Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Put a bow on it!

I do love a bow.  Not in my hair anymore, but I confess that in my 18th year I wore a hair ribbon everyday.  Do not ask why - I cannot answer the question myself and you will simply pain us both.  However, if you have a good psychological theory - well THAT I AM interested in...

There are bows all over the Madewell site:

Bowbell Tee

Mini-Bow Pendant Necklace
Bow Cardigan

some slightly more refined than others.

J Crew cannot be left out of the fun:
Leather bow skinny belt

Collection sequin bow pant

And darling Kate Spade supports the trend as well:

double bow studs

skinny mini long bow necklace

I admit - I like a lovely bow.  It makes me think of the things in life which truly make my heart flutter: birthday and christmas gifts.

It also reminds me of something I do not do like anyone else - tie my shoes.  For some god-forsaken reason, I did not learn to tie my shoes like others - I actually make two bows and twist them around.  It appears to work for me but has made me the recipient of much derision and the odd unsolicited "lesson" in shoe-tying.  Fortunately for me, I do not take these things personally, nor do I particularly pay attention, and thus have continued on my merry way in life, oblivious of the right way to do most things..

What made me think of a bow?  Well the other day I popped into the local Winners (our equivalent of TJ Maxx and saw these little beauties on sale for $39:

They are by Anne Marino and despite being 3 1/4" high. are quite comfortable.  I actually bought them in the charcoal grey colourway, which I think will be lovely for the fall.  If you need a pair or want to see the grey version, go here.

I am off to Paris tomorrow.  I have a few blogs lined up and may do a couple along the way once we reach our little spot in southern France on the weekend.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love, love, love the Anne Marino shoes. It seems my local DSW has them in my size so I will be checking them out. Thanks so much for the heads' up. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. I love bows too (gosh, is there anything I don't like?)! A few months ago, I remember hoping the sequin bow pant would get released because I *need* them and now I can't remember why sequined bows all over a pair of pants is a necessity in my life. Grey shoes, on the other hand, are necessary. I find them such a cornerstone to work with more outfits than not. You're so good to schedule posts while you're gone (and more than I can say for myself over the past couple weeks). Enjoy Paris!!!

  3. Oh no bows for me ever.
    I did love having mum put my ribbons in every morning when I was a little girl but I think bows should be for the under 16's.


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