Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Greige Suit Lives Another Day

Thanks so much all for your great advice on these outfits!

1) talbots coat now sleeps with the fishes.  Well, not really, but you know what I mean.
2) Nicole Miller dress is on life support - likely will go to the great Charity box in the sky
3) J Crew griege suit was in a bag, ready to go, but Knityarns made a suggestion about combining it my madewell scarf or perhaps a rose top underneath.

Well, it wasn't the Madewell scarf that did it in the end (it looked nice, but not amazing with the greige), but another beautiful wool scarf I own:

Teamed with the Naomi top in mint and my mint, rose and lavender leopard print scarf and my valentinas in leopard print, it looks awesome, as it does with the raspberry top below:

With these colours, the suit blends away and you focus on the colour.

Suit will live a little longer I believe....

thank you all so much!


  1. It looks amazing in both photos and I really love the raspberry, I think that is such a great color for you!

  2. I think Raspberry is one of my top 3 colours of all time! could it be all the raspberries I eat???? (wait - no discussion of food till you are on the mend!)

    P.s. - so happy your husband bought you the lovely necklace. I hemmed and hawwed over that one in Boston - it was lovely!

    I decided to look for necklaces in France - easier to bring back then all of the antiques and such I would want!

  3. So glad you reconsidered. A good suit is hard to find!

    1. I just needed a nudge - thanks!

  4. Wow, you have changed my mind about the suit. It serves as a blank canvas that you will have to paint on...how lovely and creative you will get to be. Nice- thanks knit yarns for challenging my sartorial thoughts. And thank you WMM.

  5. Thanks Anon! Yes, I was quite humbled to haul it back on and try it again. Considering it was not an inexpensive suit, Knityarns is my heroine for getting me to look at it differently!

  6. Looks wonderful WMM! Mint and Raspberry are obviously two more of 'your' colors. They look absolutely gorgeous on you! :)


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