Thursday, July 17, 2014

And the Apes Shall Inherit the Earth...

Actually, my money is on cockroaches, but never mind.  The whole family is off to see the new Planet of the Apes movies tonight.

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The movie is getting great reviews and I cannot wait to take see it.

Surprised?  I am a serious Planet of the Apes geek.  My younger brother and I were all over the movies and were probably 2 of the likely 100 people who watched the TV series.  Never mind: the heart wants what it wants.

While the new movies are arguably technically superior, and perhaps better written and acted, my money is on Charlton Heston.

Not as controversial as kiss between Kirk and Uhura....

I watched the original movie with my 12 year old nephew the other night and loved it just as much.

The drama!  The pathos!  The overacting!  Really, one couldn't ask for more from a movie.

And at least once a year during a dinner party here someone is want to say "It's a Madhouse!  A Madhouse!"  That's when you know things are rocking...

George Taylor: A planet where apes evolved from men? There's got to be an answer.
Dr. Zaius: Don't look for it, Taylor. You may not like what you find.

Have a great one and stay safe out there!

xoxo wendy


  1. I hope you are not disappointed with this one; just read the NYer review and there is a new director who does not play up the wit in the older ones. I can't say I've ever seen one of these! Hope it's as fun as the others.

    1. Lane - it was pretty fun - the effects were amazing! but definitely more serious!


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