Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday with WMM: JC reviews & random ramblings

Happy Saturday!
I missed Friday as I was so busy on Thursday night.  My dear son was emcee at a school event, so we went to watch him do his "schtick".  He is very witty.  The only downside was that it was a "Battle of the Bands" event and I can say with certainty that speed metal is NOT my thing....

Also, many thanks on your sleeping ideas!  I am going to begin to put some of them in action this coming week!

So Thursday night my JC Box arrived from the big sale of a couple of weeks ago,

One of the things was supposed to be a Christmas gift for me from my husband: Collection Nora calf hair ballet flats.

Collection Nora calf hair ballet flats
get yours here

These were lovely but....

The calfskin is soft and feels luxe.

The colours are lovely and true and they are the right length, but...

They fit very wide on the foot!!  Both shoes did this.  If I sized down, they would be too short.  I tried them with tights to see it made any difference, but it did not.  Given how expensive these are, this is not worth settling.  I have never found J Crew's ballet flats to fit wide before, so I am quite disappointed, since as you know, I was hoping to wear these with my Kate Spade zebra clutch.  But que sera sera, back they go....

And they will not travel alone!  Also in the box was the collection satin pencil skirt.  Though this is polyester, I really loved the colour and the sheen.  When it went on sale and then a % off that, I decided that it would be a reasonable price to pay for a pretty little party skirt.

Collection satin pencil skirt
get yours on sale here

There were problems immediately out of the bag.  For one thing, the zipper was a bugger to get all the way to the top and this was even when it was off the body.  Poor construction drives me mad and I knew this would be an ongoing frustration to me:

The colour is indeed lovely - it is a heavy satin and feels very taffet-y.

There are pockets on the side, but to be honest, that just seems to add bulk to the sides of your body....

And after wearing the skirt for only 5 minutes, it was already very wrinkled:

And the sad pictures on the body:

I find that it didn't fit as well as my other JC pencil skirts and seemed to fit more like an a-line, although these pictures don't really show that - it is very wide on the sides and not good for my body type.

So back it goes this morning!

I have had one successful shopping experience.  Two weeks ago, I decided I could use another dressy black blazer, as I did not want to wear the same blazer two days in a room around my dad's funeral.  I stopped into one of our local shops and found this lovely from Canadian designer Robert Kitchen:

It is a lovely textured blazer - the leopard print is raised and the material feels very luxe.  The collar is exaggerated and very chic.  The buttons are a lovely silver.

I really like this blazer and it is a unique piece that fits very well and is very flattering.

Today we are off to the long-awaited 50th birthday party for Barry.  We will be dining in a converted rail car up river.  The chef is apparently fantastic and it should be very intimate, as there are 6 couples going and the restaurant only seats 12 or 14 people.  I can't wait and will take some pictures for you!

BTW, you may recall my little incident with the phantom blouse on the JC site earlier in the week.  Well it showed up again and i have ordered it, since as you recall, I have been looking for a dressy blouse in ivory or white.

Collection silk georgette blouse
Collection Silk Georgette blouse - gets yours here
I am hopeful and not hopeful, if you know what I mean, given my recent JC experiences.  I have truly sent back more than I have kept recently....

I hope you have a fabulous Saturday!!!! Stay Safe out there!


  1. That blouse is gorgeous! I'm glad it came back, it could be the one. The shoes are oddly wide, I agree, and they are strangely shaped. I'm sorry those didn't work out. The green skirt... just... no! It looks like a dirndl skirt crossed with a pencil skirt. There is too much extra material below the waistband. Even without that, the zipper and wrinkling would rule it out for me. Your black jacket is nice, though. I hope there was something in that box that worked for you. Have fun at Barry's party today!!!

    1. HI Cate! Too funny, isn't the skirt? I laughed at the tag attached "for parties and special occasions" and all I could think was "special occasions when you are trapped in a mine or something????" I agree on the oddly wide shoes - unless my feet are suddenly becoming oddly narrow!!! The only thing in the box that worked was that I sized down to a small in the fair isle leggings and they were perfect!

    2. "for parties and special occasions"? haha thanks for telling us, J. Crew! I have never noticed an explanatory tag like that on anything. They should put those on all the garments, we would have fun writing the copy for those!

  2. Joe Fresh has a sateen pencil skirt that looks really nice but only comes in navy and black. I love the color pairing with your cami though!
    I am almost sure tbe georgette blouse will work, JCrew does well with georgette silk.

    Enjoy the party tonight and Happy Bday to Mr. WMM. I am going to a bday party too but I have a really bad cold and I am not on the mood (but it's my BFF, I have to go.

    1. Ema - sorry to hear about the cold! That is always miserable! I actually snapped up the sateen skirt in black from Joe Fresh - I ought to have drug that out and modelled it! I also got an amazing deal at a local shop this week on Michael Kors black suede ankle booties - very much like the McAllister, but more comfortable IMO, though my daughter LOVES her McAllisters!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Party to Barry! Yay! I hope you have a wonderful time!
    Too bad about those shoes, they look so ill-fitting. Oh J Crew I give up. And why oh why are they using all of these poly materials? Poly + crappy construction = something that might be in the sale bin at Forever21.
    That blouse however does look very nice, crossing fingers for you!
    Did you get the snow storm? We had one yesterday evening and I was on the 401, we saw 7 accidents happen right in front of us. If it does snow for you today be careful!!

    1. We had a wee bit of snow, but not much to speak of - today it is beautiful and sunny, though cold - it was -12 overnight. The skirt was so odd I was kind of dumbfounded to be honest!!

      I am crossing fingers on blouse, but not hopeful!

  4. Ah those shoes would have gone so well with your new clutch bag too, ok we have to find you the perfect pair.
    That skirt is so bumphly on the model too, the colour attracted me but when I spotted the mode's mid section, I thought best not.

    You two kick up your heels!

    1. Thanks Tabs. I think we will be less kicking of heels and more stuffing of gullets!! I loved the skirt colour. I don't know why they couldn't have been simple! Maybe the zebras will show up in NYC when I visit??? I am going to keep my eyes peeled!

      Barry is actually outside putting up outdoor lights today! We were looking like the sadsack house so am feeling good! Lots of cars driving by the trees on the roof! 24 more sleeps!

  5. How can those shoes be so wide. Did you ever try the Viv in zebra? Maybe they fit better. I have a narrow foot and they fit quite nicely.
    The jacket looks great and the blouse will work .They can't screw up a blouse... can they?
    Happy Birthday to Barry and have a wonderful evening tonight.

    1. Marsha - good thought on the viv's. Never tried them - do you size up one in them like others have suggested or stay your same size?

    2. whoops - the zebra in vivs are no more - will have to keep an eye out for popbacks!

    3. I had a strange disappointment with extra-wide JC shoes this summer, tried on the right shoe and it fell off my foot when I tried to stand up. When I went to pack the shoe back in the box, I noticed that the left one was stuffed with someone's rubber insole! First I thought it was a shoe version of the JC cashmere pill comb, but it was not a JC product. Well, back they went. I have been advised that it is anti-feminist to try to make it work .

    4. And Happy Barry to Party. I mean Happy Birthday to Barry's Party. I mean, you know what I mean. Something about birthdays makes me type like Winnie the Pooh.

    5. Fred - that is SO funny!! I am glad we have the tasteful ancestor to keep us on track!

    6. PPS - Happy Barry is appreciative of your kind thoughts! Well, Pooh always did like a good birthday party!!!

    7. 1/2 size up and so comfortable on

  6. PTTO Oh WMM, doing a jig about your house leggings. But I am not the one to talk to today re. JC. My Emmaleigh dress arrived yesterday and it is 4.75" shorter than my last year's super 120s suiting dresses - and no measurements from the CFS. No way I can wear that to interviews or conservative events unless goal is LBD Hootchie.
    I can and likely will re-order it in regular vs. P, but that will mean alterations on top. Also, all the online photos show a plain back and the one I got has a panel with walking slits on either side of the centre seam. Likely better for walking, but once again, not as shown.
    I got grumpy early this morning pre-coffee and sent an email to CS that I'd like a refund on return shipping. Not much compared to what I've spent this fall and on gifts but rather tired of lugging back to Canada Post.
    Then, because I am looking for ivory basics, I almost choked at a $188 Collection poly tank top.
    Your blouse pick looks gorgeous tho'. Rant over (sorry). Barry "have a really wonderful birthday" (joining the chorus) especially after official day and hanging house lights. Enjoy every minute of milestone feast etc. and hope you all have lots of champagne, laughs and deliciousness. LOL at bands!

  7. Oh boo on the shoes though they might be good for my little wide feet. I shook my head at 100% poly collection satin, well, more than shook my head, it was more like a little bit shocked. And I'm now numb from all the disappointments from collection cashmere.

    Let's move on to a happier subject, shall we? Happy, happy birthday to Barry. I too LOL at battle of speed metal bands, eek.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi WMM! I'm so sorry to hear that the Zebra flats didn't work out! Target sells a pair of Zebra flats here that could work in a pinch. I have seen them IRL and they are cute, especially for the $14.99 price tag. Let me know if you want to try them, and I'll pick you up a pair and mail them to you. :)

      I hope the blouse works out for you. It is really pretty, and would go with so many other items in your wardrobe. I'll be looking forward to your review.

      Happy Birthday to Barry! I hope you all had a wonderful time last night! I'm sure you looked gorgeous in your party dress, and can't wait to see pics!

  9. I saw these and thought of you: scroll down to the feet!

  10. It's such a disappointment when highly anticipated items are a total fail. I'm not surprised about the poly skirt but the shoes are an unexpected disaster. Nice that you found the beautiful blazer to make up for it.

    I ordered from Sundance catalog, inspired by one of your previous posts. Can't wait to see how the products look IRL.

  11. HI all!

    Back in the real world! Last night was amazing - will have to do a post on this meal and location - so worth a visit!


    GF - how wretched about the emmaleigh dress! Honestly, I do feel like we need a bit of a JC suppport group these days! I saw the same poly cami on the site as well, since I have been stalking ivory tops and with the recent skirt disaster, no more poly!

    Tiffany Rose - thanks for the kind words - I will be posting a picture of the birthday boy in his bowtie later today!

    FFM - I am going to take a look and may well be back to you ASAP! Sadly not many pictures from last night - we were all busy eating - but a couple of goodies!

    Tabs - have never seen this blog before - thanks! And the shoes!!! in pumps!! wowza!!!!

    xoxo - promise you will post on the sundance order - I am thinking of ordering my dress, now that the other items have been no gos!

    BTW - got a message the periwinkle shoes have shipped after all this time! What do we think in advance? I am not holding out a lot of hope! But will persevere on. Really, Mickey needs me. I don't understand why he doesnn't understand that!!!!


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