Friday, January 4, 2013

Miller Time Friday Brought to you by Vanilla and Navy

It is still cold here!  Someone has got to turn up the heat!

Okay, my disorganization is still here with me!  I haven't even begun to dismantle Christmas, as we have workmen coming today to lay the laundry room floor and all of my appliances are in my family room and I can't even get to my Christmas boxes.  That's okay.  Tomorrow is another day, as Scarlett would say!  Until I can get back to Tara I will continue to read and relax.  Tabs - I had a Vanilla Bean Latte yesterday at Starbucks - thought of you, though I don't think  you drink the vanilla.

But don't you think that Vanilla is the official "flavour" of January?

I guess it is that velvety off-white colour that seems so appropros when you look out at the winter weather..

You can wear it, decorate with it:

 Make a lovely cake with it:

I make one by Nigella Lawson and here is the recipe here:


  • 2.25 teaspoon(s) baking powder
  • 188 ml Vegetable oil
  • 250 ml milk
  • 625 ml Flour
  • 4 egg(s)
  • 500 ml caster sugar
  • 1 teaspoon(s) vanilla
Today I am all in black yesterday, I was completely in navy!

All J Crew (Merino turtleneck, tippi cardigan and wool cafe capris)

Since it is Miller Time, I reminded myself of the following:

Yohoho and all that!!!  Dani - best set out the coke - we may need to go immediately to the hardstuff tonight!


On the 10th Day of Christmas WMM gave to me:

A reminder that there are many paths to take

Sometimes in life, we go round and round.  Sometimes we go down paths only to find that we are somewhere other than our intended destination.  That's okay.  What I love best when I travel is taking, to quote Mr. Frost, "The Road Less Travelled". 

You just never know what is around the corner.  At least I don't.  This picture reminds me of a very hot day at a medieveal village in southern France.  People have walked through this little alley for centuries.  I am just another set of feet poking along and I take a lot of comfort in that.  Fabulous Florida Mommy always has such great advice and wise words in her blog.  I particularly liked her most recent wise words here.  Time does indeed have a way of showing us what is important.  Take those little sidepaths.  And look for me around the corner, as I will be there (only today, I will be holding a rum and coke!)

Have a safe day out there!


  1. Ah, rum and coke, sitting on the dock, bare feet dangling... I'd been away from it for years, then needed a bottle of Gosling's for Dark & Stormies. And then I read the label, which went on and on about the history if the rum and of the D&S. There was a little note at the end of the essay: also makes a relaxing beverage mixed with coca-cola, in a tall glass over ice. I was 16 again in a minute.

    BTW, these days US coke is made with fructose, but many of the local markets carry coke imported from Mexico. where it is made with cane sugar. It is also in a glass bottle, not plastic or can. Oh can you taste the difference!

    1. Fred, I don't know if I can find Mexican cola around here, but will take a look! Rum and coke is definitely a summer drink, at least in my mind! For my husband and his buddies, they are good any time!

  2. I will make it for Miller time this week...YAY! I love Vanilla, Navy, and that photo of you in the little alley in France. The cake looks absolutely delicious, too. I must give that one a try!

    Thank you for the kind mention and 'link love'. I hope that you are enjoying your time off, even if there are workmen in your house. At least it will be nice to have your laundry room floor redone, so that is a plus...right?

    I'll take one of those Rum & Cokes, btw. Plus I'm bringing the Chocolate dessert that I blogged about in my Friday post last week. You are going to love it! :)

    1. Well thank goodness you are here! Think dani is taking #1 son back to uni, but I think she left back door open for crew! Yay to chocolate cake!

  3. Excuse me but where is the carton of Vanilla ice cream??? My all-time favorite! Your cake looks almost like the cake donuts I ate today...

    I love that alley photo, it feels like we're there! Sounds like chaos at your house but just imagine how great it will be to have the fridge out of the family room (sorry Mr. WMM!) etc! You'll have the place back in order in no time once you get those big things put back in place.

    1. Hey Cate - you are right! I had Breyer 's French vanilla bean on Christmas Day - yum!

      Did you love seeing Dani's bathroom this am? Now I want a towel warmer! ;-)

      Floor looks great - now he is really inspired to finish up!

  4. RUM RUNNER Trooping up behind WFF, FFM and cate for Miller Time, glass, ice and lime at the ready. That picture of you just says everything. I'm digging out the dregs of Appleton's (pater's stash) for you tonight, must do.
    RCN Toasts of the Day, just in case you need 'em and starting with Friday of course:

    Friday - 'Our nation/Notre nation'
    Saturday - 'Our families/Nos familles'
    Sunday - 'Absent friends/Amis absents'
    Monday - 'Our ships/Nos navires'
    Tuesday - 'Our sailors/Nos marins'
    Wednesday - 'Ourselves/Nous-memes'
    Thursday - 'Our navy/Notre Marine'
    (Don't tell Tabs or my long-sailed ex. BF but I think the British ones are much better.)

    1. Oh I have never heard of these toasts! I think Tuesday will be my day! I will be dreaming of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra in On the Town!

      I love these! We need our own toasts!

  5. I've got a bottle of Lamb's rum in the cabinet already! Our good friend David drinks it with coke zero, I like to have his mix on hand, he calls it a Skinny Pirate.
    Lovely Miller Time and lovely post too. I know that medieval alley well, so comforting to see it!

    1. OH that is so funny! A Skinny Pirate! I must meet David someday, I am quite sure he is my kind of guy!

  6. OMG! I thought you were going there when you first wrote coke and hardstuff...I had to read it again to understand. I know I am a dufus, but I got to have a laugh-yay. I am going to invest in some Nilla wafers (do you have those?) for tea time. All I know is the road less traveled and not entirely by choice sometimes. But, always I am thankful and love it because I am on my way. Talk to you soon... NJ

    1. Hi NJ!

      I laughed out loud when I read your comment! Nah - just coca cola here! I will not deny inhalining 30 years ago at university, but well, I was and am still married to a police officer and we are pretty dull! :-)

      I have not heard of Nilla wafers - have to go look those up! Good for you on the road less travelled! I want to go to there!

  7. I love that last photograph of you, and the sentiments in that paragraph, old cobblestones and old worn stairs are always so evocative and rats I missed Miller Time last night!

    1. Well you are probably just forgetting, as if I recall, you had at least two glasses of bourbon and were expounding on national independence, egged on no doubt by GF! I can't recall however if you at any of FFM's chocolate cake!


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