. And those chalkboard things are sooo good - plot away :)

    1. that's the storage closet in my office where we put off-season coats for the four of us and Barry's suits! Our bedrooms are very small and we can't store things in the crawl space (except in bins) because of humidity in summer. Between dreadful winters, and the bugs and humidity of summer, this really isn't a hospitable place! What were my ancestors thinking?

  9. What a lovely post, you've cheered me up too. I'd love an old fashioned eiderdown, I remember one on my bed at my Grandparents house, I used to pull feathers out of a tiny hole in the corner! That chicken house is just gorgeous.

    1. Forgot to say hope you're ok in that blizzard, it looks scary!

    2. Thanks Jay - it is sunny and freezing this morning! But at least the snow has stopped!


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