Friday, August 24, 2012

Designers I love - Ralph Lauren

I blame two people for my aspirational lifestyle desires:

1) Mrs. Miniver (yes, THE Mrs. Miniver of the movie - who deserves her own post), whose house is THE house I have coveted my entire life.

2) Ralph Lauren

Today, we will focus on Ralph.  We don't need to get in a lot of biographical information here - Mr. Lauren is known and beloved by many the world over.  He is my silver fox, who just keeps getting better looking as he ages!  Oh i know - he missed the boat with the Olympics, but everyone has a misstep now and then...

Ralph Lauren Ricky Lauren-JTM-058213.jpg

Even better, this is the same Ralph Lauren who is still married to the gorgeous Ricky, mother to his three gorgeous children.

What Ralph sells is LIFESTYLE.  And I want that lifestyle!!!

Look at his new fall arrivals:

Oh if I had a neck of any distinction:

Sleeveless Cashmere-Blend Top - Black Label  Cashmere -

Or a place to wear this delicious skirt:

Silk Charmeuse Octavia Skirt - Black Label  New Fall Arrivals -

Or perhaps Ralph and I will just go for a horseback ride this afternoon (wait!  I forgot that I don't ride...)

Magnolia Tweed Jacket - Blue Label Jackets -

This little Pima cotton shirt dress is only $198 and has made it on to my fall drool list:

Pima Cotton Shirtdress - Blue Label Short Dresses -

But it is the home collection where Ralph really shines for me...

I see this and I want to rush back up above and get on that little grey sweater and skirt, despite the short neck calamity!  I will need it for cocktail hour!
Sabrina Black Glass Tray - Ralph Lauren Home Barware -

Of course, we may be up at the chalet and I will need ivory wool instead..

But never mind, Ralph probably has a few things sitting in the closet at the ranch that I can slip into..


Of course, we might be at the beach house...Either way, surely he has a few size 6s hanging in the closet...

I have a few Ralph Lauren articles of clothing and they are generally well constructed.  I have used his paint and found the colours lovely.

Ralph has tapped into the psyche of the individual who wants to live a more glamorous, beautiful life.  And has ruined me forever!!!  But in the best sort of way...

Do you like Ralph Lauren?  Do you have an equivalent to Ralph that you admire and would love to emulate?

Have a wonderful day mes amis!  By now i am in Paris, wondering placidly and happily...


  1. This is so funny! Every time I go to The Bay I stand in front of the Ralph Lauren bar-wear and imagine it in my house, I love it all!
    I love his style and he certainly captures a lifestyle with his products, no-one does it better.
    I hope you are having a blast in Paris!!

    1. Hey Dani!

      Just got back from another amazing meal! Ready to go south tomorrow morning!

      The wine and food is fantastic - we loved L'orangerie and Notre Dame especially so far!

      I love Paris - what energy and beauty!

  2. I love Ralph! And that silvery mermaid skirt, gosh, I had an exact replica of that in high school! I loved it!

  3. There is something about a silver skirt.. I think Tabitha may have one from theory. I want o e again!

  4. Ahhhh Ralph....I've had a love affair with Ralph my whole life. I love his moneyed look,the country houses and pony style. I so wish we had a Ralph store in my town. I can only find a very small selection at Macy's, but I duplicate the look with other lines. If I were rich I'd wear his collection pieces in my country house and on my pony....hee! He's an American fashion icon. I got all the Sept. fashion mags and his ads are the BEST!!! Gorgeous.....also was quite in love with Tommy Hilfiger's fall ads. Both designers are really rocking the look I love....just give me a tweed A-line skirt, a cashmere sweater, a pair of brogues and a silk scarf and I'm a happy girl.

    1. I hear you! It is so timeless and always spot on.... One of our local stores carries quite a bit of Ralph and I hope there are some goodies.

  5. How are you loving Paris?! It must be just fantastic this time of year! I've been in October and in July :) I love Ralph too! He designed the men's suits in the old movie version of The Great Gatsby, didn't he? He's been chanelling old-money-americana for ages and does it better than anyone else. I'm with Straycat. I was flipping through the September issue of Vanity Fair and RL and TH ads were the best! I don't know what JC was thinking with their campaign (basically the first few pages of the September "style guide").

    1. hi CC!

      Paris was a bit of a religious experience! I loved it! We are now in southern France and are back in Paris Friday and Saturday!

      I think Ralph personifies elegance...sigh.. I am so hoping to track down that dress above...

  6. Closet Crisis....Yah, what WAS JC thinking with their new ads? They're thinking the ads are clever.....I'm not so sure. I agree, they are simply the style guide all over again. JC used to inspire a lifestyle like Ralph and Tommy, but they don't do it for me anymore. I really miss the old JC.

  7. I am with you ladies! I want to see something more elegant and less playful for the $! Maybe I am being edged out of JC?

  8. I heart Ralph Lauren too- I have a flagship store across my work, but sadly cannot afford most of that gorgeousness. I did paint half of my house in RL paint though.


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