Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday - Our new baby and more garden pics from the Mount

Royal Baby Easel Announcement

Well done Kate!

Whether one likes the Monarchy or is indifferent to it, I am sure all would want Kate to have a healthy baby!

I was thrilled to learn that she had a son, though would have been equally thrilled to hear she had had a daughter!

All went well and honestly, isn't that the most important thing?

For some of us of a certain age, we cannot help but think of another Mother 31 years ago...

News of royal baby's arrival to follow tradition

I am sure Diana is very pleased....


Since you all enjoyed the pictures from the Mount, thought I would share a few more pictures I took in the garden there:

I really feel that my house would be even better with a courtyard.  With stone walls.  Over which hydrangea could peek...

The walk through the woods to the Mount...

The grape shot.  I must have been thinking of wine..

These reminded me of magic wands...

I loved the hostas garden, all waves of lavender flowers...

It reminded me of my own small version...

Is there any garden that is not bettered by stone steps?  I can say that truthfully, since I do not have any and yet am desperate for some....

Lilies, looking very noble and upright...

The garden on the slope beside the house.

Grass steps!  Divine!

The thing about making a beautiful garden is that it is a supreme act of love.  You make something beautiful out of the wild, and unless you are so fortunate as to be a famous person (and thus have your gardens maintained after your death) or be followed by someone else who also loves a garden, you are acutely aware that all of your good deeds and care is but a fleeting moment in this time and place.  Maybe that makes it all the sweeter?

Of course our gardens are constantly evolving anyway; things die, others suddenly pop up unexpectedly, we marvel at the daily changes.  I love to visit gardens more than I love to visit the famous houses that go with them; somehow, for me, the garden is often the truest expression of the person within: do they like things simple?  do they like things wild? do they like things orderly?  Are they all slap-dash?  Is there a grand design or is life just happening?  It all makes me happy.  And the gardens need not be fancy for me.  I am even thrilled by a simple geranium in a pot on the steps or a mint pot on a deck in the big city.  It is life and it is good.

A few pics from my own garden, which is SO much wilder these days...

So today we celebrate all life, don't we?  The world's most famous baby; the baby born in some hut somewhere else that we will never know exists, but which is just as important; the life in nature.

Some days are good ones.  Some days are not.  But some days are also beautiful.

Have a great day and stay safe out there!


  1. Excellent news about a new royal baby! I'm not a monarchist, but it's always good to hear happy news!
    I think I like your garden being a bit 'wild', Wendy!
    When am I going to hear about the purchase that I will find funny?!!

    1. Hi Ruth!

      Tomorrow - I promise! I will take a picture today! Have to dress appropriately for it!

  2. I agree with Ruth in loving the "wildness" of your garden, and also share my curiosity about this purchase! We're on our way back from Boston, glad the heat finally broke and we got a reprieve. California should be milder, but only until you get here, then it's going to sizzle! I have really enjoyed photos of your trip but fell behind on the commenting due to lack of a proper keyboard. Am I forgiven? :)

  3. Hi Anthro Blogger - how was the trip! No worries on not popping by - I missed some days myself and this is a pretty casual kind of place...

    When did the heat break in Boston?

    Thanks for the nice comment on the garden. I kind of leave it to the hummingbirds and the bees at this point in the summer, but i absolutely have to get out and deal with the potager, or I will be harvesting weeds, not veggies and herbs!

    1. We had a great time! I'll email you later to tell you about it :) the heat didn't break until Sunday, and even then, we spent it at the beach. And when I say break, I mean temps dropped to 92! Yesterday was a little cooler, around 78. I am hoping to get my potting soil and seeds and starting my project this week, so I may need a little advice from you, master zen gardener.

  4. Your garden is beautiful. Not sure what happened but I lost almost all my bee balm...maybe the reseeding washed away with all our rain this winter, spring, and now summer. If you are ever near here, visit The Biltmore in Asheville, NC. The gardens are spectacular and the house is quite amazing.

    1. Oh good - another house/garden combo! I am getting so many of these and it is awesome! Sorry to hear about your bee balm!

  5. Do the hummingbirds visit the bee balm? They love red. I like the wild look of your garden. So many weeds here! But it's berry time too-- blueberries, raspberries, currants this week.

    Glad the wee prince is healthy. The new parent transformation is fun to think about; life will never be the same for Will and Kate. Maybe he's a little George?

    1. I do hope he is George!

      The hummers go crazy for the bee balm, as do the bees - it is my favourite time in the garden to see them go - I keep adding more, which is bad as it spreads terribly and overpowers so many other things!

    2. What a lovely post, it made me smile! Celebrate life! I am thrilled for Kate and Will, and I bet Diana is smiling down on them:)

    3. HI A! i think she is for sure! That is the beauty of a new baby - keeps things going!

    4. I don't understand the Royal fever but I'm also thrilled with this baby and have been following the news. They should follow your advice, Price George has a nice ring to it!

    5. was also QUeen Elizabeth's father's name so would be nice!

  6. Wendy- Thanks for the pictures. (1st comment swallowed by blogger) I have the Mount and the Rockwell museums in mind for a trip in the next couple of weeks. Thank you. Have you spent time in Newport? The houses and gardens are breathtaking. And, as my family doesn't have patience for the inside tours. Sometimes we just walk the (free!) cliff walk and see all the homes and gardens from the outside. My hostas, which came with my house, are in sincere need of splitting. Which is so low on my list this summer, I very well may say the same thing next summer too!
    I can't imagine bringing a baby home with all the eyes of the Internet on the child. Very stressful.

    1. I do feel for Will and Kate! I am sure they will do fine, but it must be hard!

      I have never been to Newport, but that is on the list! I have a friend who went quite a while ago and he raves about!

      can't wait to hear about YOUR trip!


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