Saturday, April 13, 2013

Random Saturday Musings

Hi everyone,

It's that time of the week again, the time when I download the junk in my brain and fill yours with things you wish you didn't know or didn't need to know!  But that is half the fun!

1) The Cast Reunion of the Women of the Mary Tyler Moore Show

I rarely watch TV during the day.  I made an exception this past Monday because I knew that Katie Couric would be interviewing the wonderful women of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, who were filming an episode of Hot in Cleveland that will air this September.  I have not ever watched the latter show, but even now, if I see the Mary Tyler Moore Show in reruns, I will stop and watch. 

Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, Georgia Engels
It was a lovely interview and you can tell that these women really love each other and are so proud, and deservedly so, of the wonderful work they did on the show (and in subsequent shows separately).  Given the sad health situation of Valerie Harper, this is likely the last time these women will appear together in public and I found it very emotional to watch them interact with each other.

Where I lived in Canada, the Mary Tyler Moore Show aired on CBC on Monday evenings.  I had my Brownie meetings on Monday nights as well and as soon as the meetings ended I would run the two blocks home in the dark (Brownies only ran from September till March and my memories are that it was always dark when we were done!), terrified of what might be hiding behind the bushes and terrified that I would miss the start of the MTM show.  My mother and I were faithful watchers and even now, when I hear the theme, I think of my mother and the 1970s and it makes me equally happy and sad.

Mary Tyler Moore was one of the TV style icons of the 1970s - everything she wore looked fantastic at the time and a lot of it still does!  Who knows how she could afford to buy such clothes on her paltry WJM salary?

I'd wear this dress!
But the boho style of Valerie Harper was especially cool to me:

It was a real treat to see these ladies again and I was awfully glad I caught the interview.

2) Nate Berkus is getting married.

Some of you may not know who Nate Berkus is.  He is a wonderful decorator/designer who came into the public eye through his association with Oprah and her show.  He had his own show afterwards (I think I only saw one of those episodes).  He has written a couple of design books.  But he is equally famous for surviving the 2003 tsunami in which he lost his then-boyfriend, Fernando.  Like all similar stories from that horrific event, it was very sad and for a long time afterwards, though Nate would be smiling, my daughter and I always felt his eyes were sad.  Every time I click by The Impossible with Naomi Watts I want to watch it, but am filled with dread as well - any of you folks watch it?

But Nate's eyes are sad no more.  Nate is getting married!  To a fellow named Jeremiah Brent, who I don't know (I only say this as he is some kind of TV personality not because i think I know everyone!) and look how his eyes sparkle:

 I do like a happy ending.  Congratulations Nate!

3) It is April 13th and it is snowing

I believe that this ongoing weather

a) explains my wanton disregard for stringing my budget out over 3 months and blowing it in 3 hours on Thursday on summer frocks
b) explains my sense of doom that Game of Thrones is not really a TV show, but a reality TV show...
c) explains my sudden interest in looking at pictures of beaches on pinterest

Everything that was brown and luscious with early spring muck is all white again.  I am wondering about my ancestors and their interesting choice to live in a climate where the temperature ranges from -40C to +40C and in which you can really only sit outside warmly and happily for three months of the year.  Kind of tells you what they left behind, huh?

Perhaps it was the white tulips.  Perhaps I was attracting the white snow with them?  Well, they died and guess what?  They have been replaced by bright colourful roses instead!

I refuse to give in to the misery that spring may just be skipped this year in favour of something else altogether, but it is hard to keep the old chin up.

So I am visiting gardens online and in magazines and this is making me most cheerful!  I am also going to one of my "happy" places and visiting the Corn Hill Nursery website.

Corn Hill Nursery is one of the loveliest garden nurseries that I have ever been to, and has the largest selection of plants grown on site in the Maritimes.  Located in the heart of New Brunswick amongst rolling hills, it is a magnificent, magical place.  You can wander about for hours and it is all for sale. Sigh...And then you can take a break and have a sandwich or salad or dessert and a glass of wine and look out over the gardens... sigh...If you are coming to New Brunswick, you will have to stop and see me and then stop and visit there!

4.  My Boho top

I got my J crew things (the ones ordered two weeks ago in the big sale) yesterday - the sweaters were keepers and the pants were divine, the shoes, not so much.  Will post pics on those tomorrow.

However, since I was trying those things on, I thought I would take a picture (all by my lonesome!) in the new boho top I posted about yesterday so you could see it in real life:

I was vying with the plants for some room!

The bat wing arms above.  Hey - you can see I am out of toilet paper on one side!

I love the golden tie cords and the pale gold on the end of the sleeves.  I see wearing this with my my blue and white jeans or with a simple skirt or long white bermuda shorts.  What I love most about Nougat London is that there is a real retro vibe about a lot of their items and the details are quite lovely. 

In these pictures I am wearing the J Crew domino capris in ivory from 2012 that suddenly popped back in my size last weekend.  I snagged these for $40 and they are just wonderful. 

5) An interesting dinner party

Barry and I are off to a dinner party with our regular circle of friends this evening. There are 6 couples and we are usually up for anything.  The couple hosting this evening have come up with a novel idea: there will be 6 small courses, and each of those 6 courses will be cooked by randomly chosen pairs of people.  This promises to be fun and I am quite excited by the idea and of who my partner will be and what our course will be!  Will report back on this one tomorrow!

So that is my Saturday morning.  Between now and dinner tonight, I will be cleaning, organizing and relaxing.  And praying for no snow or freezing rain!  Stay safe out there!


  1. Your new top is so lovely, what a beautiful pattern. I think I might have purchased Corn Hill roses when I lived in NB? Do they have a big selection of hardy roses? I never did get to visit the nursery but I remember ordering the roses through the mail!
    Our ice storm has melted and we are off to the city today, I can't wait. Of course I don't want to wear winter clothes but it is still cold here. The constant winter is also driving me mad, I don't know what will happen if I see summer frocks in the shops today!
    Enjoy your dinner out, that sounds fun.

    1. Yes - they mail order roses and grapes here! No ice yet - is just snowing like mad!

      Good luck in TO - I think the weather did me in and the fine day on Thursday made me have spring fever!

  2. What's Brownie? J am sorry for the snow but if it makes you feel better it was freezing cold too here yesterday too (rain not snow).
    I love the colors in your new top and the bat wings!
    The dinner sounds like fun! We are staying at home because my husband leaves early tomorrow morning for a business trip but I rented Life of Pi and I can't wait to see it! I want to see the Impossible but it isn't out on Netflix yet.

    1. Hi Ema.

      Brownies are like girl scouts. In Canada we have sparks for girls aged 5 to 7 and then Brownies for 7-10 I think and then Girl Guides. I wasn;t a good Girl Guide - was more interested in other things by then, but I did love brownies - lots of crafts, some camping, etc.

      I still haven't seen Life of Pi, which is so odd as I loved the book!

  3. That dinner party sounds really fun! You will have to report back.

    I love the looks of that nursery!

    I'm laughing at your line about your ancestors and their interesting choice. Some of mine moved from sunny coastal Italy to upstate NY, you've got to wonder about that too.

    I was talking to my mom (in T.O.) yesterday, and she opened the back curtains and made a disgusted sound when she saw the weather, and said she was closing the curtains.

    My husband is in Canada at the moment and we were talking about the news. He was saying how civilized it is compared to the US, and I found myself attempting to describe your funny PEI news clip :)

    I read yesterday's post and I'm so glad that you got the envelope back, what a kind man.

    That top really suits you and the colours are so beautiful.

    We have intermittent sun here, as well as a lot of rain. The other day, I biked four times (just to and fro things) and managed to be biking in the rain each time, despite the sun at other times of the day!

    1. Oh good for you Abby! I need to get my bicycle put Nd try not to are up a lung bicycling up hill! Coastal Italy to upstate New York....

  4. Nate and his mister are handsome devils. Oh boy, look at that weather, I will never complain again. The top is crying out for a holiday to the Caribbean.

    1. We will meet there tonight! I will max out credit cards and we will look for sugars daddies!

  5. I have seen The Impossible and I highly recommend. Thought Naomi was fantastic. The shirt is quite lovely on you. How you survive that amount of winter I will never understand. Not to gloat, but we are dining outside tonight with friends.

    1. Oh BB - arrgghh! It hurts to know that there are warm places and I am not in them!

  6. I loved MTM too. Your outfit is perfection! If I am ever in NB-sigh- I would love to meet at your wonderful nursery. Have a nice weekend!

    1. KNityarns - you really do need to come to the maritimes - you can hit Lane en route in Maine!

    2. Totally. And I have some buttonholes in a cardigan I am knitting that need help.

  7. The photos of you in your white bathroom look very summery. I'm going to pretend it is a cottage somewhere. The top is lovely and suits you very well.

    More rain/snow forecast for us today too and I have errands to do so it will be a nasty mess. I should stop complaining, it doesn't make it any better.

    1. xoxo - I hear you! I will pretend it is a summery cottage as well. I may live in the bathroom till summer....

  8. We really are tough old birds to live where we do. Our slush is about melted so hopefully yours will be gone soon, too, so you can rock that top!

    Your friends must have a massive kitchen to accommodate 12 chefs! I'm having guests and serving them the same menu I devised for those here 2 weeks ago--easy.

    So nice for Nate. We are now legal here, so I expect to be attending a few weddings this summer.

    1. NO - their kitchen is tiny, though open concept! I imagine there will be much hilarity!

      It is nice to have so many friends who can marry now!

      I like to redo menus as well - makes it very relaxing! However, was in winter recipe repeat doldrums (that is a post in itself and think it will be!) and am now scouring cookbooks weekly to give us all a jolt!

  9. I used to love watching MTM. Very sad about Valerie, yes. I'm sorry Spring is passing you by. Chin must arrive sometime don't you think? I love, love that new top on you! It seems perfect for your style and the colour is great.

  10. Thanks - I am thinking that we will simply go winter-summer. Has been known to happen here!

  11. Loved MTM! Was soooo happy that she had realistic social experiences, i.e., parties where the wrong people showed up, unforgivable fix-ups, nosy neighbor, overbearing boss....

    I watch GoT for the clothes and the hair. Wish they'd give us more footwear and accessories. For preposterous fiction I prefer quarterly earnings statements.

    1. Oay - you made me laugh out loud with your last line!

  12. PICK & MIX WMM, have I mentioned I <3 your weekend mash-ups? Top entirely worth splurge. Sparkling eyes/ happy couples always good. Winter overdone nuff said. Looking forward to your dinner party report, that sounds like a riot. Have a nice, leisurely Sunday morning...

    1. And please excuse typos (that new non BB phone).

    2. well you and i will have to talk offline as I am soon to be in market for a non BB phone!


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