Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chez WMM, Part Deux - The Parisian Toilette!

In 10 days I will be waking up in Paris for the first time!

This is very exciting for me - I am equal parts Anglophile, Francophile, Canuckophile and Americana-ophile!  I have been to France, but never Paris, so this will be absolutely wonderful!

A couple of weeks ago, you visited my dining room.  I am now going to take you on a short visit to another spot chez moi - my downstairs washroom, which is my Paris room!

All of the work in this room was done by Mr. WMM, except some crackfilling of the dry wall.  To make this bathroom, we pushed out a wall to get to the window, and basically had to tear the whole room apart to start over! 

The sign outside on the door - so helpful for newbies to our house...

The view as you walk in... Yes, that is a marble floor and even better, it is a heated marble floor!

Honestly, these tiles are to die for.  They are kept at a constant 24 degrees celcius, which I think is mid 70s in fahrenheit?  He did a wonderful job laying these and in the dead of winter, hopping out of the shower on to these is wonderful!

To the immediate left when you walk in is the shower.  Above the bronze finish towel rank is an inexpensive print of an old map of Paris.  The wallpaper is a lovely black and white toile.

The shower curtain is en francais, and correct french, Fred!

There is half a wall immediately to the right of the toilet - it contained the pipes of the old wall and would have been very pricey to move, so we simply incorporated it into the room!

Because one can't take one's decorating too seriously, there is a print of the rat pack in Vegas over the toilet!  Since there is an eiffel tower in Vegas, I thought it only appropos that the Sands would figure in my Paris bathroom!

Across from the toilet are two storage cupboards for linens and beauty products tucked in flush to the wall.  Above it is a myriad of things collected on the way - some antique, some new...

The bottom piece is my favourite - a chinese cork landscape that is very old.

And tucked in the corner, is a lovely vanity I ordered off the internet:

Because we did all of the work ourselves, this was a VERY cheap reno.  Everything, including a new window and blind, was done for less than $5,000!  Considering we went down to the studs, this was cheap indeed!

This is a lovely room.  I wish we had taken before photos!  Himself is reno-ing the laundry room, which is next door to this washroom and i have had my wits about me and taken before photos there!

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!  I am all Ralph Lauren -  linen shirt and white jeans - and J Crew flats  today - it has been a rainy, dreary weekend, but we live on a well, so I like the rain!


  1. Oh that's just beautiful, I love wallpaper in loos and idiosyncratic decor.

    1. we are nothing if not idiosyncratic - it's even on our business cards!!! I love that bathroom - we might have a party in there sometime!

  2. That is a fun powder room. The Rat Pack photo is fabulous! We need to reno a bathroom later this year. It will be a DIY project with a lot of reconfiguration so I have some designing to do. I can't wait!

    1. Hi Julie - it is fun to do these - our laundry room is a disaster and we have big plans - but most will wait till we get back from France!

  3. What an elegant, and whimsical room. We,too, are DIYERS. I love your choice of the toile and shower curtain. Enjoy Paris, and leave plenty of empty room in your suitcase!

    1. Thanks KnitYarns! We love to do it ourselves, both from a practical and financial aspect and because Mr. WMM can do it. He does it SLOWLY at times, but he can do it!! We did get some advice about taking out the wall and dividing the space between that room and our new laundry room and that was very helpful! Of course, the problem with reno-ing is that you see the next room adjacent and you have to keep going.... sigh... and then you do it all again....

  4. Replies
    1. thanks Fred! WHat do you think of a cocktail party in a bathroom???

  5. This bathroom is gorgeous I love it! I am very impressed that you did the work yourselves. We can barely change lightbulbs around here, I'm not even joking. The ones set in to the ceiling I have to get our handyman to do.
    The cork picture is gorgeous, well I love it all!

    1. Thanks Dani! I am not handy at all! I am a good boss and I have a vision and then I make poor husband do it! Well, he likes to do it, so it is not as much a hardship as it sounds....


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