Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random Saturday Style Thoughts and (in my opinion) my 100th Blog Post

Well, it is Saturday morning and just wanted to share some random style thoughts which have hit me lately:

1) Ralph Lauren's Military Jacket

Maybe some of you love this.  Ralph has obviously visited the Royal Military College of Canada where you can see beautiful young men and women dressed like this:

In my late teens and early twenties, we would have found old military jackets and rocked them with black or white ripped tees, jeans and combat boots.  We would NOT have bought this new.

Would you wear/buy this and rock it like Miss Shiloh Pitt?  Where would you wear it if you did buy it?

2) Sequin dress

Do you really think that J Crew could make a sequin shift dress that was worth $1,250 CDN?

Collection multicolor sequin shift

I would be afraid to wear this outside the house.  At the same time, I would have to wear this a lot if I was to get my cost-per-wear down to a reasonable amount of say $100 per wear.  In other words, if you lived around here you would see me rocking this baby for the next ten years to every event I had an invite to!  I got J Crew's lovely sequin dress of a couple of years ago in camouflage that still looks great and which I paid $110 CDN for.  I am pretty happy with it.  Does that make me a luddite?

There are some things I have seen lately, which I think are just lovely: 

This Temperely London Cape can be bought for an ungodly price at Net-a-porter, but allows you to play Cathy from Wuthering Heights...Buy yours here and make sure you wear your black equestrienne  boots with these.

Temperley London Avalon leather-trimmed wool-blend cape

I'm going to need this to go with it:

Alessandra Rich Chantilly lace and woven-silk gown

Again, for a little more than $3000 CDN, this can be yours.  By all means - pick yours up here!

Since I have a long black talbots skirt and lovely white blouse, I may try to recreate this for Christmas parties!

A couple of outfits that I wore this week:

Earlier this week, I finally started wearing my snakeskin skirt:

I am wearing this with some Anne Merino heels from a couple of years ago, a Calvin Klein blazer which is also old and the lovely blue wool scarf I purchased in store at J Crew in July.  Sadly, this does not seem to be available online, but the skirt sure is and I truly love it!

Yesterday, was sombre black (with a bit of blue) as I had to go to the funeral of a friend of mine's father at lunch time:

This is the Judith and Charles dress I purchased in the summer, paired with a Judith and Charles black wool blazer, basic pearls and my new black Arturo Chiang riding boots which I blogged about here.  I thought of you at the funeral Dani, as I saw so many people in what I would consider as completely inappropriate outfits for a funeral.  Call me old fashioned, but I think a pink floral dress belongs at the drunken wake the night before, not for a sombre church service!  And since every woman I know in this town seem hell-bent on wearing black to work on a daily basis, they surely could have pulled something out of their hat!  There, I got it off my chest and feel much better!

Finally, this is my 100th blog post.  I know it only says 96 on your screen, but i have 4 others that I have never gotten around to posting, so for me it is 100! :-) I did not think I had this much to say, despite being a person who talks a lot in "real" life!  I want to thank you all for popping by and I will actually have an upcoming post about my experience in blogging thus far!  As some of you know, I do not have my blog on google or other search engines.  So most people who are here have tripped over me while being elsewhere and for that, I am awfully grateful!

As always, have a wonderful Saturday and stay safe out there!


  1. I think the only time I could wear Shiloh's military jacket is Halloween. I couldn't carry it off in daily life, although I know some women could and my hat is off to them.

    I always wear something dark to funerals, but I never have the right thing to wear. There is always something wrong with my dark funeral outfits (wrong size, needs hemming, problematic shoes, 2 shades of black that don't go together, ...), but I don't think anyone notices, it's a funeral after all. I figure as long as it's somber-looking, my outfit will be ignored.

    Congrats on your 100th post! I always enjoy reading your posts, they are always fun and interesting :)

    1. Thanks Cate!

      I think you are right about funeral wear - so long as you are not wearing something garish, you pretty much slide right in!

  2. WMM congrats from me as well. I am so so happy you started blogging, it's just been a joy to get to know you!
    Oh how frustrating, the outfits at the funeral! Why is this happening? Why aren't people dressing respectfully anymore? It just makes an upsetting event even worse.

    Your outfits are great. I really like the way you are wearing your snake print pencil skirt.

    I like that military jacket but I'd never wear it. I had a boyfriend who went to RMC, that explains my attraction for sure. ;)

    1. I hear you - my older cousin Steve went there and he always looked so handsome and my husband has similar dress attire from his time as a policeman.

      I do not understand about the dressing appropriately. I don't know why parents are not teaching their children this stuff. I like casual, but sheesh!

      Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Congrats on your blog century WMM! And thank you for always posting updates that make me smile, revisit my closet, want to pack my suitcase or hit the reading chair.

    Eek on the RL Shiloh custom jacket. It veers into runway/ costume territory for me and also tugs at heartstrings. A cadre of my senior class went to RMC and one of my dearest older cousins taught there while in was in HS. We lost him young, so whenever I get to that end of ON I try to leave a flower or little NS momento in his and his wife's favourite spot.

    As for the funeral attire decline, even my DH laments this and clothes are not something he often notices. I can understand if the deceased/ family have special wishes. But otherwise, I see it as a sign of respect and focussing attention where it should be. Everyone does have at least black trousers (not leggings) or skirt, and a simple blouse right? Then again, I am also regularly shocked by what shows up at interviews (cue WFF's post) and weddings as well. Enjoy your Saturday...and keep 'em coming!

    1. BTW, if you had indulged in current year JC dress instead of your steal, we'd likely have to call it the Gretel. You could follow the trail of shiny dropped sequins home.

    2. Get Fresh! You are making me feel sad and laugh all at the same time! So sorry about your cousin - I lost one of my cousins when she was very young - only 24 - and I still feel so sad about that.

      I just saw the cutest Joe Fresh tshirt, which I did not buy, half t - have flat sequins that is cute and only $19! much more reasonable to shop Joe for some of the trends!

      I was also ready to buy J Crew pyjamas for winter, but Joe Fresh has ripped them off and I bought a Joe Fresh night shirt and matching pajama bottom for $35. Joe Mimran is keeping up with Mickey tit for tat - wonder what Mickey thinks of Joe?

  4. Congrats! I can't belied its already been 100 posts. I really enjoy reading your blog:)
    That jcrew dress looks gorgeous, but their heads are definitely in the clouds with their prices.

    1. Thanks A!

      I know - I just don't know who has that kind of money who is shopping J Crew? Maybe Mrs. Obama? Not to be mean, but honestly, if I could afford those kinds of prices I would be shopping elsewhere for things like that...

  5. C o N g R a T u L a T i O n S !!! on your 100th blog post!!! I enjoy your blog so much and am so glad to have 'met' you!

    While I will confess to owning an entire closet of jackets and blazers and coats in my sewing room, and several "band/military" jacket styles, mine are all black colors. While I may love some neon, and even some reds, this jacket would be a bit much for me!! Looks perfect on the young Pitt child!

    I've really noticed lately the lack of interest in dress so many places. Would you wear short shorts (and I'm talking about a woman my age with average, agedly dimpled legs) on an airplane? I'm so glad to part of this community where we still enjoy dressing beautifully and appropriately! But am so sorry to hear about the funeral. It's really quite difficult to be this age, when many friends' parents are beginning to pass. I hate to even think about it.

    1. Suzy - I think that is the difference - I just picked up a beautiful military style black wool coat at Winners for a song for winter. It looked classy, not costumey. I think Shiloh is rocking it really well in fact! I love little kids who sally forth in the world with a song in their heart and sense of style. Just passed two little girls at the grocery store with tutus on!

      My short shorts days are gone. I am more comfortable in a casual skirt that is a little above the knees.

      It is sad when we start hitting these funerals. I get quite maudlin as my mother passed away 11 years ago and my dad is not well. You can't help but think that it is only a matter of time before you are sitting up in the front row saying goodbye and that is heartbreaking!

      However, to snap out of it, I have decided to read some magazines, take a nap and curl up and watch "When Harry Met Sally" for the 14th time. That movie screams falls for me and I love it!

  6. Congratulations WMM! 100 posts is awesome. I love the cape, but I am not sure abut it with the long skirt. You might wind up looking like a lost caroler. I don't know what constitutes funeral etiquette anymore. People do seem to have stretched the boundaries. Congrats for your purchase of the $100 sequined dress. Since they keep reintroducing it at ever higher price points, you clearly have a treasure!

    1. Knityarns - no worries - I am afraid of capes - being so small and all! And they make me think of Count Dracula and childhood phobias! But my God! I would be the most expensively-clad caroler there ever was!

      You are right about the sequin dress as treasure. I was completely smitten with it after I saw it on Dani and since I am so much shorter it hits me right at the knees!

  7. The RL jacket reminds me of Michael Jackson or the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. Too much, I think, and I usually love too much.

    As far as funerals, at a recent one I saw so much of what I would call cocktail attire. Even if it is black you should not wear a backless/revealing/sequined dress to a funeral!

    1. Uh oh. Now I want it! The Wizard of Oz is my favourite movie! Honestly, if I ever saw that jacket on a sales rack for less than $200 I would probably buy it for the many ways I could style it for Halloween!

      OMG - backless dresses at funerals??? Oh My!

  8. Congratulations on your 100th post!!! I love coming here and reading your musings!
    The jacket is a head scratcher for me. The sequin dress is crazy. I have beautiful Talbots sequin sheath that I bought for $34.99, it is probably very comparable quality and even at full price it was $299.
    I love the snakeskin outfit, you have styled it beautifully.
    Thanks for blogging!

    1. Thanks AJC! Maybe Mickey and Jenna handstitched the sequins????

      Thanks for dropping by! Loved today's reviews! So helpful!

  9. Good for you! Congratulations!
    I must say, I don't think this is one of RL's better seasons so far. Things keep appearing in the different lines, so I still may find my annual "treat" from the designer lines, and of course for years the LaurenRalphLauren line has been my go-to for unremarkable (in a good way) basic pants and straight jeans that go north of the b*tt cleavage. They are having a site-wide 25% off promo (all lines), and the service is great.
    I also congratulate you on having found something that works with the snake-y skirt. I just ordered some Theory pieces that may pick up the muddy browns - also in a good way!
    Whenever I see a multiplicity of sequins, I think of that wonderful phrase from the Wordsworth poem, "trailing clouds of sequins as she goes." Guess you never thought of the old Sheep of the Lake District as a fashion critic, well, just shows, you never know.

    1. Well Fred, if it is good enough for Wordsworth, is good enough for me! I was Wordsworth crazy in high school - when I discovered Austen, the Brontes, Wordworth, Keats and Shelley I became quite besotted! That is one of my future pilgrimages - visit all of the houses, the lake country, the moors, stop by to see some of the Bloomsbury crowd...I do not recall this Wordsworth quote - now i have to go look up the poem!

      If I could lose the bloody ten pounds, I could nicely fit back into my theory suit, which I think would nicely match the skirt as well...

    2. um, it's really "trailing clouds of glory" .... sometimes I just can't help myself.

    3. Oh God! Too funny - can you tell it was early Sunday morning when I wrote back??? I kept thinking "how the hell does wordsworth know about sequins?" Ah, the irony was lost on me, but not now!

    4. just another example of how the universe has no secrets from a great poet, I guess.

  10. Lovely outfits! Congrats on your 100th post, WMM! I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thanks Wendy! I love having another Wendy here!

  11. 100th post, congratulations! I often wonder how you fit all you do into an ordinary 24 hour day, but I am so glad you decided to blog, as I love your perspective and glimpses of your life and style, and your sense of humor is gift to all of us, thank you!
    Living in the South (U.S.), I see a bit less of the crazy funeral wear, although it is a bit more casual at times than it used to be. We pull to the side of the road when a funeral cortege is coming towards us, something that happened yesterday with a highway full of crazed SEC fans on their way to a football game, so respect is still pretty strong down here.
    I would've worn that jacket in a minute with jeans for a concert and/or bar hopping night in my twenties or thirties, probably not now, still find it quite appealing. On the other hand, I don't really do sequins, just not quite me. Great we all have different slants on style, it inspires me, and keeps me out of a rut. I love the long skirt, can't wait to see your Christmas party attire.

    1. Thanks N.B.! I think the south is a lot like the Maritimes - we would always pull over for a funeral cortege here. But the attire is definitely slipping! I wonder if some of that is why some of us blog?

      I hear you about the jacket with jeans - I would have had fun with that! I bar-hopped with friends on their 50th a few months ago and it nearly killed me!!

  12. Congratulations on your 100th post, WMM! I am so glad you started blogging, and that I have also gotten the opportunity to know you better! Your posts are always so delightful to read, and I thoroughly enjoy your writing and sense of humor. :)

    As for the jacket, I agree that Shiloh wears it well, but would not even attempt to wear it myself. However, I would absolutely consider this one if I had the extra funds available to afford it.

    I am absolutely continuously amazed at the lack of appropriateness when it comes to funeral attire these days. Actually, the lack of appropriate dressing in general is quite disturbing and very sad. I understand that everyone wants to be 'comfortable' these days, but pajamas and slippers to the supermarket...really? Why even bother to get out of bed if you cannot find it within yourself to even try to make an effort to be at least a little bit presentable? I personally would much prefer if people still dressed like they did in the days of 'Old Hollywood', instead of today's age of 'Slobbywood'.

    I hope you enjoy your Sunday! Did you find a treadmill yesterday?

    1. I love that jacket FFM - wow! Wish Ralph would make something like that in my price point!

      I am with you on the PJs - it seems cute when they were in my university classes (I taught Sociology at the local university here for several years) but those young people take that forward to the workplace and it is not good. And I see so many jean jackets in the workplace now. Perfectly acceptable and chic with a dress on a weekend, much less so at the workplace! Yikes!!!

      No treadmill yet! I am actually now contemplating a spin bicycle - would take up a lot more space. Decisions, decisions....

  13. Hi WMM, add my congratulations to the chorus! I found your blog through Dani's and really enjoy reading.

    I agree about the funeral attire - about 18 years ago we went to the funeral of my husband's aunt in Cape Breton and at the time I actually asked someone, 'doesn't anyone wear black to funerals anymore?' Sometimes you just have to dress according to the occasion. (I had to squeeze myself into my suit as my firstborn was just 5 weeks old at the time!)

    Love your snakeskin skirt. I agree about looking to someplace like Joe Fresh for trends; that makes so much sense. And yes, I wonder too what Mickey D. thinks about Joe Mimran!

  14. Hey Patricia! Many thanks!
    I would think a cape Breton funeral would be ahold time, regardless of the sad circumstances! Am I wrong?
    I would love to know what Mickey D think of Joe!

  15. Congrats on 100 posts, I can't believe it's already been since I remember when your blog was born (here I am sounding like I've around for so long, ha!). That is your blue, the scarf with the snakeskin print skirt, a lovely outfit indeed.

    Along with wearing brights and florals to a funeral, I don't understand (women) wearing black to a wedding (unless requested by the bridal party for the color scheme), or distressed jeans to a country club or the opera, or mini dresses and super high heels to a baseball game ...


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