Sunday, July 13, 2014

Domestic Life

"How terrible it must be not to see and feel beauty.... I'm so glad I can find happiness in all lovely little things... It seems to me that every time I look out of a window the world gives me a gift.” 
― L.M. MontgomeryMistress Pat

For some reason, 5 days without power has unleashed some kind of inner Martha Stewart.  Oh sure, the seeds were already sown with the painting of the sitting room (and the still unpainted dining room and hallway - thanks to Arthur, I await my painter still), but for some reason, having no running water and electricity made me want to de-clutter and clean!

In the last three days, I have done just that.

My fridges have never sparkled so... It turns out they are ESPECIALLY easy to de-clutter and clean when everything has been thrown out...

I've washed all my cupboards.

Decided I needed to reorder my cookbooks and make a little tea corner.

Polished all the silver.

Brought out some colourful dishes I had that I thought needed to be used everyday

Threw a pool party for 10 people

Just before the guests arrived and pre spilling of a whole plate of watermelon for which the ants were ever so thankful..

Mostly, I am just loving electricity and puttering around the house and property...

The new front door is in place and I look forward to the day when the virginia creeper creeps back around...

The Astilbe is replacing the peony now.  I can't seem to get enough of it; I am quite mad for the lace-like fronds..

And I wander around the house in little jersey dresses and bare feet...

Really, it is quite nice.

Will any of you be watching the world cup finale tonight?  I bought Argentinian wine so I think you know which way I am leaning...  And despite my love of the Dutch team, one can't help but feel badly for Brazil who has come in 4th.

And finally, a new book recommendation:

All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel

The book tells the story of two young people - one French, the other German - during World War II and the events that lead their characters together.  It is just brilliant and I loved it so much I read it in the dark with a flashlight when the power was out!

Hope you have a fantastic day!  Stay safe out there! xoxo wendy


  1. You are just too damn cute! Everything looks clean and fresh and joyful. See, you can even make ants happy. I have recently discovered Annie Sloans Chalk paint and am now called the painting fool. I have painted a chair, a milk can, three pots, and even a Ball canning jar. I am trying to perfect the technique before I tackle Em's dresser this fall. Oh, and all my gardenia's are now showing signs of life. Thought I had lost all of them after the winter.

    1. Am going to have to look for that paint!!! I have a hanging pot of gardenias and I love it! Hope to bring it indoors and keep it alive over the fall and winter! Have a good one!

  2. LET THERE BE LIGHTS Hello domestic goddess. The door looks excellent. I am not feeling sorry for the Brazil team, maybe the fans. Just hoping for a good last game with some goals...
    Under covers with a flashlight makes me laugh and remember cottage summers and Caribbean black-outs.

    1. well there wasn't much in the way of goals, was there? I enjoyed the game, but it was a little dull without some goals!

  3. Glad you are ok. We've been away and I'm catching up on everything.

    1. All is well here, though I have friends who are still without power after 9 days!

  4. Hi Wendy, it sounds like you really did make the best of things! Was your old door solid, ie no glass? In which case I'm sure you are enjoying having a light-filled hallway.

    1. It had glass, but no privacy and this door has much more glass. Will be even better inside when I lighten the hallway!

  5. Gosh Wendy you have such a gloriously verdant outdoor and lovely seating area. Your made all those areas into artistic vignettes.

    Nothing like a good old scrub out. I am tempted to get my head into the oven (cleaning) but need some sign from the Gods first (maybe this post is it)

    1. Careful Miss Plath!!!! I do need to self-clean the oven, but it has been too hot to have it do that right now!!!!

  6. We watched the world cup final and were quite happy how it turned out:)
    Everything looks lovely in your house and garden!

  7. Cute dress! You look so comfy!!


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