Friday, April 24, 2015

Miller Time Friday: Flying High

Happy Friday!!!

It is a cold rainy day here but never mind, I'll be locked in my office writing all day anyway.

First I thought I would write to you!
I am about to cross another thing off my bucket list.

Some women dream of meeting movie stars, others dream of meeting rock stars, but I dream of meeting


That is the face of a content man!

David McCullough!

As you know, I am crazy about McCullough and his work.  And happily for me, he has a new book coming out May 5th about the Wright Brothers.

The Wright Brothers
You can read more about the book here

Best of all, Mr. McCullough is going to be in Boston towards the end of May and I will be there!  (well Barry too, but he doesn't seem quite as giddy as me).  I was hovering over my keyboard the morning the tickets went on sale, and was giddy when I got mine (What?  You think I was crazy to think there might have been a run on this engagement? tosh!).  When I got to the part in the online form where I had to say where I'd heard about the talk I dutifully wrote in "I follow David McCullough" at which point my daughter stopped me and made me add "on facebook" lest Mr. McCullough get some kind of restraining order for me. 

I hope to meet the man in person and have Barry get a picture of him signing my book and if I do, you know I will post it here. 

Adding to the jolliment of two nights in Boston, we plan to stop in and see our lovely Lane en route home.  She has seen Mr. McCullough live and assures me he lives up to my hype.

By the way, I do realize this makes me a history geek.  But I care not.  My only warning to the Bostonians in attendance will be this: best not block my view of the great man....

In honour of Mr. McCullough's new book, let's make a cocktail, shall we?

Paper Airplane

Have a happy Friday!

xoxo wendy



  1. When I told MrBP about you and Barry going to McCullough he said "let's go!", another big fan. I've read his books too and I agree he is a GENIUS. Also doesn't he look friendly and pleasant?
    These cocktails of yours would have me under the table!

    1. I couldn't drink it either - isn't it strong? McCullough has his own writing shed in the backyard that is electrified (and must be heated given where he lives) How amazing would that be for me?????

  2. I want to go too! I only read John Adams and I loved it, have to check out some more. Have not been reading much, Amazon prime and Netflix are conspiring against me but I am always happiest and more at peace when I read.
    That cocktail looks terrifying, I can drink a bottle of wine by myself with no problems but couple of these make me think I am sooo much smarter and funnier and have a genius solution for the world peace...
    Have a great weekend Wendy!

    1. You too Anita! I recommend you read The Greater Journey next - it is sooooo good!!!

  3. How fun! And Boston is such a great city.
    What a fun trip.

  4. So, we can set you up in a nice fishhouse on the dock with the wood stove blazing and you can sit and write while Barry, MLane and I drink heavily...

    He is such a charming, articulate, twinkly man, I'm sure you will enjoy. Which venue-- Kennedy Library?

    Perhaps Boston will declare your visit "Beantown Wendy Day".

    1. We're seeing him at the first parish church In Harvard - looks like a lovely venue

  5. Dunno about that drink, Wendy, sounds like something Grandma would have applied to her knees on a cold day. Oops forgot it is cold here.

    Boston sounds great, love McC.

  6. He's a national treasure Wendy and there is hours of him on C-Span in the archives discussing the fascinating Adams family etc. You know how I love the Wright Bros. and he is the perfect author to give them their due!

  7. I think it is so wonderful that you are seizing the opportunity to see someone you admire. It sounds like it will be a fantastic trip. I am so partial to Boston. I keep meaning to read some of Mr. McCullough books. I rarely have time to read non- work related books. We spent a fair amount of time in the air and space building of the Smithsonian last year. It was so interesting.

    1. I love the air and space museum! It is so interesting!

  8. I want to go! And I want to tag along to visit Lane! Such fun to be had, and it seems like I'll be missing you in Boston by a month.

  9. "I follow David McCullough" = restraining order set me into a fit of giggles. Hope the trip is awesome!


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