Thursday, September 13, 2012

JCrew September Rollout - what I liked (!)

First - thank you all SOOOO much for your help yesterday!  You can only imagine that this is going to be the beginning of an ongoing dialogue of all of my fashion questions!!!!!!  I am an insanely curious person and never shy to admit I do not know something!!!!  I am pretty sure my stupid questions will take me to the elusive 40 followers!!! :-)


I was surprised to see a new JC rollout today.  Don't know why, I guess I am a creature of habit and they have typically been on Thursdays and so I did not even look at the website till I saw others chiming in on my lunch break!  Actually, I am being so good - not looking at the website at all these days!  Dani's good book tells me that is a trigger point and so I am only looking when I need something!!!!  Oh, I am a work in progress, but making progress!

I would like to say that i am excited/besotted!  But I am not!  I want to see some differnent styles, not simply different prints!  I read somewhere (got to dig up that article) that this is becoming the most boring couple of decades in the history of fashion - we are all dressing the same and so tastefully!  The curse of the fashion stylists?  I miss my dad's 70s leisure suits or my husband's bolo tie from the 80s.. This topic deserves its own post and I will find the article and post on it!

But I digress...

I did visit the website tonight.

What did I like?

Collection golden paisley blouse

The collection golden paisley blouse.. Not sure this will look good on me, after the foulard print debacle.  Waiting for some reviews and a random windfall..
Convertible clutch

Convertible Clutch in neon coral.  I think this would be fun for the fall/winter...

Collection café capri in houndstooth

The collection cafe capi in houndstooth - these are really expensive, but I will watch these until they and the shoes go on sale and then pounce! How awesome would these be for my christmas pants?????

Colorblock check mini

Colourblock check mini.

Ah - you poor tall ladies.  At 18 1/2", if I size up and pull down, these will hit right at my knee...  This is cute and is on my sale watch!

Dream colorblock sweater

Dream Colourblock sweater.  I KNOW - dream yarn.  but the colours are MY colours... I am going to wait for sale and then see..

What I REALLY liked was the first look on the home page that points you to the cashmere shop:

It is a bold use of colour, but so pretty!  I am tempted to try and recreate this tomorrow - I love the lilac and yellow!  And those shoes....

Everything else I liked was so outrageously expensive it is not even worth listing....

And I continued to wear blue today, though tomorrow is 30/82 and all my summer blues are packed away now...

My daughter accused me of wearing out blue's welcome, but I was unrepentent...

The blazer is one I picked up in July at Le Chateau from their fall pickings:

Bouclé Notch Collar Blazer

It is so pretty!  It is polyester, but I loved it so much that I decided I did not care.  Sometimes, one must look past one's better judgement for a beautiful thing... :-)  If you don't care, you can get yours here.

When I got home there was a JC box from the recent 30% off sale.  The wool skirt in festive blue and the toni tassle loafers in champagne.  Will take some pictures and post in next day or so!

As always, have a wonderful day and stay safe out there!


  1. Hey WMM, I think your questions series is a great idea - we all have little clothing dilemmas and helpful diverse opinions. Chiming in to say I also miss the diversity of fashion I saw in my youth (mom's silk palazzo pants). Might be some rose-coloured shades here, but I think the proliferation of global retail and websites has contributed somehow. While blogs are a fantastic IRL resource, now Gap, H&M etc. are everywhere and it's hard for independent retailers to survive, the "mass market mall" look has to influence us all. Then again, I'll pop over to The Sartorialist or out on Queen St. W. and be comforted that the indie spirit is alive and well. N.B. The style and colour of your Le Chateau topper suits you just so and half the price of the somewhat similar JC multi-colour tweed one, which is also poly.

    1. I hear you! I am actually planning a post on this issue for this weekend! I am intrigued by it!!!

  2. You look lovely in those blues. Just to throw your daughter off, I'd wear green shoes with that blue ensemble. :D

    I love the Italian paisley print and the new clutch.

    1. Oh i want GREEN shoes! I actually wore my jcrew green slingbacks with yellow and purple today! It is either brillian or....

  3. Love your blue outfit! Of course I like the skirt but that jacket is unique and so pretty.

    I wasn't overwhelmed by the J. Crew rollout. I like the coats. Those red pants are cute, but I don't think I can pull them off. They would be perfect for holidays.

    1. I hear you cate - I think I am getting off the crew lade....

  4. I wondered which of the capri pants you would like!
    The best fun for me now with a roll-out is discussing it with my friends. :)
    I am still staying off the website though the roll-out timing was good, I needed to be on it anyway to buy some things for my husband. The men's line is excellent and not outrageously priced, because men would just walk away and forget all about J Crew if their line was priced as the women's is! Hmph!
    Anyway nothing for myself as a tag-along, it's a MIRACLE. I think many of the pieces are downright hideous, and the fact that they continue to manufacture those insane short Jules dresses, for goodness sakes give it a rest J Crew.

    Okay but I do like the blackwatch trench, Ema tried it on today and it's amazing on her.

    1. Hi dani!

      I am with you - there were some things that were okay, but not great... I got some pieces from nougat lodon a few weeks ago that I will take pics of this weekend - wanted some different pieces....

      You around this weekend? Love to call and debrief?

    2. will do! How many sleeps till Paris??

  5. Why on earth are those capri pants and the cute top so expensive? I don't get it! I went into a nearby store today, wandered around for 20 minutes and wanted nothing...nada... There have been other times when not a single thing in the store has appealed to me - but it has been a while. Thank goodness! I have my eye on a new bag and velvet blazer-both at other vendors.
    Love the blue outfit! Have a great day!

    1. Julie - I hear you on the prices! Shocking! I am exploring elsewhere as well... May need to write to dear leader.... :-)

  6. WMM, I tried to contact you but you have no e-mail listed. :)


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