Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No fool am I....

I was thinking about April Fool's day this morning.  For some reason, when we were kids we felt that you could only play an April Fool's joke before lunch time.  I suspect this was something an adult told us, lest we harass them with our (mostly) juvenile pranks.

But no pranks for me today.  I am writing and enjoying the cold, blustery, sunny day, and yes, I am enjoying being able to flush with abandon.

After hitting my mid-winter doldrums, and not even realizing I was, I am now back and interested in clothing, painting some walls, spring cleaning and the like.  It feels like a clean sweep, and I am content to freeze my bottom off rather than continue to wear heavy sweaters. 

I have even been fussing over myself - my clothing, my hair, my makeup.  Taking extra care, as if I might go back out into the world once more...

I have bought shoes that I don't have a hope in hell of wearing for another two months (at least!):

'got new shoes for @[1793661516:2048:Roger Melanson]'s first budget today.  what?  it wasn't supposed to be ME that bought the shoes? oh well, assuming my disposable income is going to be less tomorrow anyway...'
J Crew's Marcie wedges

This spring I have been besotted by navy, though I have bought very little.

I must recommend this seam pant by Joe Fresh in black:

Seam Pant from Joe Fresh. From on-duty to after office hours, this slim fit pair keeps you comfortable with spandex stretch.  Only $49.

They are so comfortable and so inexpensive that I purchased them in tan as well!

Here's me in mine, with my patent loafers.  I look forward to wearing them with a little heel.

really I should crowd-fund to put an elaborate mirror elsewhere...

You can buy yours here.  They are actually cheaper in Canada!

teamed with an old J Crew lightweight merino sweater
Look at that happy smile!  Why is she smiling?  She has a new obsession!

I think I am the last woman on the planet to watch how-to makeup videos on YouTube.  It's literally changed my life.  I love it!  I am especially besotted by Lisa Eldridge.  She has a divine British accent and she shares all kinds of happy secrets for making you look like a million bucks.  And you can watch them over and over.

I don't know about you, but when I am purposefully not spending a ton of money on clothing or other things (besides books - Love my books!), there is nothing so lovely as a new lipstick or eyeliner - inexpensive and can really change your look.  I will try and remember to do a glam look one of these days and post it. 

One thing I purchased recently that I love:

Clarins lip comfort oil:

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil - Clarins

Oh my gosh, this is good stuff.  I feel like Cleopatra dipping into the honey pot when I slather this stuff on!  Yay you, Clarins!

I have also been using a new eyeliner in a lovely subtle aqua shade by Lise Watier in hopes of beckoning Spring to my front door...

Really, is there anything as lovely as a new frippery that costs little but provides so much delight?

How about you - any Spring Fever?

I leave you with a poem by one of New Brunswick's most prized writers and poets, Sir Charles G.D. Roberts.  I used to live across the street from his old house when I was at University, though he was long gone, passed away in 1943. Charles was one of the first superstar writers from Canada and I like to go visit his grave now and then and see if any of that good writing mojo rubs off!

Now that's a moustache!  I so picture him tramping the woods, all romantic..
 An April Adoration
by Sir. Charles G.D. Roberts

Sang the sun rise on an amber morn -
'Earth, be glad! An April day is born.

'Winter's done, and April's in the skies,
Earth, look up with laughter in your eyes!'

Putting off her dumb dismay of snow,
Earth bade all her unseen children grow.

Then the sound of growing in the air
Rose to God a liturgy of prayer;

And the thronged succession of the days
Uttered up to God a psalm of praise.

Laughed the running sap in every vein,
Laughed the running flurries of warm rain,

Laughed the life in every wandering root,
Laughed the tingling cells of bud and shoot.

God in all the concord of their mirth
Heard the adoration-song of Earth.                             

I feel pretty damn adoring myself this fine day, and I hope you are, too! 

xoxo wendy


  1. Love the shoes! They are pretty yet sensible. So glad you can now flush with abandon. I can't imagine the horror.

  2. Those are very nice shoes! I used that before-noon thing on Ole Rascal, he was always one for April Fool jokes. I miss those days.
    Oh my it's been a long winter hasn't it. The sun is out here and it is glorious. Hope it is coming your way.
    That moustache is its own creature! What the heck is hiding in there!

    1. We had your weather for 5 hours, now they are calling for 15 cm of snow!

  3. Love the shoes!! Comfy and shoes are two things I like together. i didn't want to mention the mirror location but since you brought it up...count me in for $10 :)

    1. I know! U have no walls where I can hang one - isn't that crazy? Our house is so small and cut up!

  4. I was just reading about the Clarins lip oil - one question, does it have a scent?

    ooh I am soooo ready for spring. The Bird with Lovely Song was back this morning,looking rather bedraggled, and when I first heard him, I thought Himself had left the TV on, tuned to the Golf Channel. But no, it was my BLS. I consider his presence a sign of good things to come.

    1. There is a definite honey scent to the lip oil. Oh yay for your bird! We saw our first robin yesterday! He is going to be so mad when it snows today....

  5. You look so chic in that all-black ensemble with twinkling necklace.
    I waved at you as I flew out of Canada airport, loved the Canadians, so friendly and like Kiwis and Brits they love a bit of a cheeky aside.

  6. You know the one thing that sells well in a recession is lipstick. Women will cut back on other things, but treat themselves with something little as a pick me up. Glad you're feeling Spring Fever, even if the weather hasn't really worked it out yet for you. Laughing about crowd sourcing a mirror too… same here, no selfies in a long time as I figured all the above waist ones in my bathroom weren't exactly doing wonders on the blog…!

    1. Ha! It's a good thing I have never tried to monetize this blog...

  7. I'm not a fan of all black but must say that your lovely smile does soften it up wonderfully. I'll have to look into this Sir Charles G.D. Roberts of the churchly couplets.

    1. GSL, he was a bit of a Thoreau type - I think you'll get along quite well!

  8. Love the clarins. Picked some up in raspberry since my lips were dry from the endless winter. I was a hermit for the last 6 months doing deadline writing so feel free as a bird as I "research my next project" (aka go to gym to eliminate my winter fat layer and read lots of good books)

    1. I know - have started a walking regimen. Just wish I would step away from the table...

  9. Love your exuberance Wendy! I really must get me to the nearest Superstore - your latest Joe Fresh picks have been lovely.

    My way of launching into spring has been to sign up for a Learn to Run programme - so far, so good, only the second week but it's going well.

    1. Oh good for you! I have terrible flat feet, do have always avoided running, though I guess I could do it in my bare feet! Have started walking now that I can see the road, although that may be impossible today as we are supposed to get a pile of snow...

    2. Wendy, you probably just need the right shoes. I'm having more trouble coordinating the breathing ....

  10. You are a lift to the spirit! I am gathering soil and seeds to start my peppers, tomatoes, eggplants etc this weekend, an activity that will soothe me after the shock of coming back to the cold. I am also preparing a power point I agreed to give-ugh! Why do I do this to myself?

    Very chic, that black outfit. I've never watched a makeup video either so maybe I should before my PP which is to be videoed.

  11. Oh, and our speaker yesterday did a book signing--rock star status, on NYT best seller list-- so I visualized you sitting there doing the same. This means it will happen.

    1. Love it! I visualize the same thing! You will have to sit at the table with me when we arrange the Barnes and noble signing so I'm not terrified!

  12. Nice, hopeful post!! Yay April!! Love the word "frippery."

  13. Eyeliner, poetry and wandering for mojo, three things to lift the spirit I am now seeking more of. (All also cheaper than shoes ;-) Ta Wendy!

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  15. Loving the monochromatic look. I too get very excited with new shades of lipstick more than clothes now. So happy was able to wear ballet shoes yesterday since what seemed like forever.

    1. Marie, you are not in the GSL camp! I like it sometimes, makes one feel all sleek! And taller! Yay for the ballet shoes! I must get a picture of my in my scarf - have been wearing it so much!

  16. Wendy love those wedges too! I saw them at our J Crew in town and they are so cute and agree navy is perfect. I also an obsessed with Lisa Eldridge! She's the best and I love that she's not 20 like I thought, but 40 + so it gives me hope. Thank you for the beautiful poem too.


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