Thursday, August 16, 2012


SOOOO much to love this time!
I am very glad that I only got a few basic pieces in Boston!!!  I see a lot here that fits into my fall colour story (if you recall, navy and blacks with hits of rich green, rich blue and berry/pinks) and some things that will help me complete the list!

First - what I truly loved:

The Paisley Applique top:

Paisley appliqué top

You can't see the detail very well on the ivory version, but you can see them very nicely on the black which I show below.  I love a textured top and I love paisley...

Paisley appliqué top
The sandwashed silk tee in champagne:

Sandwashed silk tee

I love its simplicity and can see it with my jeans or with a lovely suit.

The Collection Draped Georgette Top:

Collection draped georgette top

I also like this in the sand colour!  Again - very elegant!

The Nicky top in silk crepe de chine in warm jade and ivory.  I may order both of these colours as I think they will take me into the late fall and will be so lovely...

Nicky top
This one reminds me of the old Frances Cami.

The Hacking Jacket in Herringbone (in the dusty jade colour):

Hacking jacket in herringbone

I am somewhat nervous about this one, as I have never tried the hacking jacket and have heard various things about the sizing.  I think this is a beautiful jacket...

I am debating this against the velvet schoolboy in boulevard green:

Schoolboy blazer in velvet

What do you think?

Likewise, I love the schoolboy jacket in herringbone in romance pink:

Schoolboy blazer in wool herringbone

I think this is one of those colours that would just pick you up in the dead of winter...

The Collection No 2 pencil skirt in the floral brocade:

Collection No. 2 pencil skirt in floral brocade

I was unsure about this skirt until I saw it on the website this morning.  It basically has all of my colours for fall/winter built into it and as you know, I have blue suede shoes as well.  I can see this sparking up my black and navy blazers and looking elegant with the black boots I plan to buy as soon as I find a pair I like.

Likewise, the Collection No. 2 in cheetah brocade:

Collection cheetah brocade pencil skirt

I LOVE this skirt...  I am imagining styling this with the white blouse I am searching for, some lovely gold jewellry.... sigh...And the $800 sequin tshirt is pretty darn nice as well...Maybe I will be able to pick it up for a mere $500 CDN on sale at some point, heehee!

This will have to wait, as it is not high on the list... but it is truly divine...

The blue elephant necklace (with the lovely emerald green stone in the centre):

Blue elephant pendant necklace

This will look awesome with my blue blythe, my greens, etc and will be a fun addition to the fall...

The Collection Cafe Capri in foulard.  These are lovely, but $400 CDN.  I will watch for these on sale...

Collection café capri in tuxedo foulard

Finally, the stretch perfect end on end shirt in light poppy:

Stretch perfect shirt in end-on-end

A simple basic, with a slightly richer hue.  The pale blues and pink wash me out to much - this will be nice...

A late addition.  Crepe de Chine top in Cabernet - I like this rich colour, makes me think of the wine I drink:

Short-sleeve crepe top

This is from my first go through.  I am off to a pedicure and then I am going to come back, sit with
 my list and place an order, that will be nicely waiting for me when I get back from France!

What did YOU love???


  1. I like the hacking jacket but I really thought it was same old same old.

    1. YOu are right - they are repeating themes. I just like it when they repeat themes I like!!

  2. I read your picks before I even had a look at the new arrivals. Laughing at the crepe de chine top the same color as your wine, you won't have to worry about stains!
    I am interested in some things but I don't know if I'll buy anything. I like the slim trench in the pink color, but what is the color really like in real life? I also have a pale pink Lady Day from about 4 years ago. I have no need for a hacking jacket though I really like the looks of it. But really, I have 2 jackets for fall and none on my list.
    However if money was no object I'd pick: that cheetah print brocade skirt, love it! The pale pink schoolboy, so pretty. I agree the Nicky top is very nice, you'll get loads of use out of that one for work. And the sandwashed silk tee, that would feel lovely on.
    Have a good ped!

    1. Thanks Dani! And I buggered up the big toe already! Sigh - and THAT is why I shouldn't wear white jeans on an airplane!!!

  3. I love all of your picks!!! I need that green hacking jacket!!!!!

    1. Not the pencil skirts???? DOn't fail me now girl!

  4. Great picks WMM! I was offline most of yesterday, and it looks like I missed out on a couple of your have been busy! I'll be catching up on all of it shortly. :)

    Not much for me in this rollout other than the Sterling skirt (of course), but now I think I will just go for the Black and Crimson Maple, as I'm not sure about the Retro Jade. I was hoping it was going to be more green and muted instead of bright blue. Hopefully my store will get it in so that I can see it in person...who knows, maybe I will like it after all. :)

    I also think the Herringbone Schoolboy blazer in both pink and blue is so pretty. I love the soft colors.

    1. I tried the cafe capris in that retro jade in Boston and I found them very bright. I did not mind them in the tippi as you could tone it down in other ways, but I found that colour much brighter than last year's viridian great, which is softer. I am curious about the sterling skirt. I have no defined waist and skinny legs, so I am thinking that shape will not be as flattering as the pencil skirt. I loved the crimson maple colour..

    2. WMM. I wonder if that skirt would work for us? It would be great to own a non constricting skirt.
      Might have to buy padded butt pants!

    3. Well Tabs - I could take one for the team and order it and then you could see! If we don't like it, I send it back, heehee!!

      Lord, I sort of felt that we were channelling a little gollum and smeagol there!!! I have always wondered about those padded butt undies!!! I just want to push my belly through to the other side! Would that I could!!!

      I have gone back through and am now sadly seeing that when I consider pulling the trigger, I am backing off.. I think I will order the valentinas with my 20% off coupon and my $25 reward card and I might have the jade blouse accompany them (plus maybe a sterling skirt just to see!) on the trip so they don't get lonely! I am anxious for AJC's review of the brocade skirt - but I still think I will sit that one out till sale time!!!

      I am actually planning to go buy myself a pair of black short converse sneakers for the airplane/trip! God! I may forget this whole elegantizing myself for the 50s and go punk!

  5. Hi-I picked up the paisley top yesterday in store, but need to try it on with a few more things. It is cotton and much nicer IRL than online. I bought the ivory since I'm trying to stay away from black. I liked the fit, and found it to be very comfortable. The silk tee was also in store and it was awful. The shoulders are cut very narrow and the body was boxy. It was not easy to get out of and felt constricting. At check out I told the store manager that it was disappointing since it is just what I could use and he said that other had commented on the tricky fit.
    There a a lot of pieces that I like, but until I see them in person - I'm not falling in love. The sterling skirt in crimson maple, the draped gorgette blouse and the hot pink collection blazer. I have a call into my VPS to ask about the color of that jacket - 'cause I love the style and vibrant pink would work will all of my neutral and denim. Plus, I love the shawl collar overall look of it. There is another item she is researching for me on the 2nd or 3rd page of the Style Guide. It is a navy top-maybe wool, short sleeved...and not a sweater.

  6. Oh Julie - look forward to hearing about your luck on these! I am anxious for AJC to review the floral skirt, as it could work really well with my fall colours..

  7. Hi, I saw the floral brocade skirt in the store yesterday. It seemed a special occasion skirt with the embossing and metallic thread--a bit too shiny for me, but beautiful if that's what you're looking for.

    The paisley top also caught my eye and I made note of it for a future try-on.

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the skirt - sounds too fancy for my needs, sadly! I am just looking for a skirt that is a bit more special without being too fancy. Will keep looking!

  9. Apparently the pale pink Schoolboy isn't very 'pale' IRL. Another JCA described it as Bubble Gum pink, and someone else shared a picture of it here.

    1. Oh dear! I loved the pale-pinkness of it, and would definitely go nowhere near if it is that pink! Too bade, as the skirt also looking promising..

  10. OT, wanted to remind you, in Paris, the Cluny museum was put there just for you! and see my Paris
    osts for nice walks, it's not just food. Bon Voyage!

    1. Thanks Fred! WIll definitely do so - thanks!

  11. The collection pencil skirt are gorgeous. I haven't made any new fall arrival purchases yet because the one piece I really want is that shawl collar jacket. And I am debating whether or not to shell out the bucks for a piece that only comes in neon colors!

    1. Oh the neon - I am so over the neon...

  12. I love your blouse picks, and your green choices. Many of your picks were at the top of my wish list as well. Having seen the brocade skirt in person, I can say that it was not for me, although it will certainly be a statement piece. Enjoy your trip!

    1. thanks Knityarns! Once I saw some of the reviews, the brocade was not for me as well. Thank goodness for the JCA community!


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