Friday, August 17, 2012

J Crew Fall Roll-out Part II -what I actually ordered!

Okay - as I mentioned last night, after the initial excitement of the rollout for me (do you see a trend?  I am a sucker for some good hoopla!), I revisited my "list" and what I really wanted for the fall. 

You will recall the list (God - I am reading Les Miserables and am starting to think and talk like Victor Hugo!):

  1. A dressy white button down blouse  - LOOKING!
  2. Another, non-white, dressy blouse - LOOKING!
  3. A Day Dress - DONE!
  4. An extra dress coat - LOOKING!
  5. A navy pea coat - LOOKING!
  6. Black Dressy Boots - LOOKING!
  7. Coloured shoe and bag (must wait for a sale of some sort as these are fun but not a necessity!)
  8. Dressy dress or party coat/wrap (same as #7 - I can survive the winter without this but if a lovely one goes on promo it will be mine!)
  9. My version of the junk drawer - I am allowing myself one item per month, no more, but not until I have acquired what is on the list above. Must fit in colour story.  I know myself and this will actually serve as a nice pressure valve!  In some months, this could simply be a tshirt or chinos.  If I am really good, there will be some months with NO purchases!

As faithful readers (okay - maybe some of you are not faithful as much as curious, respectful and just wondering what I am going to blather on about next...) you know that I already picked up a day dress.  If you missed this lovely tale, feel free to circle back and take a gander here.  I hope to get another nice dress later this fall and winter during one of the big sales, but I am content with this.

I have yet to find the #1 item on my list - the fancy white blouse - I plan to look in France, but I suspect that I will not find this elusive item till October, when the fancier party blouses are released in advance of the holidays.

Which left #2 - another, dressy, non-white blouse.  I looked at many items all over the web, but have settled on a blouse, which if it works, will work well with the rosy pink/burgundy colour story and my blue colour story and look equally elegant with jeans.

The Collection scoopneck top in silk scarf foulard:

Collection scoopneck top in silk scarf foulard

It is described thusly:

"Pulled from the storied archives of Italy's Ratti print house, this intricate foulard print was designed back in the '50s by Mr. Ratti himself as part of his original scarf collection. In a sleek scoopneck silhouette, it's absolutely effortless."

Well, I am not really familiar with Mr. Ratti, but I do love a good story.  And as for its effortlessness, well, I have been all through the site twice and that felt anything BUT effortless..

With my 20% coupon and my $25 reward card, this will come in at slightly more than $200 CDN, which I do not consider terrible if this is a truly lovely blouse (which only I, and the purolator man who delivers the package while I am in France, will be the judge of).  If it doesn't work, well, no harm, no foul...

I am still searching for boots - none of the JCrew quite fit the bill.  and frankly, I have very thin legs and feel the need to try the boots on in person!

I am also waiting for some reviews of this year's majesty peacoats and Dani's review of the wool icon trench, so those will be september orders for me, depending...

In the interim, I going back to the shoe I so loved in Boston and which will look amazing with my new minnies in boulevard green and my green accent colour story:

The Valentinas in dusty jade.  I love these!  And with the 20% off and knowing that they fit already (if you recall I tried on the poppy version of these!) I consider them money well spent!  and they are on the list!  If their brompton bag hits a sale, that may come home as well...

Valentina patent pumps

And that is it!  Thank GOD for the list.....It is keeping me very focused.....


  1. It's great to have a list isn't it? I have them for so many things, I'm never happy without a crumpled one in my pocket.

    1. You should have been with me this afternoon:

      School supplies list
      Pharmacy list for trip
      Grocery list to make chicken supreme in honor of Julia child's 100th birthday
      Liquor store list

      I did get confused once or twice and asked for a nice Pinot noir at the stationnery shoppe..

  2. I love my Majesty Peacoat in navy. I had an issue with the prickly shoulder pads but J.Crew paid for having them removed by my (beloved) tailor. Probably the quality is not the greatest but I love the fit, fabric and color. I wore it at least every other day for 6 months last year. Hopefully it they did not tinker with it.
    I am not sure if the foulard blouse will work for you. The print is pretty but I think this shape adds bulk on top. I would look for something with v-neck or scoopneck, skimming the chest and nipping in the waist. I quite liked Madewell peplum top that I will review on Monday, I wonder it it would work for you? It has quite a lot of room in the chest and you may think no about peplum (this is how I always felt) but I think it actually created waist definition...
    For a fancy white blouse how about Ann Fountaine, too expensive for me but if you are willing to spend more you should check her out.
    For me the Icon cashmere is not warm enough I prefer stadium cloth. For the boots, I would look elsewhere, I have several pairs of JC boots and I love them but last year they were all too flimsy, especially at the prices they want to charge and yes, you definitely want to try them on...

    1. Me too, I bought the navy one and lived in it last year.

    2. Thanks! I am likely going to order in september.

      Thanks for the advice AJC - will give the blouse a try and you can all give me good advice as to fit, etc. Love the print, and am hoping that it will look nice tucked in. But as with all things JC, the proof is in the pudding..

    3. AJC - I just looked at the peplum top and quite liked it - do they fit TTS? I may order it as a back up

  3. For the dressy white blouse, did you consider the Blythe? Not sure if that's the style you've got in mind though. I tried on the Silk Foulard top today and it is beautiful, though it is a swing shape. Since I'm top-heavy, I would've preferred if it had some waist definition. Otherwise, the material and print are gorgeous. I'd still keep my options open for it if it should go on super-sale.

    1. Thanks for the heads up - will see what I think when I get it - I would wear it tucked in with formal suits - if that doesn't work, well, back it will go. But I am crossing fingers.

      I like the blythe but I am looking for something a little more special for my super dressy blouse

  4. for dressy white blouse - in Paris - or any large city in France - Anne Fontaine. TDF. chck the website before you go.

    1. I will look for the sale rack - prices were tres cher.....

    2. Yes, this is not disposable fashion. You have to know you'll love it for a long time. But be of good cheer, generally cheaper in store in Paris

  5. I'm not quite sure how dressy you are wanting for black boots, but I picked up the Sam Edelman 'Serephina' boot in black a few weeks ago and love them! I needed something slightly more sophisticated than my usual platform obsessed style, and I wanted them to be comfortable enough to wear for long periods. Nordstrom has a free shipping/return policy so I decided to go for it and order them, sight unseen. In person I just love them! The leather is pretty shiny, which I wasn't sure about at first. But after pairing them with skinny jeans and trying them out with a pencil skirt I'm sold. =)
    One thing that I love about them is how small they are around the calf. I'd say my calves are average, but I still usually have a gap at the tops of my boots. With these there is no gap at all and I love it.
    Just thought I would share my find with you!


    1. Oh those are lovely boots! My only problem would be the heel height! I can't do more than 3 " now - feet hurt too much as does back (lord I sound like an old woman!)

      I am going to search more in this brand - they are very nice!


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