Saturday, June 30, 2012

My lucky pants.....

These are "the" pants...

Oh sure, there will be more in my life - many will be sensible - lovely black tuxedo pants, jeans that actually make me look like I have a bottom, pants that hide my indiscretions with wine and chocolate..

but these are the pants...

I wore them last night to a restaurant.  We were having dinner with my two children, and my son's girlfriend, in honour of my husband's retirement.  I couldn't take my eyes off my legs.  I would glance down surreptitiously every few moments or so and think "I LOVE THESE PANTS".  The room had a glow about it (could have been the sunset - we were outside on a patio), likely basking in the golden threads of these pants.  When I went to the washroom, I could sense a collective hush as the pants walked through.  Or maybe not.  But I don't think I have felt that fine in a piece of clothing for a long time...

There is a flaw, however - one of the pockets was sewn incorrectly.  I will take them to my tailor for fixing, and it is not a huge issue.  They are four season and they are well and truly a jacquard, as opposed to the jacquard print that I bought in the winter from J Crew that were in fact not jacquard at all and had to go back...

I know one should not become attached to a "thing".  This is one of my inherent flaws - I do love things - in the coming weeks, I will take some photos around the house and you will see that this is so.  I am no minimalist, though I do admire a restrained style when I see it (Janet of the Gardener's Cottage, which you can visit here, is the perfect example of the style I adore and yet am completely incapable of living)

Oh well.  Here I am in the pants.  I am only learning to take these sorts of pictures and so I apologize for quality.  As well, I need to buy a new camera regardless, as mine recently died and I will need it in France!  The good thing about taking pictures is that you realize "Damn, yes, those 10 pounds do show..", so I am starting the "Wendy's Healthy Summer Regime" this weekend, which seems like a crazy idea when there are so many BBQs and pinot grigios to acquaint myself with since July is upon us, but these are size 6 pants and they are snug.  I can breathe, I can tuck, but I wouldn't comfortably want to do either...

Why are they lucky?  I raved to the waiter about my meal - chicken supreme on a sage risotto with wilted spinach, yum - and the chef sent me out a beautiful apple crumble on the house.  Sure, it might have been my sparkling personality after the cocktail and the malbec, but I know differently - it was the pants!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

I think I look asleep in this photo!  Oh well, I like to think I am looking down at the pants...


  1. Hi,
    Love the pants on you and I do feel special wearing mine as well! Good luck on your new blog!!

  2. Thanks mini! Much appreciated! Thanks for your advise on what to wear with these!

  3. I took the plunge as well and I love mine! I always read the JCA blog but rarely comment. I always look to see if you post reviews because we seem to love the same items. These pants are truly beautiful and special and like you when I ordered them I was hoping I wouldn't like them ( the high price ). I can't wait to wear mine this weekend with a simple white shirt and gold sandals. Thanks so much for your review and your blog. I love how you styled them with the black tank and sandals. You look amazing!

  4. Diane - thank you so much! I appreciate the comments - I am like you - I keep track of certain JCAs, as of course, some of us have very similar taste!!!

    Isee these pants as going all year - I can imagine them with a black cashmere sweater in the fall/winter. I have already promised them that they can come to Paris with me.... It is becoming a bit of an obsession....

  5. You know I love them! We have the same Achilles heel for crazy breeks, it comes from our Scots DNA and envying the menfolks tartan trews.

    1. I know!

      I think they are nicer than our winter floral pants - much richer and special. But you are right - I have a weakness for crazy breeks!

  6. Do these fit the same as the other cafe capris. Is there any stretch or not? Just wondered since they are on my radar and I don't want trouble if they go to final sale later.

  7. Shopping celle - they do not have much stretch - not as much as the regular cotton ones in my opinion... But they are truly special and well worth the money!

  8. Thanks so much for the info! I assume you bought your regular cafe Capri size. I got the eyelet cafe capri in neon azalea anc they had no stretch either but still wore same size. I have loved these pants since I first opened the catalog and will be stalking them now for the next promo!

  9. Yes - no difference in size

  10. I'm glad to hear somebody else cares if a jacquard is real or not. I was overlooking these on purpose, with so many fancy pants already in my closet. But how can I miss out on lucky pants? I don't have any so now on a mission to find them!


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